Chu Yunfan opened his eyes and felt that his entire body was filled with energy.
He was now much stronger than before.

“I’m not far from breaking through!” Chu Yunfan said to himself.
Now that he had broken through to the peak, he was equal to those at the eighth level.
Even if he went up against someone like the vice president of the student council, Wang Qi, he would have enough strength to protect himself.

Currently, other than those few experts who had broken through to the Innate Stage, Chu Yunfan was not afraid of anyone at Federation University.
Even the majority of the instructors at Federation University were no match for him.

At Federation University, the many instructors who were at the peak of the Acquired Stage were considered the cream of the crop among the instructors.
Ordinary instructors were only at the seventh or eighth level of the Acquired Stage.

Only instructors who were at the peak of the Acquired Stage were qualified to apply to be the instructors who led teams.
However, they could only lead some ordinary students.
The truly elite students could only be led by the instructors who were at the Innate Stage.

This was to ensure that the best learning resources would be used on the best students.

Chu Yunfan had surpassed most of the instructors in less than a year after entering the university.
However, this was the norm at Federation University.
Outstanding students were usually very powerful very early on.
If he reached Jiang Lingxiao’s level, even among the Innate instructors, there were not many who would be able to suppress him.

‘After I break through, the next step is to ascend to the Innate Stage.
At that time, even before I reach that stage, the entire university will pay attention to me,’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

“Jiang Lingxiao, you’re certain of your victory, but do you think that I have no chance at all?” Chu Yunfan said with a slight sneer.

There were still a few moments left before the Death Arena.
Although Chu Yunfan was still no match for Jiang Lingxiao now, it was only a matter of time.
He was certain of it.

Chu Yunfan looked at the inner core in the jade box in front of him.
A lot of the demonic energy within it had been sealed by the jade box.
When Chu Yunfan opened the box, it gave off demonic energy that filled the sky.
It was an energy that was completely different from Spirit Energy.
It was impossible for an ordinary person to utilize it.
However, Chu Yunfan was different.

The Emperor Method and the Imperial Physique that Chu Yunfan cultivated were much stronger than ordinary Inner Energy.
He could forcefully convert and absorb the demonic energy within the inner core.

‘The overflowing demonic energy has allowed me to break through to the peak of the sixth level.
It saved me at least a month of bitter cultivation.
If I were to make it into a medicinal pill, its medicinal effect would truly be unimaginable.
Breaking through to the Innate Stage will be a piece of cake,’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

Nevertheless, Chu Yunfan suppressed the excitement in his heart.
This inner core had vast amounts of power.
It would be a waste if it was used to break through to the Innate Stage.

The best use of it would be to help Chu Yunfan ascend to the Divine Ability Stage and cultivate divine abilities after he had broken through to the peak of the Innate Stage.


Before that, any other use of the inner core would be too extravagant.

Monsters that had nurtured Divine Abilities were extremely rare.
Any one of them was a great demon of a region and was not easy to kill.
The Stellaris Sect had certainly paid a huge price to obtain this inner core.

Originally, the Stellaris Sect had wanted to give it to Han Bing so that he would be able to break through.
Who knew that in the end, it benefited Chu Yunfan?

‘I know quite a lot of pill formulas that can help me break through to the Divine Ability Stage.
The problem is that a monster’s inner core is the main ingredient.
The other supplementary ingredients are not as expensive as the inner core.’ Chu Yunfan narrowed his eyes as he recalled.
To concoct those medicinal pills, the wealth required was extremely shocking.

Chu Yunfan had to slowly accumulate his wealth before he could even think about making such things.
But fortunately, he had to reach the Innate Stage first.
Although he was confident, it was not something that could be completed in a short period.
There was still time for him to slowly prepare.

There was no need to be anxious.

When Chu Yunfan stepped out of the Mountain River Diagram, he immediately felt the demonic energy in the air boiling.
He instantly knew that something bad had happened.
Generally speaking, the energy contained within the air was mainly made up of Spirit Energy.
There was only one possibility where such a situation would occur, and that was a monster swarm!

Only when endless amounts of monsters gathered together could such a situation be formed.
The demonic energy would then overwhelm the Spirit Energy in the air.

“A monster swarm? How’s this possible?”

Chu Yunfan immediately flew up to the top of a huge sky tree.
With the help of the moonlight, he finally saw what was happening.

All across Star Myriad Island, countless monsters of all sizes gathered together and were charging toward the huge mountain peak in the middle of the island.
As far as the eye could see, countless monsters surrounded the mountain peak.
It was unknown whether there were tens of thousands of monsters or hundreds of thousands of monsters.
All of them gathered together.
The aura that they gave off was extremely shocking.

And above Star Myriad Island, a barrier suffused with a faint purple light appeared and was covering everything.

“Something bad has happened!”

Chu Yunfan stood on the top of the big tree.
He could see the entire island at a glance.
He could see enormous battleships firing at full force at this barrier suffused with a faint purple light.

However, every single terrifying attack that could destroy the world caused merely waves of ripples on this faint purple barrier.
There was no way to break through this faint purple barrier.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan saw that his terminal had been flooded with messages.
After going through them, he finally knew what was going on.

The Monster Cult.
It was the Monster Cult again!

Just as the participants were waiting to be picked up by the Stellaris Sect’s battleships, the Monster Cult suddenly appeared through a teleportation channel using a teleportation circle.

A large number of Monster Cult experts suddenly appeared and the participants were caught off guard.
In just a moment, many participants were killed or injured.
If the rest had not hunkered down into the castle, they would certainly have been slaughtered by now.

Although not all the participants had been killed, they had undoubtedly suffered heavy losses.
The participants defending the castle were barely holding out.
Although the castle was built according to the specifications of a pioneer base, it was still unfinished.
Weapons had yet to be installed, and thus the participants could only rely on their own flesh and blood to resist the cult’s attack.

The Monster Cult took the opportunity to gather countless monsters from all over the island to attack the participants in the castle.

Moreover, the cult had fired up a long-buried array around the Star Myriad Island.
This time, even if the instructors and elders of the various families outside wanted to rescue the participants, there was nothing they could do.

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