As they watched Chu Yunfan kick open the door and enter the hall, Tiny He and the others finally regained their senses after much difficulty.

This had completely exceeded their imagination.
Young Master Wang, who looked like a tiger to them, was like an ant in Chu Yunfan’s eyes.
Chu Yunfan had kicked him as he pleased.
Just like how Young Master Wang had treated Lin Changxiang, he had no scruples at all.

Naturally, they could tell that Chu Yunfan had not hesitated in the slightest.
Especially in the way that Young Master Wang had treated Chu Yunfan.
It was like he had been facing a tiger.
They could all see it clearly.

That flattering smile was unbelievable.
Was that the famous and domineering Young Master Wang of Calm Ocean City?

“Xuan Xuan… Your brother is amazing!” Sweet Orange said in disbelief as she covered her mouth.

What’s your brother’s identity?” Little Dance asked in disbelief.

“If he had a company, he would be the domineering CEO!” Tiny He was also seeing stars.

“Speaking of that, my brother does have a company, and it’s not a small one.
Uh, but isn’t it a crooked company?” Chu Qingxuan said.
She was also immersed in shock.

Even though Chu Qingxuan knew that her brother was very powerful—rising all the way up when he was in his third year of high school and even managed to get into Federation University—she did not know that her brother had such a reputation in the outside world.

“Oh my god.
Your family is actually some kind of hidden wealthy family!” Sweet Orange said.

Chu Qingxuan shook her head and said, “My family is just an ordinary family.
How is it a wealthy family? I can only say that all of this was created by my brother.”

“Come and take a look!” Tiny He, who had walked to the door of the hall, called out to the others.

After Chu Yunfan kicked open the door of the hall, he strode in.
The entire hall was attracted by this sudden change of events.

A young man walked in and slowly surveyed the crowd.

“It’s quite lively here.”

Chu Yunfan walked in as if there was no one around and did not care about the gazes of the crowd.

“Who is this person?”

Many people were puzzled.
They did not know what had happened and this person had suddenly barged in.

“Chu Yunfan.
It’s Chu Yunfan, the boss of Shanhe Alchemy!”

Someone immediately recognized Chu Yunfan and it stirred up a commotion.

Chu Yunfan was not unknown among these dealers.
In fact, he was quite famous among these people.
After all, Shanhe Alchemy had caused quite a stir over the past year.
How could the boss not attract attention? Just through the newly formulated Qi Replenishing Pills alone, he had attracted the attention of countless people.

But Chu Yunfan had not shown his face often, and thus, not many knew what he looked like.
Most of them had only seen a photo of him, which was from a year ago.
Chu Yunfan’s appearance had not changed much.
However, his temperament had changed drastically compared to a year ago when he was still just an unknown.

Many people failed to recognize him at first, but after someone called out his identity, everyone immediately knew who he was.
From a certain point of view, he was the other main character of this gathering.
Of course, the other main characters were Jiang Feiyan and Huang Qiu.

Even though those distributors had been through countless business battles and were trained to be comparable to city walls, when they saw Chu Yunfan, they were still a little embarrassed.

Under pressure from the Jiangs and the Huangs, many had torn up the agreement they had with Shanhe Alchemy.

“The main person is here.”

Huang Qiu, who was holding a glass of red wine, showed a disdainful smile.

“What’s the use of him coming?” Jiang Feiyan sneered.
“If I were him, I wouldn’t come here to humiliate myself.”

“Chu Yunfan, why are you here?” a dealer said as he pointed at Chu Yunfan.
He admitted that he was not afraid of Chu Yunfan.
Since he had already joined the Jiangs and the Huangs, it was naturally time for him to express his stance.

“What’s your name? Tell me.
You probably don’t know me very well.
I have a bad temper and like to hold grudges.
I’ll remember anyone who hits me when I’m down,” Chu Yunfan said faintly.

“Such impudence.
Do you think this is a place where you can behave atrociously?” This dealer saw that not only did Chu Yunfan not show weakness, but on the contrary, he even dared to threaten him.
He instantly flew into a rage.

This dealer was usually a high and mighty figure.
If it were not for huge figures like the Jiang and the Huangs, how could he be forced to bow his head and act like a small child?

“Kneel!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

The dealer who was talking nonsense instantly felt as if he had been hit by a heavy blow.
He could not control his legs and instantly fell to his knees.

Everyone was stunned.
They were all a little dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

This dealer had cultivated for many years.
Of course, in terms of combat strength, he definitely could not be compared to those people who were out on the battlefield all year round.
However, his cultivation was not inferior to the Acquired Stage, and in terms of strength, he was not considered weak.
The state of his mental cultivation was not considered weak either.
How could he be frightened by someone and kneel?

The dealer’s entire body was covered in a cold sweat.
It was as if he had encountered the most terrifying thing.

Chu Yunfan did not even glance at the dealer.
He could not be bothered to pay attention to him.
His move just now that could make people kneel with just a shout was a soul-absorbing technique belonging to a demonic sect in the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Those with weak minds or those who were unprepared would be easily affected.

“If you want to add insult to injury, you need to have the ability to do so.
It’s too early for you to jump out now,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.
Then, he walked toward Jiang Feiyan and Huang Qiu.

“Are you the representatives of the Jiangs and the Huangs?” Chu Yunfan asked.
He could see that these two people were the focus of the audience, so it was not difficult to guess their identities.

“Young Master Huang and Miss Jiang represent the Jiangs and the Huangs.
You’re too arrogant.
Do you think you can contend with the Jiangs and the Huangs?” a young man hurriedly stepped forward and said.

“What a joke.
The two of them have yet to say a word and you guys have already jumped out one by one.
So what if it’s the Jiang and Huangs? I’ve killed at least 80 of them, so stop putting on airs in front of me,” Chu Yunfan said as he shook his head.

Many did not believe Chu Yunfan’s words.
The Jiangs and the Huangs were one of the Eight Greats.
They were powerful people.
Not to mention killing tens or hundreds of them, killing one or two of them was already a big deal.
It would definitely spur the Jiangs and Huangs to take revenge.

Among these people, the expressions of the students from Federation University changed.
They knew that Chu Yunfan was not boasting.
Although they had no concrete evidence of Chu Yunfan’s claim, everyone knew that what he said was true.

This was a super god of death.

A thought crossed their minds, ‘As expected of Chu Yunfan.
He clearly knows that this is a dragon’s and a tiger’s den, yet he still dared to come here.’

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