Li Xuan and the others let out a sigh of relief.
Although they had to pay 100 million, at least they managed to survive.
They did not doubt Chu Yunfan’s decisiveness.

When they looked at each other, they could see the joy in each other’s eyes.
Looking at Jiang Pengfei’s corpse, they knew it was not easy for them to escape unscathed.

“What kind of training does Chu Yunfan do? How could he be so terrifying?!”

“Originally, he was the least favored among the five keyholders.
But now, it’s clear that Chu Yunfan is no weakling!”

“The competition for the inner core will undoubtedly be intense.
Let’s hurry and go watch!”

The result of this battle shocked the onlookers.
At this moment, they realized that Chu Yunfan’s rise meant that the final battle would be even more brutal.
Many rushed toward the castle.
Some of them even had the thought of trying to fish in troubled waters.

At this time, Chu Yunfan had arrived at the castle.
From afar, the castle had not seemed very large, but in fact, it was huge.
Its walls extended over thousands of feet and were more than 60 feet tall.
Nobody could see where the walls ended.

Although the building was made into the shape of a castle, it was the size of a human pioneer base.
This must have been the base that the Stellaris Sect had built in the early stages.
Humans were different from monsters.
It was impossible for them to live freely in the wild.
The human pioneering model was to build a base and then slowly take over the vast land.

“You actually won.”

A figure slowly stepped forward and said with a stunned expression as he looked at Chu Yunfan.
Clearly, he had not expected the person to come out on top in the end to be Chu Yunfan.

This person’s figure was tall and straight and he exuded an extraordinary aura.
He was the number one of Qinghua University, Situ Ziying.
Although he did not come from Federation University, there was no doubt that Situ Ziying’s strength was not inferior even in the face of Federation University’s most elite.

“Moreover, you ended it so quickly.
Chu Yunfan, I will remember your name,” Situ Ziying said as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

There was an incomparable fear in Situ Ziying’s eyes.
He knew who those people who had surrounded Chu Yunfan were, and he also knew their strength.
If he were to face any one of them, he would not have been able to win so easily.
However, Chu Yunfan had taken care of them so quickly.
Moreover, it seemed like he was not injured at all.

Although Situ Ziying had not seen the battle with his own eyes, with his strength and knowledge, it was not difficult for him to guess what had happened.

Chu Yunfan merely glanced at Situ Ziying and said, “I’m here.
Where are the others? Don’t waste time.
Come out.”

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“Don’t worry.
Now that you’ve appeared, they will shortly as well,” Situ Ziying said.

Other than Situ Ziying, the others were not present.
This had been caused by Chu Yunfan.
Because of his late arrival, Mei Haiyun and the others had sent people everywhere to look for him.

Who knew that just as they went out to look for him, Chu Yunfan would appear on his own?

The second person to arrive after Situ Ziying was none other than Dong Fanghao whom Chu Yunfan had seen once before.
Of course, it was Chu Yunfan who had seen Dong Fanghao, and this was Dong Fanghao’s first time truly seeing Chu Yunfan.

Previously, Chu Yunfan had seen Dong Fanghao on the spaceship before the college entrance examination.
At that time, Dong Fanghao was the center of the spaceship and the focus of everyone’s attention.
At that time, Dong Fanghao and the other students had clearly formed two different worlds.

There was a huge gap between the Acquired Stage and the Energy Refinement Stage.

At that time, Dong Fanghao was the number one expert in the city, and Chu Yunfan was just an ordinary student among the thousands of examinees.
Dong Fanghao naturally would not have noticed Chu Yunfan who was just a small fry at that time.

However, Dong Fanghao had heard that Chu Yunfan was from the same city as him, so he took a few extra glances at Chu Yunfan, feeling a little puzzled.

At this moment, although Chu Yunfan had restrained his edge, from the news Dong Fanghao had received, he knew that Chu Yunfan was trouble.
On the way here, he received news that Chu Yunfan had killed Jiang Pengfei, but looking at the current Chu Yunfan, he did not look like he had just experienced a great battle.

Dong Fanghao now had an even higher regard for Chu Yunfan.
However, he had his own pride.
After a few glances, he dropped the matter.
It did not matter what background Chu Yunfan had.
Strength was the key to everything.

Soon, a fourth person arrived.
That person was the one whom the Stellaris Sect was supporting this time around, the top disciple of the Stellaris Sect, Han Bing.

When they saw Han Bing approach, be it Dong Fanghao or Situ Ziying, they let out a cold snort.
They had not forgotten that they had been played by Han Bing.
To arrogant people like them, this was without a doubt a difficult thing to accept.

Chu Yunfan sized up Han Bing with some curiosity.
Han Bing looked gentle and refined, with an indifferent and gentlemanly appearance.
He was dressed in a simple and elegant manner.
But despite his gentle appearance, Chu Yunfan could see that he had a ruthless and fierce nature.

Finally, Mei Haiyun arrived.
This was the first time Chu Yunfan was coming face to face with the number one of Federation University.
Although they were all in the same university, the university was huge.
Unless they intentionally met up, it was next to impossible for them to meet.

The moment Mei Haiyun arrived, he spotted Han Bing.
Compared to the others, his feelings went even deeper.
Han Bing had pushed him from heaven to hell with one hand.
This plot was undoubtedly engraved into his heart.

“Now that everyone is finally here, can we begin?” Han Bing said slowly.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan could clearly see that Mei Haiyun, Han Bing, Dong Fanghao, and Situ Ziying’s followers had tacitly blocked off the others.
At this moment, the many participants who had rushed over could only watch from afar.

The five keyholders did not communicate with each other, but they formed a tacit understanding.
No matter how the five of them competed, no one was allowed to take advantage of them.

This kind of lineup disappointed many people.
Clearly, Mei Haiyun and the others had long been on guard against anyone taking advantage of them.
This kind of thing had to be stopped as soon as possible.
Otherwise, once the crowd formed, tens of thousands of people would charge at them.

“Should we duke it out first or open the door first?” Chu Yunfan said slowly, looking at Mei Haiyun and the others.

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