Chapter 57: How Could There Be Such a Monster

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Chu Yunfan was the first to succeed.
Almost everyone turned to look at Chu

Yunfan as if wanting to see if he had succeeded.

And it looked like he had! It was just that they did not know how many points

he had gotten.

However, Chu Yunfan’s face was expressionless.
No one could tell the quality of

his work.
Only Chu Yunfan could see the score on the tablet in front of him

full marks.

The pills concocted during the alchemy trainee exam were graded by the

If 70% was the benchmark for passing the exam, 100% would

naturally gain full marks.

While the others were still concocting their pills, Chu Yunfan had already

answered the questions of the written test.
Although these were all theoretical

questions, to Chu Yunfan, they were not a problem at all.

Many alchemy apprentices had memorized these theories.
Many of them were

just theoretical.
However, to Chu Yunfan, these so-called theories were all

problems that he had encountered before so none of them was too difficult.

His fingers flew back and forth and he had swiftly finished answering all the

The score came soon enough.
And there were two big words

again—full marks.
Chu Yunfan had got full marks on both his practical and theory assessments.

Chu Yunfan naturally passed the alchemy trainee exam.

Of course, Chu Yunfan did not linger.
He still had to hurry home and cultivate!

In any case, as long as he passed the examination, it did not matter whether he

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got his license or not.
This was because the information would be entered into

his identity card.
As long as one used a card reader to read it, they would be

able to find out that he was already an alchemy trainee.

Moreover, when the time came, the Alchemist Association would send his

license and some official alchemist notes to his home.

Two hours after Chu Yunfan had, the results of the test were finally released.

In front of the electronic noticeboard, the petite Bai Ling’er stood in front of

the list with an incredulous expression on her face.

Her name, Bai Ling’er, was at the top of the list.
She had gotten a perfect score

in the theoretical exam and her practical score was 98 points.

Such a result was already considered outstanding, and this was not just within

the alchemy trainee exam in Calm Ocean City.
This result was outstanding

throughout all of Donghua City.
She was definitely outstanding.

In fact, it was not wrong to say that aside from her, there should not be even a

single person who could get a perfect score in theory, let alone surpass her

practical score.
Most of them had only scored 70 to 80 points.
No one else had

been able to get a score of 90 points.
Just like what everyone had guessed before the assessment, she had indeed far

surpassed the strength of ordinary alchemy apprentices.
It was enough for her

to lock in the first place.

She was someone who could be considered to have performed beyond her

standard, she should have been able to win first place in Donghua City’s

alchemy trainee exam.

However, in reality, she was only in second place!

The words “Chu Yunfan” which were in the first place were extremely


Especially the two full marks, which made her feel even more incredulous in

her heart!

Forget about getting full marks in the theoretical portion as there were indeed

some people who were quite talented in memorization, such as herself.

course, everything was just based on memory, so it was understandable.

However, it was simply impossible for her to get full marks in the practical


Even for a person like her who was called a genius, she usually only got around

90 points in the mock exam, an average of 95 points.
Reaching 98 points in the

exam was indeed beyond her standard.

Therefore, she understood even more clearly that it was almost impossible to

get a perfect score!

“How could anyone get a perfect score? Even if my elder were to take the exam,

I’m afraid even he would not get a perfect score every time.
Is it possible that

this examinee didn’t make any mistakes in the whole process?” Bai Ling’er

simply could not believe it.

Even a genius like her would only be able to guarantee a 90% quality on this

level of medicinal pills every single time.
However, a 100% quality medicinal

pill was not something that could be explained by luck.

“I want to see just who you are!”

Bai Linger immediately squeezed out of the crowd and headed toward the

depths of the Alchemist Association.

At this moment, all the examinees were immersed in astonishment.

There was no doubt that all these examinees here could only be considered

During the assessment, they could only score 70-80 points.
In other

words, the quality of the medicinal pills they concocted was only 70-80%.

They were not considered very powerful.

But now, two strong people had suddenly appeared on the ranking list.

The second-ranked Bai Ling’er had scored 98 points.
She was simply a

Even when concocting such a low-grade medicinal pill, it was very

difficult for advanced alchemy apprentices to score more than 90 points every

As for 98 points…the grade was probably only possible for an official

As for Chu Yunfan, who was in the first place and had concocted a pill that

scored 100%…no one had any energy to ridicule him anymore.

They had been in contact with alchemy for at least a few years.
Naturally, they

all understood that 98 points might be due to luck, but 100 was definitely not

luck anymore.

That was why they felt that they had no strength to complain.
If not for the fact

that they all knew that it was impossible to cheat in this kind of exam, they

would have suspected that an official alchemist had secretly taken the exam on

his behalf.

Although most people took the score as a reflection of a person’s strength, they

did not know that some people only got 100 points because the full score was

only 100 points.

At this time, Bai Linger had already found out about Chu Yunfan through the

Alchemist Association’s internal information.
Although she was only an

alchemy apprentice, she had a strong entity behind her—one of the few

Alchemy Masters, Bai Hong.

Using her connections, she managed to find Chu Yunfan’s information.

Although it was only some superficial information, it was enough for her.

However, when she saw the information, she was upset.

This Chu Yunfan was actually that arrogant fellow from before!

Looking at his record of advancement, it turned out that he had completed just about half a month ago.
He did not have any records before that.
It was as if he

had suddenly appeared.

About half a month ago, he had consecutively passed the beginner,

intermediate, and advanced alchemy apprentice exams.
Now, he has gotten

first place in the alchemy trainee examination in the entirety of Calm Ocean


Such a speed was no joke!

At this moment, she trusted her elder’s judgment even more.
He was probably

a disciple of some alchemy sect or a personal disciple of a great alchemist.

Previously, he must have always stayed by his master’s side and his master

must have taught him personally.
Now that he was almost done learning, his

master must have released him to participate in the alchemy trainee exam.

The truth was, she was the same as well.
Ever since she was young, she had

always been by her elder’s side.
She cultivated with the old ancestor while

coming into contact with alchemy.
Now that her elder saw that her standards

were sufficient enough for her to leave his academy, he decided to let her take

the exam.

The most infuriating thing was that this fellow had even left early.
It was as

though he had already decided that he would definitely be able to pass the

examination and that he would definitely be the first!

“Just you wait, Chu Yunfan.
We’ll meet again.
Next time, I’ll definitely beat you!” Bai Ling’er looked at Chu Yunfan’s name and said this with a serious


This was the first time she had a strong desire to win.
There was no one in her

age group who could stir up her competitive soul in alchemy..

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