Once a true Innate expert released their aura, they would be like a fierce tiger emerging from the mountains, unrivaled.
Now, Xue Bailong restrained his aura.
However, to Chu Yunfan who was extremely sensitive to all kinds of auras, it was impossible for it to be hidden.

It was like a terrifying fierce beast being locked in a cage.
Once released, it would shake the world.

After learning that Xue Bailong had come to visit, Chu Yunfan got a strange feeling.
But after some thought, he realized that it was not weird after all.

Though Chu Yunfan had not told anyone that he was hiding here in seclusion, it would not be a hard guess for those who cared to look.

With the surveillance capabilities of modern society, it was impossible to hide completely unless one escaped into the wild, deep mountains and forests.

Chu Yunfan received Xue Bailong in the living room of the villa.

When Xue Bailong saw Chu Yunfan, his first reaction was shock.
He said, “I didn’t expect you to have stepped into the Acquired Stage.
Although I received the information long ago, I’m still stunned when I see you.

“After considering my age, I feel really useless.”

Xue Bailong felt that every time he saw Chu Yunfan, Chu Yunfan’s strength skyrocketed a little every time.

Chu Yunfan smiled slightly.
He had improved over the past year, and it was unknown how many people had been amazed by it.
Xue Bailong had also been amazed more than once.

“General Xue, you must be joking.
You’ve already stepped into the Innate Stage at such a young age.
You are the future pillar of the army of young talents,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

“You can see that I’ve entered the Innate Stage.
Good perception,” Xue Bailong said.
As he said that, a rare look of pride appeared on his face.
After all, in the Federation, going from the Acquired Stage to the Innate Stage was a process of a fish leaping over a waterfall.

The moment Xue Bailong had entered the Innate Stage, he had been made a general of the Human Federation.
Although he was only a brigadier general, he was still a general.
He was definitely a member of the upper class of the Federation.

And Xue Bailong was the only one in the special forces.
If it was an ordinary army, with his rank, he would be able to command a fleet.
With his current situation, even in the Federation which was filled with geniuses, he could be considered outstanding.
He could be said to be young and promising.

It was impossible for Xue Bailong to not feel a little smug.
However, he quickly restrained himself.

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“When others say this, I only take it as a compliment.
But when you say it, I feel like you’re mocking me,” Xue Bailong said as he sat on the sofa.
“Tsk, tsk.
Impressive, Chu Yunfan.
When I first met you, you were just an ordinary student at No.
13 High.
If it wasn’t for the Monster Cult, we would never have crossed paths.
But I never expected that in less than two years, you would have already accomplished such a great thing.
The top people of your age, Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao, and the others, were all defeated by you.
These names are like thunder in my ears even in the military.”

As he said this, Xue Bailong’s face revealed a somewhat emotional expression, and his heart was truly shocked.
This was because he had experienced that kind of competition before.
Just being able to rank within the top 1,000 at Federation University was already very difficult.
Being able to obtain first place amongst one’s peers was not something that could be explained with just the word “difficult.”

Every single one of them was a myth—a miracle and a legend.

“General Xue, you can’t have taken time out of your busy schedule to come here just to praise me, right? Let’s get straight to the point,” Chu Yunfan said.

“All right.
Since you’re so straightforward, I’ll get straight to the point.
I came here today to look for you because I actually have something to ask of you,” Xue Bailong said.

“General Xue, what could you possibly need my help with?” Chu Yunfan felt this was a little strange.
Xue Bailong was now a general of the Federation.
Although he was only a brigadier general, his actual power was immense.
Why would Xue Bailong possibly need his help?

“I won’t say much, but you’ll definitely be interested in this.
It’s about the extermination of the Monster Cult,” Xue Bailong said.

Just as Xue Bailong had expected, when Chu Yunfan heard the name of the cult, his eyes instantly lit up.

Chu Yunfan might not be interested in other matters, but when it came to fighting against the cult, he spared no effort.
He had once sworn to uproot the cult by its roots.

“Something isn’t right.
General Xue, you must be pulling my leg.
Although I have some strength, I know my limits.
If we’re talking about experts, the army is filled with them.
Why would they need my help?” Chu Yunfan said.

As the Federation’s most violent organization, the army was the place with the greatest number of experts in the entire human race.
They had hidden dragons and crouching tigers within their ranks, and its strength was firmly ranked number one amongst the various large organizations of the Federation.
If not for that, how could it be able to suppress those little rascals inside and outside the Federation?

With Xue Bai Long’s strength, pulling out 180 peak-Acquired Stage experts in a minute was horseplay.

Frankly speaking, this matter has something to do with all of you.
The Dao Conference was ambushed by the cult.
Many forces, including the Federation Government, are determined to take revenge against them.

“The cult has been making a lot of moves as of late and has continuously committed major crimes.
The president is furious,” Xue Bailong explained.

“Now that they’ve taken advantage of the conference, the Federation has joined hands with the other families to launch an attack on the cult.
We must suppress their arrogance.

“The operation will be carried out within the Federation’s territory.
Although there are many experts in the army, most of them are on the human-monster battlefront.
They can’t leave.
The rest of them will have to be stationed at different places.
Therefore, we do not have a large number of soldiers that we can move around.

“Most importantly, the cult has infiltrated deep into our territory.
To be on the safe side, we can’t mobilize troops to launch an attack on them on a large scale.
Otherwise, they will get the news and run away.

“Furthermore, it’s not suitable for a large army to fight in a city.
That would disturb the citizens.
The best would be to deploy the most elite experts to carry out special operations.
Once we reach the cult’s lair, we will be able to kill its leader.
There’s no need to worry about the other ordinary members running away.”

After Xue Bailong’s explanation, Chu Yunfan immediately understood.
He sucked in a breath of cold air.
The Federation was serious this time.
Calm Ocean City was merely a tiny place within the Federation’s territory.

This time, they were really going to teach the entire cult a lesson.

After a series of operations, it would be enough to break the backbone of the cult.

“I can’t say for the others, but I understand the enmity between you and the cult.
In addition to your outstanding performance at the conference, that’s why I decided to invite you.
What do you think? Are you interested?” Xue Bailong said.

“You need not say any further.
I agree,” Chu Yunfan said, “Attacking the cult isn’t only for the Federation, but also for myself.
I have no reason not to agree.”

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