Huang Qiu merely took one glance at the person who left and disregarded him.
As a direct descendant of the Huangs who had personally come to Calm Ocean City, there were many families that tried to curry favor with him.

The person who left was just one of them.
To Huang Qiu, he was just a small fry in a corner.
It did not matter at all.
As an elite descendant of the Huangs, there were only a few people who were qualified to be on the same level as him.

For example, Jiang Feiyan.

Although Jiang Feiyan was younger than him, she was definitely not someone to trifle with.
She was still attending classes at Federation University, yet she already had two large companies under her name.

Jiang Feiyan was quite talented in business, which was why she was chosen by the Jiangs to be in charge of the acquisition of Shanhe Alchemy.

Yes, the ultimate goal of the two companies was to complete the acquisition of Shanhe Alchemy.
They wished to completely crush Chu Yunfan, but Shanhe Alchemy could not fall into the hands of their competitors.
It had to fall into their control.

“That’s right.
This alliance is beneficial to everyone.
Everyone must’ve heard about the hot sales of the Qi Replenishing Pills.
According to our company’s estimation, this is a market worth over a hundred billion.
Most importantly, it will be difficult to find an opponent that can match up to it within the next twenty years,” Jiang Feiyan said as she looked around.

When many people heard this, they felt their breathing quicken.
This hundred billion is an estimate for a year.
They could easily split the profits and it would still be an astronomical figure.

Although they were backed by many large families and companies, they were only one of the younger generations.
They did not hold the reins of the family, but this money could possibly fall into their hands.

Families were families, and individuals were individuals.

Just like Huang Qiu and Jiang Feiyan, they represented the Jiangs and the Huangs, but they also represented themselves.
Both of them knew that they could not rely on their own strength to take over such a large market.
Chu Yunfan too knew that he had to find other partners to share the money with, let alone them.
However, they did not want their families to interfere.

The Jiang and Huangs had gone through countless public and secret conflicts before their factions finally won.
They would rather cooperate with each other than with other competitors in their clans.

“Feiyan is right.
This alliance must be established.
If you follow us, you will naturally be well fed.
However, if you dare to hinder the alliance, don’t blame us for being impolite,” Huang Qiu lightly.
However, the killing intent in his tone alerted the crowd.

Huang Qiu’s words were clear as day.
Everyone was concerned about their alliance.
Whoever did not enter would be their enemy, and whoever was their enemy would die.

This was very clear.

“We completely agree with the establishment of this alliance.
After all, as a member of the alliance, we’ll definitely benefit from it,” a young man hurriedly said.

“Right, right.
We’ll mobilize our family to add bricks and stones to the alliance,” everyone hurriedly echoed.
No one wanted to be listed as an enemy by Huang Qiu.

Just thinking about them, the Huangs and the Jiangs were both incomparably terrifying behemoths.

“However, since we’ve gathered these distributors here to deal with Shanhe Alchemy, do you think Chu Yunfan will show up?” a young man said loudly.

“It’s fine if he doesn’t.
It’s good if he does.” Huang Qiu smiled faintly.

Standing on the side, Jiang Feiyan was not concerned about Chu Yunfan.
So what if he came? He was still too inexperienced.

In the corridor outside the hall, Sweet Orange was starting to feel uneasy.

“Why aren’t we leaving?”

“Leave? Who wants to leave? I want to see who dared to oppose me!”

Along with an arrogant voice, a young man with a somewhat unruly expression, along with two burly bodyguards, and Lin Changxiang, who had just been chased away by Chu Yunfan, walked out of the hall.

“Young Master Wang, it was this guy,” Lin Changxiang said indignantly as he pointed at Chu Yunfan.

Chop off his two arms for me first,” Young Master Wang said without even looking.

The two burly men pounced on Chu Yunfan.
Their auras soared to the sky, and like Lin Changxiang, they were both masters at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage.
However, unlike Lin Changxiang, who was in a high position all year round, they were obviously full of murderous intent.
They had seen blood and killed people.

“Brother, watch out!”


Chu Qingxuan, Tiny He, and the others hurriedly shouted.


Chu Yunfan just snorted coldly.
With a wave of his hand, a large hand formed by True Energy appeared once again.
These two tall and burly men were swept by the hand and were instantly sent flying/ All the bones in their bodies broke with a crackling sound.
They fell to the ground and continuously screamed and struggled, but failed to get up.

Young Master Wang’s expression was furious, but he was also stunned.
The two bodyguards he had brought along were not considered the best, but ordinary people should be no match for them.
But now, they had been sent flying by a large energy palm.

When Young Master Wang saw that it was Chu Yunfan, his expression changed and his heart hammered.
He thought that someone who did not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth had meddled in his business.
However, when he saw Chu Yunfan’s face, his heart instantly started beating wildly.

Young Master Wang was familiar with this face.
Recently at Federation University, Chu Yunfan had been the hot topic of the university, and he was the eternal headlines on the campus forums.

It was the number one killer, Chu Yunfan!

Chu Yunfan had been in seclusion for the past two months to recuperate.
He was not big news in the outside world, but at Federation University, his name had exploded.

There had never been a moment when Chu Yunfan was as well-known as he was now.

Chu Yunfan’s popularity had exploded overnight.
As the participants of the Dao Conference returned to Federation University, Chu Yunfan’s name too became the focus of everyone’s attention.

There had been a mistake at the conference.
It had allowed the Monster Cult to execute a massacre.
It was the center of everyone’s conversation.
And in this series of events, Chu Yunfan’s performance had been like a slow-rising comet.

At the conference, Chu Yunfan was like a god of death, slaying demons and monsters left and right.
No matter who was in Chu Yunfan’s grasp, they had not been able to hold out for long.

Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao, Han Bing, Jiang Pengfei, and Huang You.
These once famous people were either dead or injured.
None of them could last long under Chu Yunfan’s assault.

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