Li Xuan let out a muffled groan and was immediately forced back as he coughed up blood.
He crashed heavily onto the ground, and one could even hear the sounds of bones breaking.

It was just a single strike!

Everyone was dumbfounded, especially Lu Feiyu, Yufeng, and the others who had been watching the battle from afar.
Although they were a little ways away from the battle site, their physical attributes far surpassed that of the ordinary people of the Common Era.
Their eyesight was extremely good, and they had caught everything that had happened.

And at this moment, they finally realized that Chu Yunfan had actually been hiding his strength.
His strength from before had already shocked them, but now, Chu Yunfan who had unleashed his full power had grown even more terrifying.

With just one attack, Chu Yunfan had crippled Li Xuan.
Even if Li Xuan did not die, he had lost his combat ability.

The situation changed.
Especially for Le Yuzhu and Lu Xiuxian.
They never expected that everything would happen so quickly.
Although they could see that Li Xuan had been at a disadvantage, being at a disadvantage and being defeated were two different things.

Li Xuan was also a well-known expert.
He was known as someone who had never been defeated in a fight against Mei Haiyun.
They never expected him to be defeated so easily.
But the truth was, Li Xuan could not withstand even a single blow.

By the time they reacted, Chu Yunfan had already turned around.
They had surrounded him from four directions, and in the blink of an eye, he had broken through one of the four directions.

Jiang Pengfei had never thought that Chu Yunfan would be able to finish off his opponent so quickly and that Li Xuan was actually so weak.
He had loaded his crossbow with a second bolt.
As it had been modified, its firing speed and volume were far superior to those of ancient crossbows.
But no matter what, Chu Yunfan’s speed of finishing off Li Xuan had been too fast.
It was so fast that it caught people off guard.


Jiang Pengfei fired the crossbow in his hand for the second time, aiming directly at Chu Yunfan’s face.

At this moment, a clear current flowed through Chu Yunfan’s mind.
He felt his eyes brighten and everything began to slow down.

The movement of the bolt that was as fast as lightning appeared in Chu Yunfan’s eyes.

Chu Yunfan’s sword struck out like lightning.
His strength was not only limitless, but his speed was also beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
Like a bolt of lightning, he ruthlessly slashed at the incoming bolt.

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With a loud boom, the bolt exploded in mid-air.

“What?!” Jiang Pengfei did not realize, or rather, he had not expected that Chu Yunfan would so easily shatter the bolt he shot.

What kind of speed and strength was this? It would have been fine if Chu Yunfan had just dodged it, but he had actually destroyed the bolt with a mid-air slash.

At this moment, thousands of participants had gathered around, but they stayed far away from the battle scene.
They all watched from afar.
After witnessing this scene, they felt as if they had seen a ghost.

That was a crossbow.
The reason why the universities forbade students from using it was due to its immense power.
Only Innate experts had the reaction speed to explode the bolt of a crossbow in mid-air.
To ordinary students, this power was far beyond the imagination.

However, this rule clearly did not apply to Chu Yunfan.
How could someone’s reaction speed reach such a level? If they were a few dozen meters away, it would have been believed that he had dodged it.
However, just a few meters in front of them certainly spelled certain death.

What they did not know was that after Chu Yunfan had mastered the Imperial Physique, his speed, strength, and reaction speed had improved tremendously.
They were unimaginable reaction limits for ordinary people.

Jiang Pengfei was shocked by Chu Yunfan’s exaggerated performance.
However, Chu Yunfan did not slow down just because Jiang Pengfei seemed to be frightened.

After hitting the bolt, Chu Yunfan’s right hand felt a bit numb.
Although he was strong, there was still no way for him to compete with this pure mechanical strength.
However, his True Energy passed through his arm and the numbing feeling quickly disappeared.

At this time, Chu Yunfan had already arrived in front of Jiang Pengfei.
The time had been too short, so Jiang Pengfei had no chance to use his crossbow again.
He could only draw his saber and clash head-on with Chu Yunfan.


A terrifying explosion sound was formed after the True Energy devoured each other.

Just as they exchanged blows, Jiang Pengfei felt a terrifying force sweep through his blade in mere seconds.

Compared to three months ago, Jiang Pengfei was much stronger than before.
Not only had he stabilized his sixth-level Acquired cultivation level, but he had also even stepped into the seventh level.
He was even confident that he could compete with Mei Haiyun now.
He thought he would be able to regain his glory and become the number one at Federation University.

However, after exchanging blows, Jiang Pengfei realized that not only had he improved, but Chu Yunfan had also improved.
In fact, Chu Yunfan’s improvement was even faster and more exaggerated than his.

Thud, thud, thud!

Jiang Pengfei retreated several steps back.
Every step he took left heavy marks on the ground.

“Jiang Pengfei, you wish to kill me? Then I’ll kill you first!”

Chu Yunfan was not about to spare anyone after gaining the upper hand.
After he succeeded in his first strike, he instantly charged toward Jiang Pengfei again.

“Are you two waiting for him to defeat all of us one by one?!” Jiang Pengfei shouted.
It was only one strike, and the winner had already been decided.
Even if he did not want to admit it, he had to.
At this moment, he was no longer worthy of being Chu Yunfan’s opponent.

A little while ago, Li Xuan was beaten back by Chu Yunfan’s attack.
He had coughed up blood and was crippled.
Jiang Pengfei would do well to heed that lesson.

Forced into a corner, Jiang Pengfei was forced to ask for help.
Lu Xiuxian and Le Yuzhu instantly responded.
They could not deal with Chu Yunfan one-on-one.
They only had a chance of winning if they joined forces.

At this moment, they could not care less about their reputation.
They immediately attacked.

“Buzz off! Don’t get in the way!”

Just when the two of them were about to pounce on Chu Yunfan, they saw him burning with anger, and a terrifying surge of True Energy suddenly burst out of him and swept out like a tidal wave.

Le Yuzhu and Lu Xiuxian were unprepared and were easily blasted away by the tidal wave of True Energy.

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