An Innate expert was instantly killed!

This attack scared the living daylights out of Jiang Xiao and the Huang elder.

Finally, they saw the figure that had descended from the sky.
Who else could it be but Jeang Yuanbin?

“Jeang Yuanbin! You actually dared to kill an elder of Jiangs! How dare you! Even Federation University won’t be able to protect you now!” Jiang Xiao roared and looked at the Jiang elder whom Jeang Yuanbin had killed.

“Do you think you have the right to talk to me that way? You openly attacked my student and bullied the young.
Old people are shameless,” Jeang Yuanbin said with a sneer.
“Since you don’t care about your reputation, don’t blame me for being ruthless.
I, Jeang Yuanbin, am not afraid of trouble.”

“Are you crazy, Jeang Yuanbin? Chu Yunfan has offended the Huangs and the Jiangs.
Do you really think you can protect him?!” the Huang elder shouted.

“Even if the head of the Huang family said that to me, it would be more or less the same.
You, a mere elder of the Huang family, are far from saying that to me, “Jeang Yuanbin said with a sneer.

As he said that, the aura on Jeang Yuanbin’s body rose crazily.
In an instant, it had formed a terrifying cyclone.
However, this terrifying cyclone was limited to a radius of three feet around him.

Jeang Yuanbin’s control of his True Energy had definitely reached its peak.

Seeing Jeang Yuanbin’s killing intent, Jiang Xiao and the Huang elder instantly became nervous.
It would not have been difficult for them to kill Chu Yunfan after the three of them joined hands.
But on the other hand, if Jeang Yuanbin wanted to kill them, it would not be very difficult for him.

“You dare?!” Jiang Xiao roared.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Jeang Yuanbin sneered.
In an instant, he struck.
He stretched out his big hand, and the Huang elder could not hold his ground.
He was instantly sucked toward the cyclone.
In the blink of an eye, he fell into Jeang Yuanbin’s hand.

From behind Jeang Yuanbin, Chu Yunfan saw this scene and could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.
An Innate expert naturally did not have any instability in his lower body, but this one was still instantly dragged over by Jeang Yuanbin.

The Huang elder was unable to fight back.
He and Jeang Yuanbin were both Innate experts, but the Huang elder was far inferior to Jeang Yuanbin.

This was what a real warrior was like!

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The Huang elder continued to struggle, but Jeang Yuanbin had gotten ahold of him.
This Innate expert from the Huang family was instantly crushed like a watermelon.

This was Chu Yunfan’s first time truly witnessing the disparity between a peak Innate expert and an ordinary Innate expert.
No wonder Jeang Yuanbin and the others were the true peak instructors.
They were the top-notch higher-ups at Federation University and could be on equal footing with the university leaders.

The other instructors were more than a head lower than them.

“Why you!” Jiang Xiao immediately assumed a defensive posture as if he was facing a formidable enemy.
He knew how terrifying Jeang Yuanbin was.

Jiang Xiao was just an ordinary elder of the Jiang family, but Jeang Yuanbin was an expert whose name shook the entire human-monster battlefront.
He was reputed to be one of the people who had the highest possibility of breaking through and becoming one of the people who would gain divine abilities.

“Get lost.
I won’t kill you.
Since my disciple said he would kill you in the future, I’ll leave it to him.
If the Jiangs are dissatisfied with this matter, you can look for me.
I’ll take it all,” Jeang Yuanbin said with a sneer.

Jiang Xiao felt a chill run down his back.
Although the reason why he was bypassed was only that Jeang Yuanbin wanted to leave it to his student, he had at least survived.
If Jeang Yuanbin continued to attack, he would definitely die.

Jiang Xiao looked at Jeang Yuanbin and Chu Yunfan apprehensively.
He did not dare to stay.
He was afraid that Jeang Yuanbin would change his mind, so he quickly fled into the distance.
This time, he had not accomplished anything.

“Can you move?” Jeang Yuanbin asked.

“Yeah.” Chu Yunfan stood up with difficulty.

Jeang Yuanbin glanced at Chu Yunfan and said, “This time, you’ve really injured your vitality.
You’ll need to recuperate for a month.
However, you’ve performed well.
I’m very satisfied.
That demonic treasure is the Demon Descends Illustration, right? The one that the Blood Devourer cult master was refining.
I never expected it to end up in your hands.”

Seeing Chu Yunfan’s puzzled look, Jeang Yuanbin said, “Don’t underestimate Federation University’s intelligence system.
They know much more than you think.”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
So that was the case.
Federation University’s intelligence system might not know that the Demon Descends Illustration had fallen into Chu Yunfan’s hands, however, they clearly knew that the Blood Devourers had been refining this demonic treasure.

“You got a blessing in disguise.
Your performance was pretty good.
After Mei Haiyun was tricked, we all thought that this year’s champion title would fall into the hands of the Stellaris Sect.
We didn’t expect you to make a comeback.
Well done,” Jeang Yuanbin said with satisfaction.
This student’s degree of excellence had exceeded even his expectations.

“However, you’ve exposed a lot of things about yourself.
Although the Demon Descends Illustration is a demonic treasure, there are many people who covet it.
There’s also that inner core.
Not to mention ordinary people, even an expert at my level would be very tempted,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

“Those people may not dare to attack directly, but from the shadows, that would be a very different matter,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “However, it isn’t a bad thing for a warrior to experience more trials.
These things will also be a kind of training for you.”

Chu Yunfan was speechless.
Jeang Yuanbin was extremely free-spirited.
It was really unbelievable that Jeang Yuanbin had managed to grow to this stage.

“Training? What if I die from this training?” Chu Yunfan said as he rolled his eyes.

“Then you’re too useless.
The dangers you’ll face in the future will be ten times worse than this.
That is the real battlefield of the races.
This is nothing,” Jeang Yuanbin said nonchalantly, “That’s why you need to increase your strength as soon as possible.
It’ll be difficult for you to increase your cultivation level in a short period.
However, your combat strength is far superior to your level.
You need to work hard to increase your strength to the Innate Stage.
At that stage, you’ll have the qualifications and capital to compete with Jiang Lingxiao.”

“The Innate Stage?” Chu Yunfan was flabbergasted.
In terms of cultivation level, he might still be lacking.
However, if it was just battle prowess, then the difference was really not very far.

“I understand.
But Mr.
Jeang, you cheated me of 150 million.
Would you consider giving it back to me? I’m injured.
The medical fees!” Chu Yunfan suddenly said.

“Hahahaha! Don’t pay attention to such details!”

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