Chu Yunfan looked at the other four and said, “If I don’t mind if any one of us becomes the winner or loser.”

“I think we should open the gates first.
As for the inner core, I think we’ll have to rely on our abilities to obtain it,” Han Bing said.

“That’s right.
If we were to fight to the death here, we’d be easy prey for these fellows,” Situ Ziying said.
He knew that the people behind him were all eyeing him like a tiger eyeing its prey.
There were also quite a few existences that even he felt were troublesome to deal with.
If they were to fight here, it would only benefit the others instead.

Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao nodded in agreement.

“In that case, bring out your keys,” as Mei Haiyun said this, he took out his key.
The others followed suit.
Finally, the castle gates sensed the existence of the five keys and began to open with a rumble.
The ground trembled slightly and the scene was extremely majestic.

Behind the gates was a massive plaza.
Inside the plaza was a huge metal platform and a jade box.

Everyone’s breathing quickened because they knew that the thing they were looking for was inside the jade box.
Especially Mei Haiyun and the others.
They rushed forth almost immediately.
In just a moment, they had already arrived at the metal platform in the middle of the square.
The first person to arrive was actually Han Bing.

Han Bing stretched out his hand, wanting to snatch the jade box.

“You’re courting death, Han Bing.
How dare you touch the box!”

Suddenly, a loud shout sounded.
It was Situ Ziying who had made his move.
He followed closely behind and attacked Han Bing.
His two hands were like two long dragons as they attacked Han Bing, turning into a terrifying attack.

It was Situ Ziying’s famous secret technique—the Double Dragon Emperor Hidden Fist.
When these two fists were thrown out, even Han Bing did not dare to take it head-on.
He could only turn around and suddenly slash down at Situ Ziying with his sword.


The sword light flashed, and the entire atmosphere turned icy cold.

“Han Bing, I’ve long heard that your Tyrannical Ice Sword is extremely powerful, but I don’t believe it.
Let’s fight.” Situ Ziying was not afraid.
His fists turned into two long dragons and clashed against Han Bing’s sword.


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With a loud boom, the two sides collided fiercely.
When Han Bing’s sword landed on Situ Ziying’s fists, it could not advance even an inch.
Situ Ziying was wearing a pair of gloves.
These gloves were the crystallization of modern technology, and it was just right for people who practiced boxing.

Although it was not too late to use weapons, when these gloves were pulled out, the user would not need to fear the other party’s divine weapon.
They could unleash the power of fist techniques to the limit.

After all, no matter what, the human body could not be compared to a divine weapon.
If no protective measures were taken, the whole fist would probably be chopped off.

The battle between the two set off a terrifying surge of True Energy, causing the expressions of the spectators in the distance to change.
It was simply too terrifying.

This was a battle between the peak participants.
Those in the Energy Refinement Stage felt their hairs stand on end.
If it were them, they would probably be instantly killed by that punch or the sword.

Both Situ Ziying and Han Bing were extremely powerful figures, and neither of them was willing to submit to the other.

While Han Bing and Situ Ziying were fighting, Mei Haiyun had already caught up and grabbed at the jade box.
But at this moment, a figure rushed up at lightning speed and chased after Mei Haiyun.

“Mei Haiyun, I lost to you in battle half a year ago.
Now, I want to take back what I lost.
I want the whole world to know that I’m not inferior to you.”

This person was Dong Fanghao.
Half a year ago, he had lost to Mei Haiyun.
Although he had got second place, everyone knew that the difference between second place and first place was too great.

Dong Fanghao had no idea when, but a saber had appeared in his hand.
In an instant, it slashed down toward Mei Haiyun.

“Mountain Destroyer!” Dong Fanghao shouted, “Mei Haiyun, half a year ago, my Mountain Destroyer had yet to reach the Perfection Stage.
It was only at the Impeccable Stage.
Now, try taking another slash from me!”

This strike was extremely terrifying.
As it descended, the entire world began to tremble violently.

This strike forced Mei Haiyun to have no choice but to retaliate.
Unknown when a longsword had appeared in his hand.
The sword ray swept across, and in just a short moment, it formed a defensive barrier around his body.

“The Five Elemental Swords, Earth Sword!”

At this moment, a terrifying sword formation had formed before Mei Haiyun.
A strange sword formation formed around him, defending his body to the point that not even a single drop of water could pass through.


The Mountain Destroyer slashed directly into this sword formation.
The terrifying True Energy tore and devoured each other, and in an instant, it had swept across everything.

After blocking this terrifying sword, Mei Haiyun did not even stop to think.
He stabbed out with his sword and then it swept out at an even faster speed.

“The Five Elemental Swords, Gold Sword!”

This sword attack was as fast as lightning.
It swept out a golden light and in an instant, went straight for Dong Fanghao’s throat.

Quick, quick, quick!

All of this happened too quickly.
The sword light flashed with an extremely terrifying killing power.
In an instant, it had arrived before Dong Fanghao.

However, Dong Fanghao was not an ordinary person.
He struck out with the saber in his hand and blocked this sword attack at the critical moment.

The battle of the century between the two of them broke out in an instant.
At this moment, the faces of the spectators in the distance turned pale.
If it were them, if they were even brushed by any of their attacks, they would have died tragically.

“The Five Elemental Swords, the Mountain Destroyer, the Double Dragon Emperor Hidden Fist, and the Tyrannical Ice Sword.
Tsk, tsk.
Such power.”

Chu Yunfan clicked his tongue in wonder.
These four were indeed worthy of being the best among their peers.
There was clearly a gap between them and the others of the same age.

Even those martial artists in their forties, fifties, and sixties might not be able to completely master these unique skills.
However, these four were only less than twenty years old, yet they were already able to master them to perfection.

At this moment, Han Bing and Situ Ziying had also noticed that Chu Yunfan had not joined the battle.
In other words, there was no one who could stop him now.

“Let’s work together to get rid of Chu Yunfan first.
We can’t let him take advantage of us!” Han Bing roared.

At this moment, Situ Ziying also had the same idea.
The two of them instantly pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

“Working together to get rid of me? Hahahaha! Right on time!”

Chu Yunfan roared and instantly flew toward the two of them.
The aura on his body continued to rise.
In an instant, he had exploded past the limits.

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