Chu Yunfan’s name had spread far and wide in the past two months.
Anyone who paid attention to the situation would know about it.

Naturally, they also knew about Chu Yunfan’s killing spree.
When his battle records were added up.
He was practically a god—the number one killer god of the new generation.

Of course, this was chiefly spread among the various universities and sects.
Other than that, there were not many who paid attention to this matter.
This was because the Federation Government had suppressed this matter.

As for the Huang and the Jiangs rushing over to find trouble with Chu Yunfan, it was naturally impossible for them to not be fully prepared.
They could barely wait for Chu Yunfan to come and find trouble.

All of this could be deduced.
However, Chu Yunfan still dared to come under such circumstances.
Especially when he knew some of the trump cards of the Jiang and the Huangs, these students from Federation University, only had one thought.
They did not know whether they should say that Chu Yunfan was ignorant, fearless, or really brave.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re even more arrogant than the rumors.
However, do you think that you can change anything? You’re too naive,” Huang Qiu said as he sneered and stared down at Chu Yunfan.

“Young Master Huang, it’s him.
He injured me.
Young Master Huang, you must avenge me.” Young Master Wang struggled to walk in from outside the door, which scared Tiny He and the others standing there.

They had watched Chu Yunfan walk all the way in just now.
He was awe-inspiring.
With his strength alone, he intimidated everyone so much that they did not dare to be presumptuous.

“He’s so handsome.
Xuan Xuan, your brother is so domineering.
My little heart is thumping.
That kneel was awesome,” Sweet Orange had long forgotten about the tense atmosphere caused by Lin Changxiang.
The only thing running through her mind was how handsome Chu Yunfan was.

“I’ll be your sister-in-law.
Xuan Xuan, you have to consider it,” Tiny He said with a serious face.

“What’s the use of me considering it? It’s not up to me.” Chu Qingxuan rolled her eyes and looked at her two friends speechlessly.
“I’m worried about my brother.
No matter how you look at it, those people are not good people.”

Although Chu Qingxuan was inexperienced, she knew that these people were not good people.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re too arrogant.
You won’t leave here today unless you kneel down and apologize to my friend.” Looking at Young Master Wang who was about to collapse, Huang Qiu sneered.
He did not care who Young Master Wang was.
He just wanted to use this opportunity to humiliate Chu Yunfan.

“Do you really think that’s a possibility?” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.
“Since you’re here for me, I might as well come and see what you’ve prepared for me.”

“Good, good, good.
As a Federation University senior, I’ll teach you a lesson.
Sometimes, if you act too arrogantly, you’ll die quickly.” Huang Qiu sneered and instantly burst out.
A terrifying aura burst out from his body.
He released his True Energy and formed a terrifying cyclone.

“Peak of the Acquired Stage!” someone confirmed as their pupils contracted.

The peak of the Acquired Stage was indeed enough to dominate a small place like Calm Ocean City.
Huang Qiu was so young.
They thought him worthy of being an outstanding disciple of the Huangs.

“What power.
Are all the members of the Huang family this powerful?”

“Peak of the Acquired Stage.
This is the true power of the outstanding disciples of the Huangs!”

“The Eight Greats are indeed worthy of their reputation.”

Many dealers saw this strength and clicked their tongues in amazement.
They had only heard that the Eight Greats were very powerful, but there was no basic concept of how powerful they were.
Only now did they truly grasp how powerful they were.

Just one of their younger descendants was so powerful.
Was the clan not filled with experts then?

“Chu Yunfan, what do you think? Will you be able to match up?!” Huang Qiu said loudly.
His true strength burst out, and it made his confidence rise to the limit.

So what if Chu Yunfan was a so-called genius? After all, the disadvantage of age was there.

Chu Yunfan looked at Huang Qiu and sneered.
“You’re far inferior to Huang You.
You’ve barely gained any power despite your age.”

“What? I think you’re courting death!” When Huang Qiu heard this, his eyebrows immediately shot up.
Chu Yunfan dared to look down on him and even said that he was no match for the dead Huang You.

Huang Qiu, who was burning with anger, made his move.
His hands were like a pair of eagle claws as he swiped at Chu Yunfan.
His entire body was like an eagle pouncing on its prey as he charged forward.


Huang Qiu sliced through the air.
Although it was only for an instant, the entire space felt as if it had been torn apart.
It was extremely terrifying.

The people in the hall all changed their complexion.
Huang Qiu’s strength was completely above theirs.
Moreover, his strength came from the battlefield.
Compared to them who lived in the city all year round, their cultivation level was just ordinary.
They were on completely different levels.

In just an instant, they felt as if their lives and deaths were under Huang Qiu’s control.
They felt as if it was difficult for them to even breathe.
Although they did not go to the battlefield, they understood what was going on.
Only those who had experienced hundreds of battles would be able to pull off such a feat.

Facing such a terrifying attack, Chu Yunfan barely even glanced at it.
He raised his hand and met it with a palm strike.


A series of air-piercing sounds could be heard.
Everyone saw that the terrifying aura that was originally emitting from Huang Qiu’s body was broken by Chu Yunfan’s hand as if it was a piece of bamboo.
The attack had not affected Chu Yunfan in the slightest.


Huang Qiu’s attack was unable to do anything to Chu Yunfan and was blocked by just a casual palm strike.

“How is this possible?!” Huang Qiu’s eyes widened in disbelief.
His full-strength attack could not shake Chu Yunfan even a little.

Huang Qiu had stepped into the peak of the Acquired Stage.
He knew that Chu Yunfan was known as the number one person of his age and was the champion of the Dao Conference.

But so what?

Huang Qiu had long graduated from Federation University and was several years older than Chu Yunfan.
It was not like he had never faced a Federation University freshman before.

Chu Yunfan was just a rookie who had just entered Federation University.
No matter how powerful he was, how powerful could he be?

That was why Huang Qiu had never taken Chu Yunfan seriously from the start.

When those dealers saw that Chu Yunfan had casually destroyed Huang Qiu’s aura without leaving a trace, their eyes opened wide.
They were dumbfounded.

What was going on?

“That was just so-so,” Chu Yunfan said softly.
Then, he threw out another palm strike.
His True Energy transformed into palm force and pushed out horizontally.
With an invincible momentum, the palm strike landed on Huang Qiu’s body.


Huang Qiu let out a miserable cry.
He was unable to block this palm strike and was instantly sent flying.

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