The first thing Chu Yunfan checked was the information regarding the pill formulas that would be used during the alchemy trainee examination.
There were quite a lot of books regarding this topic: “One Hundred Days Before the Apprentice Alchemist Examination”, “How to Sign Up for the Alchemy Trainee Examination”, “My Opinion on the Alchemy Trainee Examination”, et cetera.

There were many reference materials.
After flipping through a few books, Chu Yunfan already knew the scope of the pill assessment and the standard pill formulas for the examination.

These were not secrets.
The standard pill formulas, apart from some of the higher-ranked ones, were basically open to the public.
In the current society, the Federation Government always promoted industrialized pill refinement methods.
Although pill refinement currently could not be compared to the production of industrial products, after many years of standardized promotion, the efficiency and quantity of pill refinement now were much higher than it was a hundred years ago.
Only this way could it support the great age of cultivation.

What was truly top secret were some of the more special pill formulas and the rarer pill formulas.
These pill formulas were basically either in the hands of alchemy masters or in the hands of the Federation Government and various large corporations.

After looking through these pill formulas, Chu Yunfan began to look through some other information on pill refinement.
This was a library that belonged to the public.
Other than some relatively basic information, there was not much regarding pill refinement that was too profound.
Most of it was theoretical.

The so-called theoretical information was the kind of information that seemed to be complicated, but in fact, it did contain anything crucial.

However, what Chu Yunfan needed to look through now was this theoretical information.
Through this theoretical information, he could roughly determine what level of alchemy had been reached.

Chu Yunfan looked through the books one by one.
Fortunately, these were relatively basic materials or information that were biased toward some theories.
There was no need to charge additional fees.
If it were practical materials, he would have been charged based on the original materials.

“‘Collection of the Alchemy System of the Ancient Zenith Civilization”, “Discovery on the Attributes of the Swimming Dragon Herb”, ”Introduction to Alchemy”, et cetera.

Chu Yunfan started reading one book after another.
His reading speed was very fast, reading almost ten lines in just one glance.
It was not only because he had inherited the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, but also because he was very familiar with the information regarding alchemy.
It was also because his brain had been developed.
He could understand everything with just a single glance.

At this moment, his brain was like a supercomputer, able to process all kinds of information in an instant.
This was what some called talent.
In reality, difficult problems in cultivation always had easy solutions.
By drawing inferences from one example, one would never forget it.
Talent was the sum of these abilities.

At this moment, he had already entered a state of undivided attention.
He needed to understand the modern alchemy system.

The more he understood, the more he discovered that the modern alchemy system was indeed extraordinary.
In the Ancient Zenith Civilization, the alchemy system needed ten thousand years to make progress.
A huge change in a short period of time back then could only be possible through the appearance of a great alchemy master.

However, although the modern alchemy system was not as prosperous as the Ancient Zenith Civilization, it could gather the power of the entire human race to conduct research and analysis.
This speed was not something that the Ancient Zenith Civilization could compare to.

The Alchemy Emperor in his memories was a gifted genius who was unparalleled in alchemy and his strength alone could surpass the strength of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of others.
However, he could not surpass the strength of the entire human race.
Right now, the Federation Government did not mention the number of alchemists who were directly involved in alchemy research but it was safe to say that there were at least a million people involved.
If the scope was widened a little, it would not be an exaggeration to say that there were several million people.

Moreover, the results of the research would often spread very quickly.
There were many people who had been involved in alchemy during the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
However, whenever they came up with something, it would often be treated as a secret that could not be passed on to anyone.
This had caused the progress of alchemy during the Ancient Zenith Civilization to be slow.
It was far from being as fast and as violent as in modern society.

However, as he read, he could also find many errors in it.
Relatively speaking, the current research on alchemy in human society was just at the beginning stages.
There were many things, but they were all just theoretical research or even theoretical conjectures.

The direction of these conjectures was a path that Chu Yunfan had walked before.
Naturally, he could easily spot the errors.

“Another mistake.
A so-called book actually has no less than ten mistakes.
Fortunately, the author had some self-awareness.
He claimed that many things are based on his own assumptions so he can’t be blamed for any misunderstandings!”

Chu Yunfan muttered to himself.
As he read, he picked out the mistakes.
Suddenly, he felt a heavy breath on his neck.
He looked up and saw a young girl glaring at him.

It was a young girl who looked about thirteen or fourteen years old—just exiting the category of lolita.
Her face was exquisite, and her long hair fell over the shoulders of her t-shirt.
From the ends of her hot pants were two long, straight legs.
This made her appear much taller than her peers.

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The young girl stared at Chu Yunfan with her big, glistening eyes.
The bangs on her forehead looked quite cute and she was breathing quite heavily.

“Who are you?” the shocked Chu Yunfan asked.
Although this girl was very cute, he felt uncomfortable being stared at like this.

“You said that this book has errors? There are no less than ten errors?” The girl pointed at Chu Yunfan and said angrily.

“Is there anything strange about this book having errors?” Chu Yunfan could not help but feel a little strange.

“Impossible, what right do you have to say that this book has errors!” the girl squealed.
It was as if she would teach him a lesson if he did not explain himself.

Chu Yunfan flipped through the pages of the book.
The book was “Miscellaneous Topics in the Alchemy” written by Bai Hong.

He did not have any impression of this person!

Actually, other than the alchemy Emperor Du Qingtao, Chu Yunfan only knew of a few people in the alchemy world.
His understanding of the others was limited as well.

However, he was not a fool.
He immediately pointed at Bai Hong’s name and said, “I’m sorry.
Could it be that this Bai Hong has something to do with you?”

“Can’t I just be his admirer? Didn’t you say claim to be very smart just a moment ago? Why are you at a loss for words now? Did you not say that there are more than ten mistakes in this book? All right, tell me then!”

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