“Next is the cash reward of 100 million.
Second place was awarded 50 million and the third 30 million.
In the end, there will be rewards ranging from millions to tens of millions,” Jeang Yuanbin continued.

This was a huge sum of money, but it was nothing compared to the tens or hundreds of billions of losses that they were willing to fork out from the various industries.

What the various sects and universities obtained was truly a huge sum of money.
However, when it came to individuals, there was no doubt that these were very generous rewards.
This was especially so for Chu Yunfan, who had obtained a reward of hundreds of millions.

Things like the Innate Pills were priceless.
Even if one had money, one would not be able to buy them.

“That’s it,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “Other than that, it’s about what happened in the school.
Although there are all sorts of rumors and slanders, you’ve obtained the champion title of the conference.
This is the best counterattack.
If it weren’t for you, the champion title of this year’s conference would have fallen into the hands of the Stellaris Sect again.”

Chu Yunfan knew that at this moment, inside and outside Federation University, there were all sorts of undercurrents stirred up by Zhu Bumie.
Chu Yunfan had wiped out the Jiangs and Huangs during the conference, causing the higher-ups of these two families to fly into a rage.

For Federation University, the pressure of these two families joining forces was also very significant.
Therefore, there was a constant call for Chu Yunfan’s head, but it had always been suppressed.
Since Chu Yunfan had won the conference, it was even more impossible for the university to give him up.

“Your performance was very good.
You should stop hiding your strength and biding your time.
The more outstanding your performance is, the more confident we’ll be in speaking up for you.
The more speechless they will be then,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “However, I’m afraid that there are many who covet the Demon Descends Illustration and the inner core you possess.
Brat, your trouble has only just begun.
Aren’t you worried?”

“It’s useless to worry.
How can you see the rainbow if you don’t experience the wind and rain? If you’re afraid of this and that, you’ll lose the heart of a martial artist to improve courageously.
Then, you won’t have any great achievements,” Chu Yunfan said without hesitation.

No matter how worried Chu Yunfan was, would he still hand over these two items? Since he would not choose to hand them over, he naturally would not continue to worry.

“You’re very insightful.” Jeang Yuanbin nodded in satisfaction.
“In cultivation, you must be careful as if you were treading on thin ice, but in mentality, you must advance courageously.
You mustn’t retreat.
In cultivation, if you don’t advance, you will be left behind.”

Chu Yunfan was silent for a long time before he opened his mouth and said, “Mr.
Jeang, I’ve been thinking about something, and that is to hand over this inner core to you.”

“What?!” Jeang Yuanbin was shocked.
He had not expected Chu Yunfan to say that.
The monster’s inner core was extremely valuable, so it was impossible for him not to be envious.
If the owner of this inner core was someone else, it would be fine.
However, since it was Chu Yunfan, he had no such thoughts of snatching it away.

The pride in Jeang Yuanbin’s heart allowed him to do no such thing, so Chu Yunfan’s sudden mention of this matter caught him a little off guard.

Seeing that Chu Yunfan was serious, Jeang Yuanbin’s face was overcome with a solemn expression.
He said, “Are you under too much pressure? Or do you think I’m the kind of person who covets the things of my disciples?”


Chu Yunfan smiled faintly and said, “Mr.
Jeang, don’t be anxious.
I didn’t mean it that way.
In fact, I’ve considered this matter many times in the past month.
I’ve thought it through many times.

“I made this choice because this is the most suitable choice,” Chu Yunfan said, “Although this inner core is extremely valuable and hard to estimate, with my current cultivation level, I might not be able to use it for a long time.
Right now, only in your hands will it display its greatest effect, Mr.

This was after some careful consideration on Chu Yunfan’s part.
The battle between him and Jiang Lingxiao was less than half a year.
Within that time, he certainly would not be able to cultivate to the peak of the Innate Stage no matter what.
Thus, he had no use for this inner core.

And when Chu Yunfan faces Jiang Lingxiao, if he died, then there would be nothing to say about his death.
But if he won and killed Jiang Lingxiao, the Jiangs would definitely not let this matter rest.

The Jiangs could be ranked as one of the eight great aristocratic families.
There was even a rumor of an elder among them who had reached the Divine Ability Stage.
The Jiang family was also filled with experts.
If they were to become furious, even Federation University might not be able to protect him.

Although Federation University protected its students, it also depended on the situation.
Killing Jiang Lingxiao—the candidate for the next clan leader of the Jiangs—was certainly going to create headlines.
Even Federation University might not be able to handle it.

Therefore, Chu Yunfan needed other trump cards and backup methods.
Killing Jiang Lingxiao was not the end of a matter, but rather the beginning of a bigger one.
If there was an expert with divine abilities standing behind him, it would be a different matter.

The plan in Chu Yunfan’s heart was not only to kill Jiang Lingxiao but also to resist the subsequent counterattack from the Jiangs, as well as those families and sects that might add insult to injury.

Under such circumstances, even the Chus might not be able to stand behind him.
If he was Chu Haoyue, they would be more likely to throw their weight behind him.
Chu Yunfan would not place his hopes on such a matter.

The support of the Chus and Federation University stemmed from the fact that everyone thought that he would not be able to win and that the person who would win would definitely be Jiang Lingxiao.
What they thought they had to do was rescue Chu Yunfan from Jiang Lingxiao’s hands and use their influence to ensure that Chu Yunfan would not be beaten to death.

If only they knew that the plan in Chu Yunfan’s heart was completely different from what they thought.
Not only was he trying to save his life, but he was also plotting to kill Jiang Lingxiao.
The situation then would be completely different.

Therefore, Chu Yunfan had to obtain a stronger trump card.
And the only person who could help him now was his mentor, Jeang Yuanbin.

The relationship between the two of them was that of master and disciple.
Naturally, both of them would rise and fall together.

Chu Yunfan was Jeang Yuanbin’s best disciple.
And Jeang Yuanbin was about to step into the Divine Ability Stage.
The benefits that the Jeang Yuanbin could provide were self-evident.
He could be a super backer.

Chu Yunfan needed time.
He needed time to break through to the Innate Stage, or even to the Divine Ability Stage.
When that time came, he would not be afraid of any threats.

It was impossible for a small sapling to grow into a great tree without sufficient time.

And right now, Chu Yunfan was fighting for time.

“What benefits will you get if you give it to me?” Jeang Yuanbin asked.

Jeang, you breaking through to the Divine Ability Stage is the biggest benefit for me,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

“You know, you’re right.” Jeang Yuanbin suddenly smiled.
He seemed to understand Chu Yunfan’s plan.

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