Chen Xiang had just set up his formation when his aura instantly exploded.
He was like a treasured sword that had been sealed in its scabbard that had been unsheathed, revealing its sharpness.

Chen Xiang stood up straight, like a huge spear piercing into the sky.
This was his true strength as an elite special forces soldier.
This strength was not much weaker than the strength of the instructors of Federation University.
Perhaps even stronger.

“Master Chu, I’m going all out.
Watch yourself,” Chen Xiang said.

“Don’t worry, I’m not an arrogant person.
Before making a move, I’ll make sure to have absolute confidence.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

“Here I come then.
Master Chu, this punch of mine is the military jab taught by the army.
Be careful.” Chen Xiang still did not dare to casually attack.
He warned Chu Yunfan first.


This punch pierced through the air.
The fist arrived first, and with it a loud tearing sound.
One could imagine how terrifying this punch was.

At this critical moment, Chu Yunfan suddenly moved.
He raised his hand and met the attack with a palm.


The fist and palm collided.
It was as if two pieces of iron had collided with each other.

Air currents rose around Chu Yunfan’s body, but he did not move an inch.
He only allowed his clothes to flutter.

On the contrary, Chen Xiang, who took the initiative to attack, was forced to retreat by the powerful force.
His face revealed an incredulous expression.
Although he had not put 100% into his attack, it was almost there.

But now, Chu Yunfan had easily blocked his attack.

This was absolutely impossible.
In Chen Xiang’s original opinion, Chu Yunfan was at most an ordinary Acquired Stage martial artist.
An ordinary Acquired Stage martial artist could be dealt with one punch.

“How…” Chen Xiang said in surprise.

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Chen Xiang, you didn’t believe me when I told you to use your full strength.
Now you believe me, right? Come, come, come.
You can use your full strength.
I’ve been resting for more than a month and have barely moved.
Now, I get to relax my muscles and bones,” Chu Yunfan said as he laughed.

Chu Yunfan stretched his entire body and suddenly, crackling sounds could be heard.
He had not dared to move even a little during his one month of recuperation.
If even the smallest injury had been left behind, the gains would not be worth the losses.

However, when Chu Yunfan was receiving treatment, his powerful vitality made the doctors gasp in amazement.
An ordinary person who had lost their vitality to such an extent would have died long ago.
It was impossible for them to survive.
Even if they managed to survive, they would be in a vegetative state.

Everyone had a physiological limit.
Beyond that, what awaited them was death.
Only Chu Yunfan was different.

Chen Xiang was stunned.
He could feel that Chu Yunfan was not bluffing.
Did Chu Yunfan really have the strength to be on par with him?

Even now, Chen Xiang still could not believe it.
It had only been a year since Chu Yunfan hired him.
It had only been a year or so, but Chu Yunfan was already on par with him.

It had taken Chen Xiang more than ten years to reach the peak of the Acquired Stage from the Energy Refinement Stage.
During that time, he had experienced countless life-and-death battles to barely reach this realm.
And now, his potential was almost exhausted.
Unless the army put in a lot of effort to train him, it would be very difficult for him to reach the Innate Stage.

That was why Chen Xiang had chosen to retire.
Although the Innate Stage was good, not everyone had such a chance.
In fact, 99% of the peak of the Acquired Stage warriors would never reach that level.

But now it seemed that Chu Yunfan had a high possibility of crossing into the Innate Stage.
This aroused Chen Xiang’s competitive spirit.
People in the military liked to compare strength.

“In that case, I won’t be holding back, Master Chu!” Chen Xiang shouted.

“No need to hold back.
You can use your full strength.” Chu Yunfan waved.

At this moment, Chen Xiang’s fist was like a military spike, stabbing straight toward Chu Yunfan.
It was fast and hateful.

Chen Xiang understood the truth of killing martial arts in the army.
In fact, many of the martial arts taught in the army were killing techniques.
How to kill the enemy accurately and quickly was the key to everything.

Chu Yunfan was not afraid.
With a loud shout, he clenched his fist and threw out the Devilish Tiger Punches.




Both parties attacked at lightning speed.
In just a few breaths, they had already exchanged more than ten moves.

Both parties crossed each other.
Chu Yunfan’s aura soared to the sky and he felt extremely satisfied.
He had vented out all the pent-up frustration that he had felt for the past month.

Chen Xiang, who was opposite him, was not in a good situation.
His fist was completely black and blue.
He had suffered a small loss in the head-on clash with Chu Yunfan.

Chen Xiang’s eyes were filled with disbelief.
A year ago, when Chu Yunfan came to spar with him, even when he tried his best, he was not able to hurt a single hair on his head.
But now, Chu Yunfan’s casual attacks made him suffer a huge loss.

“Hahaha, this is exciting.
Come! Again!” Chu Yunfan laughed.

At this moment, Chen Xiang shouted at Chu Yunfan, “Master Chu, this is my trump card! If you can block it, I’ll admit defeat!”

Chen Xiang’s aura rose to the extreme, and then he shouted, “Cannon Fist!”

Chen Xiang’s fist was like a cannon, and his whole body followed like a shadow.
It was as if a cannon had gone off.


This attack landed squarely on Chu Yunfan’s body, and it’s terrifying power tore through his body.
True Energy swirled.

Chen Xiang thought that he had defeated Chu Yunfan when he saw that his fist had hit Chu Yunfan’s chest head-on.
With his power, even an armored car could be overturned with one punch.
But when it landed on Chu Yunfan, Chu Yunfan did not move at all.

A layer of jade-colored radiance flowed on the surface of Chu Yunfan’s skin.
He received Chen Xiang’s punch without sustaining a single injury.

“How is this possible?!” Chen Xiang was in complete disbelief.
He had held back before, but this time, he had used his full strength to hit Chu Yunfan in the chest.
If this was fine, how strong was Chu Yunfan’s physical body?

What’s impossible about it?”

Chu Yunfan shook slightly and the force dissipated, leaving behind not a trace.
Chen Xiang’s punch might not be as powerful as Wang Qi’s, but based on Chu Yunfan’s observation, it was probably not far off.

But now, Chen Xiang was finding it difficult to hurt Chu Yunfan.
This was Chu Yunfan’s true strength.
Compared to a few months ago, he was now much stronger.

This was the true invisibility of an Acquired Stage!

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