During the next month, Chu Yunfan did not sit idly by.
He was busy making final preparations for his return to Federation University.

Previously, Chu Yunfan had been as busy as a spinning top and could barely stop.
Now, he could take advantage of this period to make arrangements.

One of them was the Three-Stripe Purple-gold Pill.
Chu Yunfan had killed Jiang Yusheng after consuming the One-Stripe Purple-gold Pill.

Now, the One-Stripe Purple-gold Pill was useless to Chu Yunfan, so he had to refine the more powerful Three-Stripe Purple-gold Pill.

Once consuming it, Chu Yunfan’s strength and cultivation level would have a huge breakthrough.
Now that all the Blood Origin Pills have been used up, if Chu Yunfan wanted to have a huge breakthrough in his strength in a short time, he would have to think of another way.

This Three-Stripe Purple-gold Pill consumed the whole cash reward from being the champion of the Dao Conference that Chu Yunfan had just obtained.
It was a pill that was worth hundreds of millions.

However, with the value of the Three-Stripe Purple-gold Pill, even if it was a few times more expensive, there would still be people who were willing to buy it.
There were many rich people in this world, and they all only had one life.
This way, one could increase their strength, and at a critical moment, preserve their life.
No matter how much it was, it was not an exaggeration.

Of course, the most difficult thing was still the difficulty of stepping into the Innate Stage.

Other than that, Chu Yunfan had to collect more spirit stones.
The last time he used the Demon Descends Illustration, he had used up all the spirit stones he had bought previously.
It was simply not enough.

Although they were only low-grade spirit stones, they were still extremely expensive.
Chu Yunfan had no choice but to use all the profits Shanhe Alchemy had generated in this half a year.

The Qi Replenishing Pills that Shanhe Alchemy had introduced had been very popular.
These pills had gone for the same price as regular pills but the effects were twice as strong.
This was undoubtedly a life-saving medicine for mercenaries, pioneers, monster hunters, and others who were on the edge of life and death all year round.

This year, Shanhe Alchemy used most of its income to continuously open up new markets and continuously put them into operation.
In just a short half a year, it had become the most important alchemy company in Calm Ocean City.

As the major shareholder of Shanhe Alchemy, Chu Yunfan received a dividend of almost one billion yuan.
One could imagine how much Shanhe Alchemy had reaped in the past half a year.

However, Chu Yunfan quickly burned through this one billion.
He exchanged it all for ten thousand low-grade spirit stones.

In this short month, Chu Yunfan had spent money like flowing water.
Fortunately, he had the title of Shanhe Alchemy.
Otherwise, he would not be able to support such expenditure.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan understood why those powerful experts usually had quite a few companies or had the support of financial groups.

If not for this, Chu Yunfan would not have been able to support his terrifying spending.
Of course, ordinary cultivators would not expend as much as Chu Yunfan.
It was just that his Imperial Physique itself required a lot of expenses.
In addition, it was impossible for his strength to advance by leaps and bounds so quickly without him paying a sufficient price.

Regarding this, Lu Qingxuan understood wholeheartedly.
Although this drained a large amount of cash flow, it was very clear that Chu Yunfan had established Shanhe Alchemy for the purpose of assisting his cultivation.

Just as Chu Yunfan was mulling this over, he suddenly received a call from Lu Qingxuan.
On the other end of the phone, Lu Qingxuan’s expression was rather grave as she said, “Chu Yunfan, we’re in big trouble.”

Lu Qingxuan’s words caused Chu Yunfan to frown, and his spirits were roused.
He said, “What’s going on?”

“I just received the news.
Do you know the Jiangs and the Huangs? They are of the Eight Great of the Federation.
Their families have quite a large alchemy company.
I don’t know what’s going on with them, but they suddenly decided to move into Calm Ocean City.
As soon as their representatives entered, they started rounding up all the distributors.
I got the news that the topic of their discussion is to stop them from using our Qi Replenishing Pills,” Lu Qingxuan said concisely, “I think they’re aiming for us.”

“No, they’re aiming at me.” When Chu Yunfan heard the names of the Jiang and Huang families, he instantly knew that they were coming for him.

Perhaps a part of the reason was because of the Qi Replenishing Pills.
After all, the pills had indeed been very popular in the market recently, and everyone could see the benefits.
It was impossible for them to say that they were not interested.

Shanhe Alchemy had just started selling their Qi Replenishing Pills and had not completely eliminated the other pills.
Their profits had yet to reach their peak.
If that happened, Shanhe Alchemy could be ranked among the top alchemy companies just by relying on this one powerful product.

The Jiangs and the Huangs had huge companies.
Chu Yunfan had killed their successors—Jiang Pengfei and Huang You.

The Jiangs and the Huangs had many talents.
These two were just a few of the outstanding elites.
There would be heartache, but it would not have caused them to make a big move.

They had repeatedly pressured Federation University and the Chus just to test them and see if there was any possibility of taking a piece of fat meat from the Chus or Federation University.

This sounded cold, but they were the survival methods of those large families.

However, Chu Yunfan knew that these two families would ignore not him because of this.
To the Jiangs and the Huangs as a whole, Chu Yunfan was merely a thorn in their side.
However, there were quite a number of people in the Jiangs and the Huangs who wished Chu Yunfan to be eliminated.

Through this large-scale intervention, the Jiangs and the Huangs were trying to take revenge on Chu Yunfan.
And there was probably also the matter of the new type of Qi Replenishing Pill.

These two things happened to be related to Chu Yunfan, which was why he said that these two families were aiming for him.

Lu Qingxuan said, “This is very troublesome.
Although we don’t have to rely on distributors and can sell directly online, that’s just the model of a small shop.
The profits won’t be big.
Pills are different from other things, especially Qi Replenishing Pills, which are a second life for many people.
If we don’t verify it personally, we won’t be at ease.
If we only sell online, we’ll lose more than half of the market.
It will also take decades, or even hundreds of years, for the brand to be established.”

“We don’t have decades to a hundred years,” Chu Yunfan said decisively, “Since they’ve made their move, we can’t just stand by and watch.”

“What do you plan to do?” Lu Qingxuan asked.

“Drive them out.
We have no choice but to fight them head-on,” Chu Yunfan said firmly.

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