The examination hall for the alchemy trainee exam was set up in this building.
Each examination hall was equipped with twenty alchemical furnaces.
Each furnace took up quite a bit of space and the space around each of them was separated by a yellow line.
Each examinee was free to move within their own spaces.

On the other side of the hall was a huge pile of various medicinal herbs.
Each variety of medicinal herb had been prepared in large quantities.
It was clear that the examinees were to retrieve their own ingredients to concoct their pills.

The process of retrieving medicinal herbs was also a test of an alchemist’s basic skills!

Each of the examinees followed their respective numbers and came to their

respective positions.
From the tablet at the side, they received instructions on

what pill they were to concoct.
Because everything was random, n0 one knew

what medicinal pills they would encounter during the exam.
Basically, they

had to leam every type of medicinal pill, and the ones they would be tested on

were the most basic of medicinal pills.

When it was his turm to receive his instructions, Chu Yunfan looked down to

see what he had been given.
It was a beginner-level Q Replenishing Pill.

pill’s main function was to replenish True Energy.

Modern theories believed that ‘True Energy was a kind of bioenergy.
This kind

of bioenergy could not be recovered quickly.
The stronger the martial artist,

the faster the recovery speed.
Normally, it would be a small matter.
But in an

emergency, in order to recover ‘True Energy quickly, one could use Qi

Replenishing Pill.
These pills were divided into beginner, intermediate, and

advanced-leveled ones.
The effects of each level were very different, and so

was the price.

However, no matter which level of QI Replenishing Pill it was, it was a very

popular commodity, especially for exploration teams.
These exploration teams

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had to dive into all kinds of places all year round and often encountered some

extremely dangerous situations.
The Qi Replenishing Pill was a necessary pill

or them.

This was where the practical portion of the test began.
After that, they would

have to answer a theory paper.
If an examinee passed both tests, they would

naturally be admitted as alchemy trainees.

Chu Yunfan did not immediately move to get the ingredients medicine.

Instead, he paused for amoment.
At this moment, the other examinees had

already walked to the mountain of medicinal herbs to choose the ingredients

that they wanted to use.

All of them were using all kinds of tools to ensure that the quantity and size of

the ingredients they retrieved would not cause any problems.

However, Chu Yunfan had no use for such contraptions for pill concocting

Instead, he grabbed the medicinal ingredients tightly and shoved them into his

medicine basket in a very crude manner.

He only picked from each medicinal ingredient available once and there was

never a second time.
In the beginning, no one noticed this.
But very soon, the

nearby examinees all noticed Chu Yunfan’s “crude movements”

Many people thought that Chu Yunfan had gone mad.
This was just

All medicinal pills had an exacting amount of each ingredient.
If it

was even a ittle off, the end result would be far from the desired one.
This was

simply foolishness.

However, very quickly, some of the observant examinees discovered that every

time Chu Yunfan grabbed an ingredient, he was grabbing a very accurate


Although these examinees were unlike Chu Yunfan-who could detemine the

exact quantity with just a single glance and a single grab-they had been

alchemy apprentices for more than ten years, so they had a rough idea of the


Their hearts were instantly filled with shock.
If it was just one or two times

that the quantity was accurate, then forget it.
But every time, the quantity was

pretty accurate.
This was not something that could be explained away by good


Only now did they understand that this extremely tender-looking high school

student alchemy apprentice was definitely not here to make up the numbers.

He was indeed skilled.

Many people could not help but feel shocked.
To be able to hone his skill to

such accuracy, how many times must Chu Yunfan have practiced grabbing8

medicine to achieve this? It was simply unbelievable.

Some even speculated that for him to be able to become an advanced alchemy

apprentice at such a young age, he was most likely not self-taught and must

have had a sect behind him.

This kind of ancient method had not disappeared in this Kunlun Era.
On the

contrary, it was able to flourish.
Many sects had their own unique methods,

and many of them had made appearances within the field of alchemy.

It was just that they did not know which alchemy sect he was a disciple of!

Many people were extremely shocked.
However, someone retorted, “Thať’s not

I have seen many disciples of alchemy sects.
Even if they have secret

techniques, they would not be able to master them to such an extent at such a

young age.
If they have secret techniques, they should only increase their

It should not be possible for them to master these techniques.
Even the

many disciples of alchemy sects who have become official alchemists still need

to use tools

This made Chu Yuntan seem even more mysterious in their eyes.

As they were exclaiming in admiration, Chu Yunfan had already grabbed all the

medicinal herbs he needed and returned to his position.
He lit a fire, put on a

pot of water, and threw in the medicinal herbs in order.
Everything was as

smooth as flowing water, it was as if he did not even need to think.

was as if he had rehearsed it countless times.

This caused many people to sigh in amazement.
After a long while, they finally

remembered that they were also in the midst of their own exam.
A lot of time

had passed and the time they had left was not too generous.

Very quickly, everyone finished gathering their ingredients, returned to their

seats, and began concocting their respective medicinal pills.
At this moment,

they did not dare be distracted by Chu Yunfan.

If they were to get distracted during the concoction process, the entire process

might fail.
Then, they would have to prepare all over again for a very long time

before they could resit the exam.

Chu Yunfan would occasionally pay some attention to the process in front of

However, along with the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, these things

had long been fused into his bone marrow.
The entire pill concoction process

was practically second-nature to him.

Therefore, he was not like other examinees who were pinching their ears and

scratching their cheeks nervously or constantly looking at the time, trying to

grasp every second that passed.
The experience that Chu Yunfan had obtained

from the Alchemy Emperor’s memories was much more accurate than any

alarm clock.

However, his thoughts drifted away.
To him, he only needed to pass this exam

so that he would have proof that he was an alchemy trainee.
After that, he

would be able to sell the pills he made openly.

Previously, if the transaction between him and Lu Qingxuan were really to be

investigated, it would be considered an illegal transaction because he did not

have an alchemy trainee’s license.

This was also a measure taken by the Federal Government to limit the flow of

ow-quality pills going into the pill market.

Now that this shackle was about to be removed, it would be much easier for

him to earm money.
By then, curing his sister would not be a big problem.

Actually, in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, there were medicinal pills that

could treat this kind of illness.
However, the medicinal ingredients required

were sky-high in price.
It was simply not something that the current Chu

Yunfan could afford.
He might as well use moderm gene therapy techniques as

they were more convenient and simple.

After all, all roads lead to the same destination.
In the end, as long as he could

cure his sister’s illness, he did not mind using any method!

As he daydreamed, two hours passed in the blink of an eye.
The alchemical

furnace in front of him automatically opened up.
A white mist poured out, and

a medicinal fragrance assailed his nostrils.

Qi Nourishment Pill-success!

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