Ashes watched this scene without blinking.
She felt as if a hundred horses were galloping through her heart.

The cult leader, who had suppressed her and Wildfire by himself, was actually defeated by Chu Yunfan with just a few punches and kicks.

This must be a joke!

If Ashes had not seen it with her own eyes, she would definitely doubt it and not believe it.

The cult leader was a half-step into the Innate Stage, an extremely rare expert who was only half a step away from stepping into the Innate Stage.
For an Acquired Stage, such an expert was practically invincible.

However, even if such a top-notch expert were to attack together with their entire team, their chances of winning would not be very high.
But just like that, the cult leader was defeated by Chu Yunfan in just a few moves.

It was simply unbelievable.

Wildfire, who had just been healed, was shocked by this scene.
When he had been facing the cult leader, he was completely powerless to retaliate.
However, Chu Yunfan was able to defeat the cult leader without any hesitation.

In other words, back on the plane, Chu Yunfan did not just show mercy.
He had not even used much of his strength.

Even though Wildfire was unwilling, he could only accept it.
After all, there were too many monsters in this world, and Chu Yunfan was definitely not the only one.

On the other hand, Fox Fairy was very calm.
Along the way here, she had seen Chu Yunfan sweep past all their enemies.
No matter how many people there were, no matter what strength they had, it was very difficult for them to follow in Chu Yunfan’s footsteps.

With so many precedents, this was not very difficult to accept.

Wildfire struggled to stand up and walked up to Chu Yunfan.
He said, “Thank you for showing mercy on the plane just now.
I just don’t know what’s good for me.”

Seeing Wildfire’s expression, how could Chu Yunfan not know what he was thinking? He just smiled faintly and calmly replied, “No worries.
You’re already pretty outstanding.
You’re so much younger than everyone in your group, yet you were able to join this special combat team.
This is enough to explain everything.
You don’t have to compare yourself to me.
I’m different from ordinary people.”

What Chu Yunfan said was the truth.
In his mind, he had the memories of the Alchemy Emperor of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
What he cultivated was the Imperial Physique, which was one of the best techniques from the Ancient Zenith Civilization.


Chu Yunfan’s combat strength far exceeded the imagination of ordinary people.

However, to Wildfire’s ears, this sounded a little harsh.
However, he could only accept that there was indeed a gap in strength between the two sides.

After a short while, Xue Bailong arrived.
He was holding a person’s head in his hand.
That person had an expression that said he had died with his eyes wide open.
Up until his death, he still could not believe it.

Even though there was only a head left, there was still a strong pressure left behind.
Everyone immediately determined that it was the Innate expert that they had sensed earlier.

It was very obvious that the victor had already been decided.
The victor was Xue Bailong.

Xue Bailong spotted the cult’s sub-division leader, Mr.
Lin, lying on the ground with his head chopped off.
He heaved a sigh of relief and said, “I just found out that the cult leader was breaking through to the Innate Stage, so I rushed over.
Fortunately, you guys are fine.

“Chu Yunfan, you must’ve been the one who killed him,” Xue Bailong said.

“General Xue, why do you not think that we killed him together?” Fox Fairy said unhappily.

Xue Bailong grinned and said, “Others may not know the extent of your strength, but I do.

“All of you are under me.
Don’t you think I know what you are capable of? Even though the cult leader hasn’t stepped into the Innate Stage, he’s just a half-step away.
He’s not someone you can deal with at your current level.
It’s already good enough if you were able to protect yourself.
Chu Yunfan is clearly the only one capable of such a feat.”

Fox Fairy and Ashes grimaced.
What Xue Bailong said made sense, but they were still speechless.

“It was a good decision to bring you along, Chu Yunfan.
Including the cult elder that I killed, the cult leaders in Calm Ocean City should have all been killed.
However, we can’t let the other cult members go.
We have to clean them up.”

The cult members hiding in this old nest had to be exterminated.
After Chu Yunfan and the others took the lead in the assault, the main force quickly entered and carried out the sweep.

What happened after that had nothing to do with Chu Yunfan because it was not his turn to deal with it.
On his personal file, his citizen level had been raised by one level.
In other words, Chu Yunfan had already broken away from the rank of a commoner and was able to receive some special treatment.

However, Chu Yunfan cared not much about this.
What was more important was that after this series of attacks, although there might still be some remnants, the cult in Calm Ocean City had been cleared out.

However, the cult should not be able to be rebuilt any time soon.
This was because the Federation Government was taking action in various cities at the same time.
The cult would definitely be greatly weakened.

For now, Chu Yunfan’s family was safe.
If he wanted to be completely safe, he had to think of a way to uproot the entire cult.
However, that was not something that Chu Yunfan could do at the moment.

When Chu Yunfan returned home early the next morning, he realized that there were already people waiting for him.
The person waiting was none other than his mentor, Jeang Yuanbin.

“You participated in the encirclement and extermination of the Monster Cult? It seems that you’ve recovered quite well,” Jeang Yuanbin said with a smile when he saw Chu Yunfan.

Yang Yayun and Chu Wencheng were entertaining Jeang Yuanbin in the living room.
When they heard that it was their son’s instructor at Federation University, the two of them did not dare to neglect him.

This kind of instructor from the university was much more intimate than other teachers.

The two of them quickly made room for Chu Yunfan and Jeang Yuanbin to talk.

“Thank you.”

After his parents left, Chu Yunfan did not know what to say.
The extermination plan had been a secret.
He had not wanted to worry his parents.

However, Chu Yunfan was a little curious as to how Jeang Yuanbin knew.

Seeing Chu Yunfan’s expression, how could Jeang Yuanbin not know what he was thinking? He smiled and said, “What’s so strong about me knowing? My citizenship level is much higher than yours.
I have a position in the Federation Government and have the authority to look into this level of information.”

Jeang, why are you here today?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“I’m here to hand you something.
The reward for the conference has finally been handed down.
I’m here to deliver it to you,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

“Has the matter of the conference been resolved?” Chu Yunfan asked.

Although the Dao Conference had ended more than a month ago, the aftermath of this matter was still continuing to ferment and have a far-reaching impact.

Chu Yunfan being pushed to the forefront of the storm and becoming the focus of attention was only one of the effects.

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