Such a person was a hot catch.
In the future, Li Guanghua would definitely step into the Innate Stage.
Unlike Chen Xiang, who originally had no hope of stepping into the Innate Stage, Li Guanghua was much more powerful.

But now, such a person had to become a pawn because the items in Chu Yunfan’s possession were too precious.
There were many who wanted to snatch them.
If Li Guanghua did not make a move in advance, he might never get the chance.

“Chu Yunfan, I think you know why we are here,” Li Guanghua said nonchalantly.

“Why? Are you planning to rob me? But with just this few of you, I’m afraid it’s not enough,” Chu Yunfan said just as casually.

“Chu Yunfan, do you know how many people are planning to take the inner core and the Demon Descends Illustration that’s in your possession? Your current behavior is no different from a child walking on the road with a brick of gold,” said Li Guanghua.

“You will lose them.
Those items aren’t something you have the right to have.
And I don’t plan on snatching them away by force.
One billion.
If you hand over the inner core, one billion will be transferred into your account immediately.
This is the best choice for you.”

“One billion.
Are you just trying to chase a beggar away?!” Chu Yunfan burst into laughter.
If a Divine Ability monster’s inner core was worth only one billion, then his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, would have long bought dozens of them.

In reality, this was something that could not be bought with money, let alone a mere one billion.
To an ordinary person, this was naturally an astronomical figure, but compared to the value of this inner core, it was a gross underestimation.

“One and a half billion.
Chu Yunfan, don’t ask for too much.
Do you think the amount is too little? But to you, it’s a relief.
Do you know how much the underground black market is offering for your head? As far as I know, there are already many assassins who’ve been stirred up after hearing the news.
Can you go against the world?” Li Guanghua said with a serious expression.

Chu Yunfan sneered.
“If you want it, just say so.
Why do you have to proclaim to have many noble reasons? Today, I want to see how many ghosts and demons will jump out.
I’ll sweep away all that comes.
Just give up on this idea.
I won’t hand over the inner core.
You don’t deserve to have it.”

Li Guanghua sighed.
“In that case, don’t blame us for being merciless.
You’re too greedy.
This isn’t something you can hold on to.”

“Hahaha, I’m greedy? Is it me who’s greedy or you guys?” Chu Yunfan laughed uproariously as his expression was full of ridicule.

“Let’s attack together.
He’s not someone to be trifled with.
We’ve gained the upper hand and we have to hurry,” Li Guanghua ordered.

Li Guanghua knew his strength among the people who dared to go against Chu Yunfan.
And he was the weakest among them.
It was just that the others had yet to arrive.
This gave him a chance.
As such, he did not have much time left.

Following Li Guanghua’s command, all the elite experts of the Guangfu Association immediately formed a fan shape and surrounded Chu Yunfan.
Even if they might attract punishment from the university, they were not willing to back down.
Compared to the benefits they would receive after defeating Chu Yunfan, the punishment was nothing.

“You must have a death wish.”

Chu Yunfan sneered as he lifted his leg and kicked out.
His long leg swept out like a knife.
It was the Mantis Divine Kick that Elder Guan had used previously.
Now, Chu Yunfan was executing it.

In truth, although Chu Yunfan did not know the specific circulation of the move’s True Energy, when Chu Yunfan witnessed the technique, his mind instantly recorded it.
With the strength of his Imperial Physique, the effect of the execution would not be weak.
On the contrary, it was far stronger.




The experts of the Guangfu Association had not even touched Chu Yunfan.
They had not even gotten close to him before they were all hit by Chu Yunfan’s leg shadows that filled the sky.

It was only one kick.

All the Guangfu Association elites were sent flying with one kick.
Without any deviation, they were ruthlessly kicked in the chest.
In the blink of an eye, Chu Yunfan’s kick broke their sternum and sent them flying backward.

In just a few short breaths, over twenty of the Guangfu Association’s top experts had lost their combat strength.
Clutching their chests, they cried out in pain as they were heavily injured.

“What was that? Is that the Mantis Divine Kick? No, it seems a little different.
Oh my god, I’ve seen this attack before.
When did it become so savage?”

“His leg was like the mantis’s razor.
It’s at the Perfection Stage!”

Although I’ve seen the video of him slaughtering at the Dao conference, isn’t this a little too ferocious?”

It seems like he’s even stronger than during the conference.
According to speculation, he was only at the eighth level of the Acquired Stage at that time.
But now, the two vice presidents of the Guangfu Association who are also at that stage have been crippled by his kick.”

“I thought that Chu Yunfan would suffer a great loss this time.
But now, it’s uncertain who will suffer the loss.”

“How dare you!” Li Guanghua looked at this scene and felt that his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.
These were the elites of the Guangfu Association who had been specially transferred here to deal with Chu Yunfan.
He had not expected them all to be instantly crippled by Chu Yunfan’s kick.

“Chu Yunfan, no one can protect you today!” Li Guanghua roared, “You’ll pay the price for what you’ve done!”

As he said this, Li Guanghua flew toward Chu Yunfan.
He thought that he would need to personally make a move, but now, he had to do it himself.

“What a joke.
I don’t need anyone to protect me.
You aren’t enough, you lone piece of trash!”

Chu Yunfan did not even glance at Li Guanghua who was charging at him.
He lifted his leg and kicked out.
His entire leg was long and straight, but it was like a razor that cut the air in half.
It was terrifying.

Li Guanghua was indeed very strong.
He was even stronger than Huang Qiu.
If Chu Yunfan had not broken through and wanted to deal with Li Guanghua, it would take a lot of effort.
But now, with just one kick, Li Guanghua instantly felt an unimaginable and terrifying attack sweep across.

Li Guanghua had no time to react.
He felt that Chu Yunfan’s kick had turned his attack into nothingness.
Then, the kick had penetrated his chest like a hot knife slicing through butter.


Li Guanghua let out a miserable cry.
He had been completely defeated and was sent flying.

The entire Guangfu Association was defeated!

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