Chapter 55: Precious Reaction Formula

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But who else could that girl be other than Bai Ling’er.
If they could barely accept Chu Yunfan in their hearts, then Bai Ling’er was a completely different kind of creature.
There was a kind of creature called a genius!
And this kind of creature obviously could not be calculated with common
When Chu Yunfan saw Bai Ling’er, he was also slightly surprised.
The more he understood alchemy, the more he understood how much time he needed to practice before he could master it.
At such a young age, Bai Ling’er was already an alchemy apprentice.
At this stage, she was not only an assistant to an official alchemist, she had even achieved a mastery of her own.
It could even be said that the more profound her alchemy knowledge, the further she would go in the future.
Of course, Bai Ling’er could not be compared to the Alchemy Emperor in his memories.
She was truly a rare genius that only appeared once in ten thousand years.
However, with her age, it was still very shocking.

His ears were filled with discussions about Bai Linger.
“This is too exaggerated.
At most, she’s just a junior high school student.
I think I saw a senior high school student just now and that’s already very exaggerated.
This junior high school student is nothing!”
“This comparison is really infuriating.
If it wasn’t for the certification of an advanced alchemy apprentice that’s impossible to fake, I would have thought that she had cheated to get it!”
“But there are more and more powerful people now.
A previous study said that modern people have improved a lot compared to the previous Common Era.
It’s not just their physical fitness.
In the past, it was said that a place that produced talents would be beautiful and full of spiritual energy.
Now, the entire earth is filled with spiritual energy.
Living in such an environment day and night, the birth rate of geniuses far exceeds that of the previous Common Era!”
However, in the midst of the crowd, Bai Ling’er maintained an indifferent expression in the face of everyone’s discussion.
However, when she spotted Chu Yunfan within the crowd, her eyes immediately lit up.
She hurriedly walked toward Chu Yunfan.
“You again?” Chu Yunfan said with a frown.
Bai Ling’er’s expression instantly stiffened.
She was not that disgusting, was she? She wanted to turn around and leave, but when she thought of the instructions of her elder, she could only forcefully suppress her unhappiness and speak.
“I have something to ask you.
Yesterday, you said that there were at least ten mistakes in the book.
Which ten were they?!”

Chu Yunfan’s brows furrowed even more tightly.
So it was because of this matter.
He was not stupid.
He was even more certain that this Bai Ling’er must have some sort of relationship with that Bai Hong.
Otherwise, she would not be so agitated.
However, since she had specially come today to ask, it was clear that yesterday, she had also asked her elder about the reaction formula he had mentioned.
She had even asked the author of this book.
This Bai Ling’er had already reached the level of an advanced alchemy apprentice at such a young age.
It was not something that could be achieved just by having outstanding talent.
She had to rely on a huge entity behind her to be able to provide all sorts of alchemic recipes and materials that would allow her to reach the level of an alchemy apprentice at such a young age.
An alchemist was a profession that only had a small return on investment in the early stages.
Do not look at how the later stages of the profession were filled with wealth that could rival a country.
However, it was very normal for the early stages of the profession to be miserable.
Modern society was still fine.
The federal government had a certain amount of subsidies for official alchemists.
In the Ancient Zenith Civilization, if there were no families or sects behind them, these alchemists would be miserable.
“Is this how you beg people?” Chu Yunfan said coldly.
“All right, I was wrong.
Can you tell me what exactly was wrong?” Bai Linger could only clench her teeth and say with a docile expression.
At this moment, Bai Ling’er’s submissive look immediately caused the group of alchemists and apprentices to glare angrily at Chu Yunfan.

After all, other than the fact that Bai Ling’er was a genius that made them feel out of place, there was also the fact that she was a beauty that attracted the attention of many.
Although she was still young, her figure and appearance were already quite outstanding.
At this moment, no matter how they looked at Chu Yunfan, he was extremely annoying.
Everyone glared at him, but Chu Yunfan did not feel anything.
He merely glanced at Bai Ling’er and said, “Find a piece of paper and a pen and I’ll write it down for you.
Originally, I was too lazy to talk to you, but I’m afraid that this book would mislead others.
Since it’s written wrongly, change it!” When Bai Ling’er heard Chu Yunfan speak so bluntly about her elder, she immediately gnashed her teeth in hatred.
However, she did not dare stop him.
On the contrary, she hurriedly ran out and soon brought the paper and pen over.
Chu Yunfan wrote down the mistakes that he saw.
Everything was vivid in his mind as if he was reading and writing at the same time.
It was still fresh in his memory.
Other than pointing out the problems, Chu Yunfan also wrote down the correct parts.
They were all theories, especially since many of them were conjectures.
It was not difficult to write down the correct parts.
However, on the issue of the final reaction formula, he hesitated for a moment.
The reaction formula was the guiding general outline of the entire path of alchemy.
As long as one mastered the reaction formula, even if there were many medicinal pills that had yet to be practiced, one would already be able to tell whether there was a possibility of success just by looking at whether or not the reaction formula met the requirements.
Each reaction formula had been fumbled through countless times of alchemy.
Its value was indeed a no-brainer!
Chu Yunfan paused for a moment and then filled in a few of the incomplete parts of Bai Hong’s reaction formula.
Only the last two, the most crucial two, he left out.
Bai Ling’er could not understand it, but Bai Hong should be able to understand it.
He should know the importance of this reaction formula.
In the Ancient

Zenith Civilization, any alchemy master who had developed any reaction formula was almost a king and his name would go down in history.
In modern society, it was probably no different.
Chu Yunfan naturally had other plans!
After he finished writing, he handed the pen and paper back to Bai Ling’er and said, “Hand this over.
I think the person supporting you should understand!”
After Bai Ling’er glanced at Chu Yunfan, she walked out of the door.
It was obvious that she was going to pass this thing to her elder.
Chu Yunfan and Bai Ling’er’s actions immediately left many alchemy apprentices confused.
They did not know what the two of them were up to.
Chu Yunfan had no intention of explaining.
He just quietly waited in the hall.
Not long after, the alchemy trainee exam began.
The sound of a broadcast rang in their ears.
“The alchemy trainee exam is about to begin.
Alchemy trainees, please proceed to your examination hall according to the number plates you have received and prepare for the examination!”
Chu Yunfan stood up and followed the instructions to the examination hall according to his number plate.
With this step, the situation would be completely different.
The difference between alchemy apprentices and alchemy trainees was not just about the number plates..
Their statuses were practically worlds apart!

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