Chapter 53: Alchemic Reaction Formula

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The young girl pointed at Chu Yunfan with one pale finger and said
“Why are you so agitated? Humans aren’t gods, so it’s impossible for them to be
omniscient and omnipotent.
What’s so strange about having errors?l” Chu
Yunfan said indifferently.
The young girl glanced at the name tag that Chu Yunfan had hung when he
entered and said with a disdainful expression, “You’re just a high-level
apprentice alchemist.
Do you have the right to say that the author of this book
wrote anything wrong
This name tag was given by Chu Yunfan when he entered.
It indicated his rank
and also proved his identity.
After all, this library was only open to alchemists.
Chu Yunfan originally did not want to pay any more attention to this young
girl, but when he heard her say this, he opened his mouth and said, “In this
world, right is right, and wrong is wrong.
Whether or not this book is written
wrongly has nothing to do with his rank, right?
“That’s good.
Since you said he wrote it wrong, then show me!” The young girl
“Many of these mistakes are very obvious.
For example, there are at least three
mistakes in the deduction of the reaction formula when refining pills.
I don’t
know which ancient book he got the reaction formula from.
Some of the others
are correct, but a few of the core reaction chains are clearly wrong.
He should
have deduced it by comparing the reactions of certain kinds of pills.

if it was placed on other pills, this deduction would be completely untenable.

However, for him to be able to think of this step, it can be considered
amazingl” Chu Yunfan directly pointed at the reaction formula of refining pills
recorded in the book and said.
In fact, there were certain rules for what herbs and what kind of effects could
be produced in alchemy.
In the early stages of alchemy, it was basically a
matter of luck.
Even during the Ancient Zenith Civilization, which was a
prosperous time for alchemic research, this had been the same.
It was basically
a matter of luck.
It was only in the later stages of alchemy that people with extremely profound
cultivation began to explore these rules.
This was the so-called reaction
This was also what Chu Yunfan was amazed about.
The Ancient Zenith
Civilization had developed for many tens of thousands of years before they
realized the matter of the reaction formula for alchemy.
However, modern
humans had only been developing alchemy for a little over two hundred years
before they were already aware of the reaction formula for alchemy.
of course, they could not rule out the possibility that they had just discovered
some information from the alchemy of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
However, the speed of this evolution was enough to make people gasp in
The girl suddenly hesitated.
Chu Yunfan had made a solemn statement, and it
did not seem like he was making things up.
Even she had only just heard about

the reaction formula.

As for the reaction formula, even she, who was a well-known alchemy master
amongst humans, had only just learned about it.
She had only heard a little
about it from her elder.
When she had asked her elder back then, her elder had only smiled and said
that these things were still too far out of her reach.
Even for a talented young
girl like her who had displayed astonishing talent in alchemy since she was
young, she was still too far away.
This young girl’s name was Bai Ling’er, and the Bai Hong who had been
ignored by Chu Yunfan was her eld
If she knewwhat Chu Yunfan was thinking, she would definitely be hopping
Her elder was not just some nobody.
He was one of the greatest
alchemists below the Alchemy King.
Within the federation, even the Federation
President would treat him with respect.
In the circle of alchemists, one would hear the name of her elder from the
moment they entered the sect.
It would definitely be like thunder ringing in
their ears.
Who would not admire him?
However, this fellow in front of her actually did not seem to care at all.
He even
said that there were errors in her elder’s book.
Moreover, there were no less
than ten of them.
This was simply intolerable!
From the very beginning, Bai Ling’er felt that Chu Yunfan did not seem to be
studying at all.
His reading speed was too fast.
From afar, it looked like he was
casually flipping through the books.

The most hateful thing was that after this guy casually flipped through the
books, he actually dared to slander her elder.
That was why she could not help
but go forward to reason with him.
However, Chu Yunfan’s words had already exceeded the scope of her
Even though she was known as the most talented genius girl in the
clan, she was only fourteen years old and had already obtained the Advanced
Alchemist Apprentice license.
However, it was clear that the topic of the
reaction formula had completely exceeded her ability to understand.
If it was not for the fact that she had been by the side of her elder and listened
to some of his teachings, she probably would not even know these basic things.
This time, she retumed to Calm Ocean City to take the alchemy trainee test.
Once she could pass the test, she would create a new record.
Today, she was
here to look up some information.
She had not expected to meet such a freak
These things are not difficult to verify, but in general, it’s okay.
The person
who wrote this book has some skill, but some of the theories are clearly beyond
his current scope!” Chu Yunfan said.
After saying that, Chu Yunfan stood up and left.
The information he had gotten
today was almost enough-enough for him to have a clearer understanding of
the current level of alchemy.
Nowadays, the level of alchemy in human society had a lot to do with the level
of martial arts development.
The level of alchemy was dependent on the
development of martial arts, and the need for the development of martial arts
directly stimulated the advancement of alchemy.

Bai Ling’er could only watch as Chu Yunfan left, but she could not stop him
because she could not judge whether what Chu Yunfan had said was right or
After Chu Yunfan left, Bai Ling’er hurriedly contacted her elder.
From the laptop on her computer, a human figure was projected.
This person
looked tall and straight, with a head full of white hair, but he did not look old.
Instead, he had a somewhat resolute appearance.
This man was none other than Bai Ling’er’s elder.
He was also one of the few
great alchemists in humanity, Bai Hong.
“Little girl, why are you contacting me? Did you encounter something you don’t
understand? Bai Hong said with a smile.
Bai Ling’er paused for a moment before saying, “Sir, I met a person today..”
Bai Ling’er told Bai Hong exactly what had happened.
At first, Bai Hong’s
expression was quite relaxed and he did not take what Bai Ling’er said to heart.
However, as time passed and Bai Ling’er mentioned the reaction formula,
especially the part that Chu Yunfan had pointed out a few mistakes in the
reaction formula that he had written, his expression suddenly became solemn.
Because only he himself knew that there might be a problem with the reaction
formula that he had written.
He had also learned about this reaction formula
from an ancient book that he had obtained previously.
But that ancient book
was incomplete and he had only obtained an incomplete formula.

And there was indeed a portion that he had filled in according to his own
Chu Yunfan was not making things up.

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