Following Chu Yunfan’s words, a terrifying blood-red tide swept toward the Blood Prince who was standing atop the city wall.

The Blood Prince, who had been talking and laughing all this while and was fearless even in the face of the encirclement of many participants, finally had a change in his expression.
This was because he could feel the terrifying threat that Chu Yunfan posed to him.

Although Chu Yunfan had yet to surpass the Innate Stage, he was already close to the peak.
Compared to the Blood Prince’s current realm, Chu Yunfan was much stronger.

“Blood Prince, I had hoped to eradicate the Monster Cult.
Now, I’ll start with you,” Chu Yunfan said coldly, “The reason why your cult ambushed this conference organized by the Federation is that you want to eliminate the future elites of the Federation.
You’re also one of the cult’s elites.
I’ll make you pay for what you have done!”

“You and what army?” The Blood Prince was not a kind person.
His entire body erupted with a terrifying aura as he fought against the blood-red skeleton Chu Yunfan had transformed into.

And this was the moment when the Blood Prince’s true strength was fully displayed.
He had heavily injured Mei Haiyun with a single palm strike, but he had not unleashed his true strength then.
Not even one-tenth of it.

But now, the Blood Prince truly unleashed all his strength.

“Let’s go then.
I’ll kill you first!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

The huge, blood-red skeleton began to move.
Although its body was incomparably huge, its movement speed was extremely fast.
In almost an instant, it had swept a hand toward the Blood Prince.


The Blood Prince saw the blood-red skeleton’s hand sweeping over.
In the blink of an eye, a blood-red saber appeared in his hand, ruthlessly slashing toward this incomparably huge blood-red claw.


With a loud boom, the blood-red claw collided with the blood-red saber.

In an instant, the outcome of the battle was decided.
The blood-red saber that had been tempered was instantly torn to pieces by the blood-red claw.

“How could this be?!”

At this moment, the Blood Prince felt a terrifying force sweeping toward him.
After the gigantic blood-red claw tore his blood-red saber into pieces, its momentum did not decrease as it ruthlessly clawed at his body.



The Blood Prince was instantly sent flying.
His chest was torn open along with his flesh and bones.
Even his internal organs were almost ripped out.


The Blood Prince spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and he crashed heavily onto the ground.
Everyone could see that his internal organs were about to fall out.

All the participants widened their eyes in disbelief.
The Blood Prince, who was awe-inspiring before and was simply like a god, was no match for Chu Yunfan.
He was simply tortured to death.

“W-What power!”

“So this is Chu Yunfan’s true hidden strength.
If he had used this move earlier, I’m afraid we wouldn’t even have the courage to fight for the inner core.”

“This… This is the Demon Descends Illustration!” Lu Feiyu finally recognized what Chu Yunfan had summoned.
Jiang Lingxiao had previously instructed Wang Qi to attack the Blood Devourers in order to obtain this demonic treasure.

However, they had not expected the Blood Devourers cult master to go missing.
Even the Demon Descends Illustration that he had refined was gone.

They thought that the cult master had run away and gone into hiding.
That was why they were still searching everywhere for him.
Who knew that they would find no trace of him?

They had not expected Demon Descends Illustration would appear and fall into Chu Yunfan’s hands.
This was something that they had never expected.

The power of the Demon Descends Illustration did not disappoint Jiang Lingxiao, who had specially ordered them to fight for it.
However, it was not in their hands and had fallen into Chu Yunfan’s hands.

‘If Chu Yunfan were to use the Demon Descends Illustration, even the president would have no chance of winning!’ Lu Feiyu thought.

Indeed, if Chu Yunfan had the help of the Demon Descends Illustration, even Jiang Lingxiao might be no match for him.

Jiang Lingxiao was probably about the same level as the Blood Prince.
At most, he was a little stronger.
Even the Blood Prince was beaten so badly, let alone Jiang Lingxiao.

‘No! I must find a way to get the illustration!’ This thought suddenly appeared in Lu Feiyu’s mind.
If not, the student council would surely lose.

Just as Lu Feiyu’s thoughts were running wild, he saw that the Blood Prince was heavily injured in one strike.

How would the Blood Prince dare to stay any longer? He hurriedly rolled and crawled toward the teleportation portal at the foot of the mountain.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Chu Yunfan laughed coldly.
He endured the violent Blood Energy in his body and commanded the blood-red claw to grab at the Blood Prince.

“Stop him!”

Under the Blood Prince’s command, the cult experts seemed to go crazy as they charged toward Chu Yunfan.
These peak-Acquired cult experts were not afraid of death.
To complete the Blood Prince’s order, they all charged toward Chu Yunfan.

“D*mn it!”

Chu Yunfan was entangled and immediately commanded the blood-red skeleton to start a massacre.

These peak-Acquired experts were no match for Chu Yunfan.
They were willing to use their lives to stall Chu Yunfan.
Even if it was just for a second, they had no self-awareness at all.

Chu Yunfan could kill several of them with a single strike, but by the time Chu Yunfan killed all these peak-Acquired experts, half a minute had already passed.
And in that time, the Blood Prince had already fled halfway up the mountain.

“Trying to leave?” Chu Yunfan had already reached this stage, so he naturally would not let the Blood Prince go.

Although many peak-Acquired cult experts had been killed, even if there were a hundred more, they would not be able to compare to the Blood Prince.
These people were basically sacrificial warriors and did not have any future.
However, the Blood Prince was an existence that had the possibility of reaching the peak of power.

At this moment, countless monsters from all over the mountain rushed over.
Under the influence of the cult, they were not afraid even when facing this gigantic blood-red skeleton.




Chu Yunfan rode on the gigantic, blood-red skeleton and began to sweep across.
These monsters were mostly in the Acquired Stage.
Some were even in the Energy Refinement Stage.
They were no match for Chu Yunfan and were all slaughtered.
A single palm strike killed over a hundred of them.

As Chu Yunfan swept through the monsters, he chased after the Blood Prince.

Finally, Chu Yunfan caught up to the Blood Prince at the foot of the mountain and a blood-red claw fell down.


The Blood Prince was instantly clawed into pieces of meat and died tragically in the blink of an eye.

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