Chen Xiang erupted with a terrifying aura that only Innate experts possessed.
Even Elder Guan’s expression turned solemn.

Chu Yunfan could be ignored, but against Chen Xiang, who was also in the Innate Stage, Elder Guan could not act recklessly.

The auras of the two Innate experts surged crazily, and their clothes seemed to be filled with True Energy.
They started to stir crazily, and then a terrifying wave of Qi was created.


Elder Guan was the first to attack.
He held no weapons, but at his level, there was nothing that could not be used as a weapon.

In the blink of an eye, Elder Guan seemed to have torn apart the air as he aimed a kick at Chen Xiang.

“Mantis Divine Kick!”

Elder Guan’s kick was terrifyingly powerful.
The entire scene was stirred up by a terrifying storm and it was a mess everywhere.

“Old man, I’ll give you a taste of my latest secret technique!” Chen Xiang roared.
Facing Elder Guan, he was not the slightest bit afraid.
His two fists were like two heavy hammers that were thrown out.

“Peak Destroying Fists!”

These two fists pierced through everything and smashed directly into the incoming kick.


The two sides collided in mid-air like two terrifying armored vehicles.

Thud, thud, thud!

Both sides retreated a few steps.
Elder Guan retreated five steps, while Chen Xiang retreated seven steps before finally coming to a stop.

From the looks of it, it was obvious that Elder Guan had the upper hand.
This was because he had the upper hand in terms of cultivation.
Elder Guan had obviously advanced to the Innate Stage just a year or two ago.
That was a fair amount of time before Chen Xiang who had only advanced to the Innate Stage a month ago.

There was a small gap between the two parties/

However, Elder Guan’s expression was solemn because he knew very well that although he had the upper hand in terms of cultivation, in the clash, both parties had grasped each other’s strength.
Both parties had advanced to the first level of the Innate Stage.
However, Elder Guan was already close to the peak, while Chen Xiang had clearly just stepped into this level.

It seemed that there was a gap, but things were not what they seemed.
Elder Guan was already in his seventies while Chen Xiang was only in his thirties or forties.
The old was afraid of the young, and in a situation where their cultivation levels were about the same, he might not be able to win against Chen Xiang.

In the short term, Elder Guan would definitely have the upper hand, but as time passed, his energy would be depleted.
Even if he could absorb the world’s Spirit Energy and have an endless supply of True Energy, it would not change the fact that his body was old and decrepit.

This was the reason why in martial arts, it was better to make a breakthrough as early as possible and when one was young.

Chen Xiang had decades of time to break through and would definitely be able to reach greater heights.
On the other hand, Elder Guan had stagnated, and if nothing unexpected happened, he would remain in the second or third level of the Innate Stage until his death.

After breaking through, Elder Guan felt his limit getting closer and closer.
It had been five years since he had broken through to the Innate Stage, but he had yet to reach the peak of the first level.

Thinking of this, a ruthless expression flashed through Elder Guan’s eyes.
He instantly pounced forward and swept his leg toward Chen Xiang.
A terrifying qi wave rose up and Elder Guan’s leg, which was like a sharp blade, tore apart the air.
The terrifying power could even be felt by the people surrounding the battle.

At this moment, regardless of whether it was the young masters or the dealers, they had already retreated as far as possible, not daring to get close.
The only one who could still stand firmly within the battle area was Chu Yunfan.
When the terrifying qi swept within three feet of Chu Yunfan, it was automatically swept away by a protective energy shield and turned into nothingness.

Facing Elder Guan’s sudden attack, Chen Xiang was not the slightest bit afraid.
He laughed, feeling the blood in his body boil.
He was temporarily at a disadvantage.
But if Elder Guan could understand the reason why, how could he not?

“Old man, let’s see how many punches you can take!

“Peak Destroying Fists!”

This attack was thrown out fiercely.
The fists and legs collided and exploded in midair.
One after another, they exploded.
True Energy devoured one another.
It was as if they were evolving from an explosion.




The figures of both parties kept flashing through the entire hall.
They did not even bother to dodge each other’s attacks.
They were confronting each other head-on.

The terrifying battle forced everyone to back up against the walls.

“How is this possible? Is this the so-called legendary battle between Innate Stage experts?”

“As expected, the difference between an Acquired Stage expert and such an expert is too great!”

“There’s a reason why a master of the Innate Stage is a big shot!”

“Two fierce dragons.
No matter how this matter is resolved, a powerful person will definitely rise up within Calm Ocean City!”

The eyes of all the dealers were filled with extreme shock.
Compared to real masters of the Innate Stage, schemes and tricks were meaningless.

Jiang Feiyan had brought an Innate Stage master to hold down the fort.
This was what she meant.
She had thought that she would be able to hold the fort and carry out her plan smoothly.
After all, although there were some masters of the Innate Stage in Calm Ocean City, she did not think that they would go against the Jiangs and the Huangs just for Chu Yunfan.

Jiang Feiyan had not expected Chu Yunfan to have an Innate Stage master under him.
No matter how he got here, this matter was going to be tricky.
It was not as simple as she had thought.

There was some anxiety in Jiang Feiyan’s eyes because Elder Guan was unable to take down Chu Yunfan’s man.
If this continued, Elder Guan might even lose.

At this moment, Elder Guan was dejected.
Chen Xiang, who was facing him, was not afraid of exchanging injury for injury.
If this continued, he would definitely lose.

Age was always a hard injury in martial cultivation.


Elder Guan let out an incomparably loud roar, and all the True Energy in his body was instantly ignited.
He swept out with his leg and the True Energy on his foot exploded as if a terrifying wave of saber qi had been swept out.

“Peak Destroying Fists!”

Chen Xiang roared, and with a punch, he dispersed the saber qi.

However, Elder Guan had found an opening.
It was all an elaborate deception hiding malicious intent.
His true target was actually Chu Yunfan, and in just a short moment, he pounced toward Chu Yunfan.


Chen Xiang finally came back to his senses.
He had not expected Elder Guan to be so despicable to actually go after the ringleader first.

At this time, everyone watched as Elder Guan charged toward Chu Yunfan.
They were all stunned because they had not expected it either.


Elder Guan planned to kill Chu Yunfan right off the bat.
He did not care anymore.

“You want to kill me?” Chu Yunfan’s face revealed a disdainful expression.
He clenched his fists and threw a punch.

“King of the Jungle!”

The punch landed on Elder Guan’s long, razor-like legs.
The crowd saw the terrifying force of the punch spread out.
Then, Elder Guan was sent flying backward at an even faster speed than he had come.

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