The castle was isolated.
The array surrounding it was extremely powerful.
Even though the Stellaris Sect’s battleships were inferior to the Federation’s—many of them being old goods that had been discarded by the Federation—there was no doubt that their power was extremely terrifying.

With a single blast, even a mountain would instantly turn into nothingness.
There were not many barriers that could block such power.

The Monster Cult definitely had not come up with this plan at the spur of the moment.
They must have planned it beforehand.
All the universities and sects, including the Stellaris Sect, had been plotted against by the cult.

Although the other overseas sects and aristocratic families, including the Stellaris Sect, had conflicts with the Federation, they were also cooperating and resisting the cult.

However, the Monster Cult was different.
They were a group of terrorists who wanted to destroy the human race.
The cult was everyone’s mortal enemy.
If reality were to be as the cult wished, and monsters ruled the world, then humanity would really be finished.

“Something big has happened.
If the cult succeeds, I’m afraid that the elites of humanity from a whole year will be cut down.” Chu Yunfan watched from afar and could feel the tension in the current situation.

“You dare to come here, Monster Cult? No matter what your plans are, you will pay the price,” Chu Yunfan said coldly.

The conflict between Chu Yunfan and the cult was not something that happened in a day or two.
Ever since the cult tried to kidnap his sister, there was no chance of him easing up on them.

Chu Yunfan stomped his foot and flew like a shooting star toward the huge mountain peak.

At this moment, on the huge battleship outside Star Myriad Island, all the instructors and elders of the sects and universities were looking at the island through the big screens with ashen expressions.

The cult had dug into their weak spot.
These tens of thousands of participants were the cream of the crop of their year.
If they were all killed here, it would mean that the resources that the various universities and sects had invested over the past ten years would all go down the drain.
Adding in the value that these participants would be able to produce in the future—the losses were simply immeasurable.

The Stellaris Sect elders were extremely embarrassed.
If the participants were massacred, they definitely would not be able to escape persecution.

Fundamentally speaking, they were the cause of this.
For not following the path of previous conferences, the compensation alone would cause them massive losses.

At this moment, the eyes of the elders and instructors were seething as they stared at the Stellaris Sect.
“Hurry up! Bring down the barrier! Otherwise, you’ll all be in big trouble!” The gazes of the elders and instructors were like sharp knives.

If they were not on this battleship, these instructors and elders would have risked their lives.
These were top-notch experts above the Innate Stage.
Once they made a move, the consequences were unimaginable.


“My participants better be all right.
Otherwise, the consequences will be something you can’t afford!” an instructor from Qinghua University spoke up.

“How did the cult learn about this array? Don’t tell me that you didn’t know about this when you planted this barrier beforehand.
Your internal secrets have been leaked and someone is colluding with the cult.
You must not let this matter rest!”

“When this matter is over, you’ll have to give us a reasonable explanation.
Otherwise, the consequences will be hard for you to bear!”

These instructors and elders were unyielding.
The forces behind them were very powerful.

The Stellaris Sect elders could feel the murderous gazes behind them.

At this moment, more than ten battleships had been mobilized and were continuously bombarding the purple barrier.
However, they were not sure that they would be able to make it in time.
The lives of the participants were at stake.

At this moment, in the castle on the mountain, the participants had already repelled several waves of monsters.
Fortunately, the castle walls were high enough, giving them enough space to buffer themselves.
Otherwise, they would have been besieged by monsters that were dozens of times more powerful than them and would have been killed long ago.

From the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain, there was no end to the sea of monsters.
Although they were protected by the castle and the participants were all experts, in just a few hours, more than three thousand people had died.
Their corpses could no longer be found.
Those who had fallen off the city wall had been eaten by the monsters below.

And the remaining less than ten thousand participants were all injured.
At this time, even Mei Haiyun and the others, who had been injured by Chu Yunfan previously, were dragging their injured bodies to the front line of the battle because they knew that if they did not hold out, there would be no way for them to escape and they would die.

This was a life and death battle between two races.

Everyone gritted their teeth and held on.
They knew that their instructors outside were definitely thinking of a way to save them, so they had to think of a way to hold on.

At this moment, on the head of a huge monster, a man dressed in blood-red clothes was coldly looking at everything in front of him.

This man’s aura was one with Heaven and Earth.
It was extremely powerful.
That terrifying power caused the surrounding monsters to tremble, and they had no choice but to kneel at his feet.

Killing these so-called geniuses is indeed interesting,” the man in blood-red clothes said with a cold smile.
If Chu Yunfan was here, he would have recognized this person as the cult’s Blood Prince, who had forced Chu Yunfan to hide in the Mountain River Diagram previously.

The Blood Prince was truly a peak figure among the younger generation of the cult.

And this operation was led by the Blood Prince.
Behind him were dozens of figures in black clothes.
Each of these figures had an extremely terrifying aura, and each of them was even stronger than Mei Haiyun, a true peak Acquired expert.

Not far behind them was a teleportation portal that they were trying their best to maintain.
It was through this tunnel that they were able to bypass the Stellaris Sect’s surveillance and come here without anyone noticing.

Star Myriad Island was a desolate land that even the Stellaris Sect had only explored once.
It was impossible for the Stellaris Sect to have uncovered all of the island’s secrets.
They did not know that there was an ancient array hidden here.
The cult had figured it out first.
That was how they were able to pull such a trick out of thin air.

Under normal circumstances, this sea area would have been sealed off by the Stellaris Sect long ago.
Outsiders would have no chance of entering.

“It’s time for us to act.
Every second this portal stays up consumes millions in resources.
We must hurry up and break into the castle.
I heard that the inner core of a Divine Ability Stage monster was offered up as a prize this year.
Search for it!” the Blood Prince shouted.

“Yes, sir!”

After these black-robed people responded, they flew toward the castle at high speed.

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