This year’s Dao Conference has finally come to an end.
What had happened at this conference undoubtedly shocked the entire Federation.

Although the various universities and sects had kept their mouths shut about what had happened, a lot of news had still managed to leak out.

Without a doubt, it caused an instant uproar.
The conference on Star Myriad Island was a huge event, and it was normal for there to be casualties.
However, thousands of students had been lost in this year’s conference.

All of them had died in battle during the conference.
With modern technology, as long as they did not die on the spot, they could be saved.
Losing a limb was nothing.

Therefore, the fact that there were so many casualties this time shocked the entire Federation.
All the casualties added up from the past 20 to 30 years did not amount to this year’s losses.

From a certain perspective, although the number of casualties could not be compared to when monsters had breached Verdant City, in reality, the impact it had on human society was far different.
After all, these were all elites.
The value of one person was more than 100, or even 1,000 ordinary people.

And this was related to the Monster Cult.
Within just a short period, the cult had already committed two major crimes.
One could imagine just how arrogant they were.

The Federation Government was furious and issued all sorts of orders.
They had to make the cult pay the price for their arrogance.

And for the many universities and students in the Federation, this was the first time that Chu Yunfan’s name had entered everyone’s ears.
Before this, although Chu Yunfan had some fame, many had only regarded him as a passing figure.

People would usually remember the person who became the champion.
The attention paid to the second and third place students would be far inferior to the first place, not to mention students like Chu Yunfan, who should have been ranked dozens of places below.

But now, it is different.
During the Dao Conference on Star Myriad Island, Chu Yunfan single-handedly outshined everyone.

Whether it was defeating Mei Haiyun, Han Bing, Dong Fanghao, and the other famous top-notch existences by himself, or slathering the top-notch experts of the Monster Cult using a demonic treasure, he had staged an earth-shattering counterattack.
His points had also jumped up in a single leap, becoming the champion of the conference.

Every single one of these events was enough to become the topic of conversation.
Chu Yunfan became famous overnight.

After the news spread, all sorts of things regarding Chu Yunfan unquestionably came to light.
Especially the battle between him and Jiang Lingxiao, which left the world shocked.

What kind of character was Jiang Lingxiao? He had long been famous among the student elites, while Chu Yunfan had been so unknown.

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But now, no one would think that way anymore.
Chu Yunfan’s performance was equally as great as Jiang Lingxiao had been back then.
It should be said that Chu Yunfan was at an even more astonishing level of existence.

And there was still half a year left until the Death Arena.
Chu Yunfan had a chance to make a counterattack.

“I have to remember this Chu Yunfan.
As long as he doesn’t fall, there will definitely be a place for him in the ranks of the top experts in the future.”

“Chu Yunfan was the only bright spot in this conference.”

“He’s invincible among his peers.
This time, the Chus has produced another magnificent stallion.
After so many years, after Chu Haoyue, the Chus has produced such a stunning figure again.”

“However, this boy is too arrogant.
He actually went on a killing spree.
He killed Jiang Pengfei of the Jiang family and Huang You of the Huang family.
They certainly won’t let him go for this.”

“I also heard that.
The Jiangs and Huangs have placed an order with the three major assassin organizations for them to kill Chu Yunfan.
They aren’t bothered to hide it at all.
They plan on killing the chicken to warn the monkeys.
If everyone dares to make a move against the descendants of the wealthy families, the world would be in chaos.”

“No wonder such secret news was spread.
But I reckon that even if the Jiangs and Huangs didn’t make the order, the Green Cloths wouldn’t let it go either.
After all, Chu Yunfan killed one of their young lords.”

“The world is going to be in chaos again.
Chu Yunfan also possesses the Demon Descends Illustration and the inner core.
I heard that the four devils of the outskirt territories have expressed their interest in them.
Tsk tsk, those devils have been hiding in the outskirts for a long time.
Now, they want to come out because of these items.”

“That’s only natural.
If the items were in the hands of the Stellaris Sect, they wouldn’t have the guts to do so.
However, in Chu Yunfan’s hands, it’s akin to a child hugging a gold brick, isn’t it? Isn’t that just courting death? Even if it was Federation University, how long would it be able to protect him? It’d only be possible if he doesn’t leave Federation University for the rest of his life.”


“There will always be talented people emerging from the rivers and mountains, and each of them will lead for hundreds of years.”

All of a sudden, all kinds of rumors about Chu Yunfan flew into the air.
And just as everyone was searching for him, he disappeared.

After returning from Star Myriad Island, Chu Yunfan did not return to Federation University.
He simply disappeared.
The huge storm he had caused grew and spread.
It was just that, as the core, he was no longer there.

Although the conference was a trial-type event, Chu Yunfan’s massacre had attracted the protests of all parties.
It was not just the Jiangs and Huangs.
There were also many others who wished ill upon Chu Yunfan, and he had not hesitated to kill all of them.

These people were all elites and geniuses.
There were more than thirty sects involved.
These sects had joined hands with the Jiangs and Huangs to put pressure on Federation University.
They wanted Chu Yunfan to hand over his gains.
They also wanted Chu Yunfan to be severely punished.

Other than the sects and families that were directly involved, there were also other parties that were adding fuel to the fire.
This was because no one wanted to see such a monstrous figure appear in Federation University or the Chu family.

In response to this, Federation University gave an unyielding reply.
Chu Yunfan was a student of Federation University, and no one had the right to interfere.

Although the chancellor of Federation University was nowhere to be seen, Federation University had been established for hundreds of years and was able to handle various matters with ease.
They knew very well that if it complied with these people’s requests and severely punished Chu Yunfan at this time, it would be putting the cart before the horse.

In the future, who would dare to take the Federation University’s entrance exam again? If a school was unable to protect these geniuses, there would naturally be someone else willing to take over.

Federation University was unwilling to bow down, and plans were unfolding both on stage and behind the scene.

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