Chu Yunfan opened his eyes.
He had finally broken through to the eighth level of the Acquired Stage.

“I’ve finally broken through.”

Chu Yunfan’s face revealed a relieved expression.
If he were to just break through to the eighth level of the Acquired, he would have been able to do so on the third day, but he had been suppressing it.
He wanted to break through in all aspects, and his battle prowess had to break through to the Innate Stage in one go.
Otherwise, breaking through would be meaningless.

Now, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level had broken through to the eighth level of the Acquired Stage and his battle prowess had broken through to the first level of the Innate Stage.
Although his cultivation level was now slightly higher than Chen Xiang and the others, he was sure that if they fought, they would be no match for him.

Chu Yunfan was confident in this.

Even the Innate Stage was divided into strong and weak, and Chen Xiang and the others were undoubtedly the weaker ones in the Innate Stage.
However, even the weakest Innate Stage was at least ten times stronger than a peak Acquired Stage.
Unless it was a freak like Chu Yunfan, it would be difficult for anyone to escape this rule.

“But it’s still not enough.
I need to go one step further.”

Chu Yunfan felt the energy of the Blood Origin Pill in his body had not been completely absorbed.
The effect of the pill was very powerful.
It had left behind a lot of medicinal efficacy in Chu Yunfan’s body even after he had broken through.

After consolidating his new cultivation level, Chu Yunfan did not stop.
He immediately began another step of seclusion, and that was to try completely absorbing the medicinal efficacy of the Blood Origin Pill.

When Chu Yunfan came out of seclusion, more than twenty days had passed.

This round of training had taken him an entire month, and the results of it were extremely gratifying.
In this one month, he not only stepped into the eighth level of the Acquired Stage but also consolidated his new level.

After completely digesting the medicinal effects of the Blood Origin Pill, Chu Yunfan had charged into the peak of the eighth level of the Acquired Stage.
Although he had just stabilized, his combat strength had improved by leaps and bounds compared to a month ago.

If Chu Yunfan were to encounter the Monster Cult’s sub-division leader again, he would probably be able to kill the leader in one blow.
It would be unavoidable as his strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

The moment Chu Yunfan came out of seclusion, he instantly went to look for Chen Xiang.
Compared to a month ago, Chen Xiang had undergone an earth-shattering change.
He did not have to hide in a corner of the villa anymore.

Chen Xiang had taken up residence in one of the villa’s rooms.
The villa was huge, and there were many empty rooms.
And he had finally stepped into the Innate Stage.

Now that Chen Xiang had stepped into the Innate Stage, enemies below the Innate Stage could not hide from his senses.
Enemies of the Innate Stage would definitely trigger the changes of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy as soon as they got near and would not be able to hide from him either.

Therefore, Chen Xiang could finally be free.
He did not need to watch idly all the time.
No matter what kind of enemy was invading, he would be able to detect them at the first moment.

“Master Chu, you’ve come out of seclusion.” When Chen Xiang saw Chu Yunfan, he immediately tensed up.
It was as if he treated Chu Yunfan as his superior.

“Indeed I have,” Chu Yunfan said.
He knew that ever since he went into seclusion, Chen Xiang had been guarding the villa.

“Let’s spar again,” Chu Yunfan said, “Attack with all your might.”

Chen Xiang did not hesitate.
If Chu Yunfan had said this before, he would have thought that Chu Yunfan was mad.
After all, he had already entered the Innate Stage, while Chu Yunfan was only in the Acquired Stage.

But now, Chen Xiang does not think this way any longer.
Last time, he was of this opinion and had been taught a harsh lesson by Chu Yunfan.

In the training room, Chen Xiang went all out.
The aura of his body was released, and the air seemed to freeze.
This was not an adjective, but a fact.
Innate experts could affect the energy between Heaven and Earth.

“Go all out.
I can determine everything in one strike.”

Chen Xiang’s expression was solemn.
He took a step forward, and in an instant, the aura between Heaven and Earth changed.
It was as if a boundless aura was charging toward Chu Yunfan.

That formless aura was about to materialize and charge toward him.

An ordinary person might not be able to withstand such an aura and would instantly be defeated.
Innate experts possessed many abilities that Acquired experts did not, and that was why they were considered extraordinary.
Many of them changed.

Compared to a month ago, Chen Xiang’s strength had undergone a world-shaking change.


Chen Xiang moved forward in the blink of an eye, and with a thunderous momentum, he charged toward Chu Yunfan.


The entire air exploded.
Compared to a month ago, it was on a completely different level.


Chu Yunfan shouted as he threw out a punch.
This punch seemed to have turned into a fierce tiger as it charged out, breaking through everything.
The pressure that was originally suppressed by an Innate expert was also forced out in an instant, and it was unable to pose even the slightest threat to Chu Yunfan.


The two fists collided with each other and crashed into each other like two armored vehicles.
The terrifying power boiled up, turning into a terrifying surge of True Energy that spread out in all directions.

Thud, thud, thud!

Someone retreated.
This person was Chen Xiang, and he had an incredulous expression on his face.
He had actually been pushed back.
In a one-on-one collision, he was actually no match for Chu Yunfan and had been pushed back.

An Innate expert had been pushed back by an Acquired Stage expert.
If word of this were to get out, no one would believe it.
They would only think that the person who said this was crazy.

Chen Xiang had encountered a terrifying monster that could defeat an Innate Stage expert while in the Acquired Stage.

“Master, your cultivation has improved even more.
Even I’m no match for you,” Chen Xiang said, but he quickly understood.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was shrouded in many layers of mystery.
Whether it was the fact that Chu Yunfan had only spent a year catching up to the fruits of their hard work, or the fact that Chu Yunfan’s various mysterious methods had helped them break through to the Innate Stage.

All of this made Chu Yunfan even more mysterious in Chen Xiang’s eyes.
He now knew that he had misjudged Chu Yunfan previously and so all this was normal.

Chu Yunfan was now truly certain that his combat strength had indeed broken through to the Innate Stage.
Even an ordinary first-level Innate Stage cultivator would not be a match for him.

But for Chu Yunfan, there was not much time left.
There were only a few months to go.
He had to think of a way to break through to the Innate Stage to gain enough advantages.

Jiang Lingxiao was not an ordinary person.

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