Chapter 58: Five Days

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At this moment, Bai Hong, Bai Ling’er’s elder and one of the great alchemists

of human society, was looking at the answers Chu Yunfan had given him.

Originally, he did not have much hope that Chu Yunfan would be able to solve

the problem of these conjectures.
He was just giving it a try.

However, after comparing the information that Bai Ling’er had given him, he

realized that Chu Yunfan’s conjectures were almost the correct answers.

reason why they were almost the correct answers was because these things

were basically just guesses.
He himself had not come into contact with that

level of existence yet, so he could only guess.

However, no matter how he looked at it, Chu Yunfan’s answer seemed to be

more accurate than his own.
In particular, Chu Yunfan’s basic formula had a

few omissions.
Bai Hong compared them one by one and calculated them one

by one.
It was very obvious that he could now calculate the parts that he

originally felt could not be done.

However, when it came to the most crucial part, the core part, it was not there.

This was the core part that would be used to deduce the basic reaction formula,

but it was just not there.

He could not help but feel a little crazed.
It was as if a person wh0 was about to

starve to death smelled a fragrance and followed the scent, only to discover that the delicious food was too far out of reach, but it was just a short distance


He had been studying this basic reaction formula for a long time.
From the

records he had dug up over the years, he understood that there was more than

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one basic reaction formula but until now, he could not even deduce one.

Originally, he was not too troubled.
After all, there were all sorts of records.

Even in the extremely prosperous alchemy during the Ancient Zenith

Civilization, there were very few people who could deduce the basic reaction

Once someone succeeded, there would be no problem for them to

become the leader of alchemy, just like the current Alchemy King, Du Qingtao.

However, Chu Yunfan had filled in the originally empty parts, causing Bai

Hong’s research on this basic reaction formula to suddenly increase from 50%

to 90%, leaving only 10% unfilled.
It did not seem like much, but this was in

fact, the most crucial part.

Perhaps the first 90% would only need about ten years of study, but the last

10% would take hundreds of years.
And even then, one might not achieve any


He was only one step away from the final step, and he could not cross it, which

was why he felt so unsatisfied.

At this moment, he wished he could fly directly to Calm Ocean City.
Of course,

he was not looking for Chu Yunfan, but for the alchemy master behind Chu Yunfan.
He did not believe that Chu Yunfan could solve this reaction formula.

And even if the speculations thathe made were wrong, in fact, anyone would

take a long time to complete this reaction formula, even great alchemists.

Bai Hong knew that Bai Ling’er had only taken second place.
He was still very

confident in his granddaughter.
There was basically no one her age who could

be compared to her and take first place in the alchemy trainee exam like taking

something out of a bag.

Her results were also within his expectations.
The practical assessment result

was 98 points, which was great.
However, Chu Yunfan had gotten full marks in

the practical.
This was not something that could be achieved by luck.

Bai Hong was now even more interested in the alchemy master behind Chu

The degree of the other party’s prowess could be seen from the way he

groomed his disciples.

If it was possible, he also wanted to discuss this reaction formula with the

alchemy master behind Chu Yunfan.
If he could research it, the entire field of

alchemy would take a lhuge step forward, and alchemy itself was born to

support martial arts.
One could imagine that the overall strength of the human

race would also rise by a huge margin.

However, just as he was in the middle of his musing, there was a knock on the

A middle-aged man hurriedly pushed the door open and said, “Teacher,

there’s a general of the Federation Army outside!”

“A general of the army?” Bai Hong said somewhat strangely.

Suddenly, Bai Hong suddenly recalled that big plan.
He immediately

understood what this general was here for.

“Let’s go.
You should also pack up your things and follow me!”

And while that was happening, on the other side of the world, Chu Yunfan had

just returned home when he got a notification on his personal computer.

had passed the alchemy trainee exam.

Now, he could finally fully display his skills.
He could sell the medicinal pills he

made and use them to earn money.

If that was the case, with his level of ability, it would not be long before he

could earm enough money to cure his sister.

It was hard to say how much money an alchemist would earn in the early

But in the later stages, there would be alchemists’ whose wealth could

rival that of a country.
One could only imagine how much money they earned.

There are still about five days left.
Let’s hurry up and see if I can break

through some more.
Although I’ve passed the examination for the focus class,

there are more geniuses in the focus class.
It won’t be like Class 11 from before

where there will only be two or three of them!”

Chu Yunfan clenched his fists and said.
Not only did he not feel relaxed after

passing the examination for the focus class, he felt even more pressured.

Behind him was his sister’s hope to cure her illness, his parents’ expectation of

being attentive, and the ambition that he had been suppressing all these years.

He wanted to strive for success.

The final test to see if he could make the great leap which was the college

entrance exam.
There was still more than half a year left.
There was still quite

some time left.

After returning home, Chu Yunfan did not go anywhere.
He just went online

and bought some energy medicine.
When he cultivated, he would consume

large amounts of energy, which could not be replenished by just eating.

even if he ate ginseng and ganoderma-which were great supplements-it was

still far from enough.

Since then, Chu Yunfan did not go out at all.
Instead, he wholeheartedly

entered seclusion.

Five days passed by quickly.
In the blink of an eye, it was over.
The school had

finally completed the class allocation.

Early one morning, Chu Yunfan opened his eyes after his meditation and let

out a long breath.

At this moment, he could feel that he was much stronger than he was a few

days ago.
What he cultivated was a supreme cultivation technique called the

Mighty Etemal Emperor Method.
In addition, he consumed energy medicine to

replenish his energy while continuously cultivating.

He had finally stabilized the Qi Sea Stage that he had just broken through.

did not have to worry that his Qi Sea would collapse in his sleep and that he would return to the Physical Stage.

On the contrary, he had already stepped into the peak of the first level of the Qi

Sea Stage.
It was onlya matter of time before he reached the second level.

He had gained a lot in the past five days!

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