This was because at this year’s conference, to put it simply, the cult had created a huge commotion.
If it was not for the Federation Government’s deliberate suppression, it was likely that this matter would have made the headlines this month.

Even so, it did not mean that after the matter was over and everything would be peaceful.
It would just continue to ferment in a place that no one knew about.

This large-scale encirclement of the Monster Cult was actually one of the sequels to the Dao Conference.
But this was only one of them.

The counterattack and punishment against the cult were already underway, but that did not mean that it was just that.
The pressure on the Stellaris Sect was also underway.

After all, it was because the Stellaris Sect had not managed things well that the cut had a chance to take advantage of it.
The disciples of the various sects and the students of the various universities who died on Star Myriad Island numbered in the thousands.

There were even cases where all the disciples of the smaller sects had all been annihilated.
With such serious consequences, the Stellaris Sect would naturally not be able to get away with just a simple apology.

All kinds of pressure, compensation, and wrangling were being carried out.

Therefore, the reward for the champion had never been given out earlier, but Chu Yunfan had never been in a hurry either.
In any case, he had already obtained the inner core that he cared about the most.

And now that Jeang Yuanbin had personally delivered the first-place reward, it meant that the matters regarding the conference had truly come to an end.

Everything has been settled.” Jeang Yuanbin nodded.
“This time, the Stellaris Sect has suffered a great loss.
They had to cough up quite a number of properties from all over the world to make up for it.
This time, all the benefits that they obtained from winning the conference last year were all spat back out in one breath.

“Your parents have sent your reward to your room.
The first is Stellaris Fasting Pills,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

“I’ve read about that in the encyclopedia.
Isn’t that a pill made according to a formula that the Stellaris Sect obtained from an Ancient Zenith Civilization ruin combined with modern medical technology? It can be considered a specialty product of the Stellaris Sect.
Those pills are expensive.”

Chu Yunfan recalled the records of the Stellaris Fasting Pill that he had read when he had been browsing through the encyclopedia.

Fasting pills were essential for high-level cultivators.
When one reached the end of cultivation, they would shed their mortal body and allow their physical qualities to become even more advanced.
At this stage, eating ordinary food would not be of much use.
On the contrary, it would become poison.

Ordinary food would not be able to meet the energy needs of high-level cultivators.
At this time, fasting pills became necessities.
Ordinary fasting pills could maintain a cultivator’s activity for three to five days without any need to replenish with food.


In particular, high-leveled cultivators who cultivated in the wilderness deep in the mountains and forests all year round needed these pills even more.

Many sects, universities, and financial groups would develop their own fasting pills.
Not only could they supply them to their own people, but they could also sell them for profit.

Among these fasting pills, the Stellaris Fasting Pills were the best among them.
They were also the most expensive of the lot.
Each pill sold for more than 100,000 yuan on the market.

It was not something that ordinary people could afford.
Among cultivators, those who could afford to eat such pills all year round were Innate experts who had the financial ability.
In fact, only Innate Stage experts had such an absolute need.

The Stellaris Sect has given a reward of 1,000 Stellaris Fasting Pills.
Originally, they only intended to offer 100 pills, but since they made a mistake, we didn’t let them go so easily,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

Chu Yunfan thought for a moment.
1,000 Stellaris Fasting Pills was over 100 million.
However, taking such a thing out as a reward for the first-year students was not a huge sum.

If the people ranked behind Chu Yunfan were included, the sum of the rewards and compensation would probably be an unimaginable amount.

“Other than this, you also have an Innate Pill as a reward.
The price of this pill is also over 100 million.
You can’t even find it on the market,” Jeang Yuanbin continued.

Chu Yunfan nodded.
He obviously knew the Innate Pill was a pill that increases one’s chances of breaking through to the Innate Stage.

Back in the Ancient Zenith Civilization, the various sects would use Innate Pills to reward their outstanding disciples and help them break through to the Innate Stage.
Although it could not be said to be 100% successful, with the help of an Innate pill, the chances of breaking through were much higher than if they were to try to break through on their own.

The current development of the Federation’s alchemy was still relatively basic in Chu Yunfan’s eyes.
The Innate Pill could not be mass-produced like the Body Refining Pill.

Such pills were produced by the various sects themselves, and the production quantity was very small.
When they made these pills, they would be handed over to their most outstanding disciples to help them break through.

Therefore, although it was said to cost 100 million, in reality, there was no market for it.
It was something that could not be bought with money.

Chu Yunfan’s s bodyguards had illustrious family backgrounds.
If they worked together, they would definitely be able to afford these pills.
However, even if they had the money, they would not be able to buy one.
This was the biggest problem.

But this was naturally not a problem for Chu Yunfan.
He had the Alchemy Emperor’s memories in his mind, and naturally had a way to mass produce such pills.
However, he would never reveal this secret even if he was beaten to death.

Unlike Body Refining Pills, once the method of mass producing Innate pills was revealed, he would either have to hand it over or be killed by the various large factions.
There was no other possibility.

This meant that the overall strength of mankind could be raised by several levels.
Even Innate experts could be mass-produced.
There was no need to say much about what it meant for the future of mankind.

Perhaps Chu Yunfan would take it out in the future, but not now.

This was no different from a child carrying a gold brick on the road.
It was basically courting death.


And Chu Yunfan was aware of one more thing.
Innate pills of this level were useless to him.
He had cultivated the Imperial Physique and was far more powerful than people of the same cultivation level.
Therefore, he could foresee that it would be countless times harder for him to break through to the Innate Stage in the future.

That was because breaking through to the Innate Stage was to open the Ren and Du meridians after reaching the peak of the Acquired Stage.
The toughness of the meridians in Chu Yunfan’s body was much stronger than that of ordinary people.
This was naturally a good thing because he could circulate more True Energy.

Ordinary people’s meridians could bear 100 units of True Energy, while Chu Yunfan could bear at least 1000 units.

However, this made breaking through to the Innate Stage a real obstacle.
It would be much more difficult for Chu Yunfan to break through than an ordinary person.

Therefore, Chu Yunfan had to get ready now.
He could not wait until the situation came to an end to start preparing.

Chu Yunfan did not have much time left.
Jiang Lingxiao was not that easy to deal with.

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