Mei Haiyun was eliminated!

After Chu Yunfan’s World Overlord technique broke through to the Perfection Stage, the strength that Chu Yunfan displayed increased by more than a tiny bit.

In an instant, the difference in strength between the two sides began to reverse.
Even the slightest difference in strength between experts could result in the difference between Heaven and Earth.

The tables had turned too quickly.
Just a moment ago, Mei Haiyun looked as if he was certain of victory.
But now, the situation has completely turned around and the victor has been decided.

“It has been decided.
Chu Yunfan is the winner!”

At this moment, everyone was starting to accept the truth.
Previously, everyone had many speculations.
Whether it was Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao, Situ Ziying, or Han Bing, there were many people who supported them.
There were many who supported them in becoming the champion.

Among them, Chu Yunfan’s fame and the number of his supporters were a far cry from the others.
However, he had become the final winner even with those odds.
This shocked everyone.

When compared to Han Bing’s victory in the conference, Chu Yunfan’s final victory was undoubtedly much more valuable.

This battle immediately cemented Chu Yunfan’s position as the number one person among his peers.
Just like Jiang Lingxiao a few years ago, he had defeated all his peers in one battle.

Everyone was just coming back to their senses.
What did it mean for Chu Yunfan to defeat Mei Haiyun and the others?

“Captain Chu is number one?” Sha Peng and the others looked at each other in dismay.
They were completely dumbfounded as if they could not accept this fact.

Even though Chu Yunfan’s teammates were very confident in Chu Yunfan’s strength, they never thought that he would really become the number one.
That was a completely different matter.

This was not the number one in the whole school, but the number one in an entire age group.
No one in the same age group could be compared to Chu Yunfan.

“The final victor is Chu Yunfan?” At this moment, the instructors of the various sects on the battleship were a little dumbfounded.
They could not accept it.
Before the conference, they had all treated Mei Haiyun as a great enemy to be dealt with.
All sorts of preparations had been made to deal with Mei Haiyun and the others, but Chu Yunfan was definitely not something they had planned for.

However, the final result showed that Chu Yunfan had risen up from nowhere and obtained the final victory, becoming the number one person in the same age group.


After they came back to their senses, everyone placed Chu Yunfan in the most dangerous category.
Most of them looked toward the Stellaris Sect.
Although the Stellaris Sect had racked their brains to obtain the conference champion title, they had lost the most important thing.

They had all witnessed how Chu Yunfan had killed Han Bing in an instant.
The conference champion title was nothing.
Now, Han Bing would become the laughingstock.

Those who were even more disheartened and were unable to accept the truth were the Jiangs, the Huangs, and the instructors of the top participants.
Chu Yunfan had killed their hopes and finally reached the top.
How could they accept this?

Other than that, it was Mei Haiyun’s instructor who was dumbstruck.
He was very sure about Mei Haiyun’s strength.
He thought that Mei Haiyun was invincible and that no one would be able to defeat him.
Who would have thought that he would be defeated so easily by Chu Yunfan? It could not even be considered an even match.

“He actually won!” Even Jeang Yuanbin, who was very confident in Chu Yunfan, could not believe it.
He did not doubt Chu Yunfan’s talent, but how had he absorbed all that training so quickly?

It had only been half a year.
Whether it was Mei Haiyun, Jiang Pengfei, or Dong Fanghao, they had received high-level training for a few years.
How could Chu Yunfan have left them all so far behind?

“This kid has a lot of secrets.
But then again, how could he be worthy of being my disciple if he didn’t.” Jeang Yuanbin did not care how many secrets Chu Yunfan had.
Back then, he was able to become the champion of the instructor competition.
There was no doubt that Chu Yunfan had many secrets and many fortuitous encounters.

Those who could reach the top had outstanding talent, trained diligently, great luck, and endless fortuitous encounters.
These basic conditions were indispensable.

Regardless of whether everyone was willing to accept it or not, this was the reality.

At this moment, just as everyone was still in shock, Chu Yunfan walked toward the metal platform step by step.
Just as he was about to reach out to grab the jade box, a snow-white blade appeared out of thin air.
In the blink of an eye, it had slashed into Chu Yunfan’s head.

“Sh*t!” Sha Peng and the others cried out in alarm.

At this moment, everyone’s gazes were focused on Chu Yunfan.
No one thought that just as Chu Yunfan was about to take the inner core, a sudden change would occur.

Chu Yunfan was the focus of everyone’s attention.
And now, everyone has undoubtedly witnessed this scene.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.
They did not even have the slightest time to react.

Someone had suddenly appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.
Not a single person had noticed him.

And at this moment, just as the attack was about to succeed, a figure appeared.
It was a young man who looked about twenty years old.
He had a slender figure and was dressed in green.
He had a cold expression.
When he saw his blade cutting into Chu Yunfan’s head, a strange smile appeared on his face.

“An assassin.
It’s an assassin from the Green Cloths!” Many people instantly recognized the youth.
He was undoubtedly from the Green Cloths.

The assassins from the Green Cloths were usually very easy to identify.
Very few assassins were as arrogant and despotic as the assassins from the Green Cloths.
The Green Cloths had become a symbol.

However, these students did not have time to react.
They only had the time to cry out in surprise.
They saw the blade pass through Chu Yunfan’s head.
Only then did they react.
Yes, it passed through.

The blade had not hit Chu Yunfan.
He had disappeared.
What was hit was an afterimage.
The afterimage instantly disappeared after being hit.

The Nine Cyclone Phantoms!

Chu Yunfan had cultivated this movement technique to perfection.
Even such a sudden attack was not enough to hurt Chu Yunfan.

And at this moment, the strange smile on the assassin’s face seemed to freeze.
He had not expected that his carefully planned attack would actually fail.
He had calculated the time.
This should have been when Chu Yunfan was most unaware.
It should have been a successful attack.

How could it fail?

“Young Lord of the Green Cloths? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

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