The halberd in Li Xuan’s hand instantly expanded and turned into a long dragon, slashing down at Chu Yunfan.

After realizing that he was actually at a disadvantage and had already fallen under Chu Yunfan’s control, Li Xuan immediately released the restriction on his weapon and used his ultimate move.

Li Xuan’s aura soared, and he was extremely terrifying.
Even Lu Xiuxian, Le Yuzhu, and Jiang Pengfei’s expressions began to turn solemn.
The cooperation between them was short-term as the relationship between them was still mostly one of competition.
The stronger Li Xuan was, the more benefits they would gain, but in the long term, it might not be good news for them.
If they managed to defeat or kill Chu Yunfan, what would follow would be a fierce competition for ownership of the key.

This energy dragon formed a terrifying pressure as if it had sucked out all the air from the surroundings.
It instantly pressed down on Chu Yunfan.

“Li Xuan, is this all you’ve got? I’m disappointed!” Chu Yunfan let out a roar.
At this moment, the Ju Que in his hand suddenly slashed down.

“We’ll talk after you’ve tasted it!” As Li Xuan roared.

Chu Yunfan’s sword and Li Xuan’s halberd collided.
Vast amounts of True Energy instantly exploded.
Everything seemed to have formed a terrifying cyclone that tore everything to pieces.

Suddenly, the sword in Chu Yunfan’s hand shone brightly.
Then, a terrifying aura that seemed like it was going to split the sky and earth burst out of it.
It flattened everything.


This sword destroyed the force of the incoming attack.
The world had been raging with a strong wind just a moment ago, but now, it was forcefully slashed into nothingness.

However, Li Xuan reacted quickly.
Although his attack had failed, he was unfettered.
With a calm expression, he launched another attack.

“Rising Universe Dragon Combo!”

This attack was actually a step above the previous one, and its power was higher by one level.
This was a martial skill that was a combo.
Among the different martial skills, the most terrifying ones were the kind that was combo attacks.
Each attack would be more terrifying than the last.
And this Rising Universe Dragon Combo was clearly as such.

However, just as Chu Yunfan was about to counter, there was suddenly a loud explosion.
He quickly leaned to the side.
A huge crossbow arrow shot past him and hit a huge tree in the distance.
It smashed the huge tree into pieces, and its momentum did not decrease.
After destroying another two or three trees, it finally stopped.

Everyone was stunned.
They looked to the source of the giant crossbow.
It was Jiang Pengfei.

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That was a very powerful crossbow.
That shot just now had made it very clear.
If one was to be hit, even if they were unwilling, they would die.
There was no other possibility.

This crossbow was based on a classical design.
Using modern technology, it has been modified in many aspects.
In modern society, the Federation Government did not prohibit the public from possessing weapons, but they were all cold weapons.
Firearms and other types of hot weapons were absolutely prohibited for the public to possess.

Therefore, the bow and crossbow became the favorite long-range attack method of many mercenary groups.
The crossbow, which had been modified by modern technology, was not only much smaller than it was before.
In terms of power, they were no less than some small-caliber cannons of the Common Era.


However, such weapons were usually only used to deal with monsters.
Moreover, many students would rarely choose to use such weapons.
If everyone carried a crossbow, the entire situation would change.
The casualties might not be as simple as 10-20%.
With modern warfare, it was possible to be easily wiped out.

This was without a doubt something that was forbidden by all the universities and sects.

“Very good.
You even used your crossbow on me.
Seems like you really want me dead,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

In ancient times, powerful bows and crossbows were the best ways for the government to deal with these high and mighty experts.
No matter what kind of experts they were, they would all die after a round of shooting.

Some experts used bows, and their power was so great that even modern guns and cannons could not counter them.
In the Federation’s encyclopedia, there were records of powerful experts killing three Innate monsters with a single bow.
And among the students, powerful bows and crossbows were considered illegal weapons.


“What are you looking at? This guy is ruthless.
Don’t tell me you want to talk about morality when it comes to him?” Jiang Pengfei shouted when he noticed the others staring at him.
His eyes flashed with intense hatred toward Chu Yunfan.

It was Chu Yunfan who had ruthlessly knocked Jiang Pengfei down from the high clouds and made him a laughing stock.
He was a dignified top university student, but he had lost to a small figure like Chu Yunfan.
It was simply too great a humiliation.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes which were filled with strong killing intent swept toward Jiang Pengfei as he shouted, “I had wanted to play with you guys nicely, but now it seems like there’s no need for that!”

Chu Yunfan took the lead and charged toward Li Xuan.

Li Xuan’s consecutive Rising Universe Dragon Slashes came down with an unimaginable might.
He did not hesitate.
The current situation clearly did not allow him to hesitate.

“Earth Sword!”

The sword in Chu Yunfan’s hand suddenly slashed toward Li Xuan the shrimp.


A sword light ruthlessly tore through the dragon-shaped True Energy and directly smashed onto the halberd.

Li Xuan instantly felt a powerful force sweep through his arms.
This was something that Chu Yunfan had not shown earlier.
He reacted immediately.

Chu Yunfan had been hiding his strength, and Li Xuan was shocked.
He had tried his best, but Chu Yunfan was still unfettered.
In other words, Chu Yunfan was at least an expert on par with him.

But if that was the extent of Chu Yunfan’s strength when he had been concealing it, then all of Li Xuan’s previous assumptions were mere jokes.
All of it had been his self-righteous judgment.

‘But, how is any of this possible?’ Li Xuan thought.

But there was no time for him to think about how Chu Yunfan could perform so well after concealing his strength.
In the blink of an eye, the long sword in Chu Yunfan’s hand was right before him.
It was a straight stab.
However, the power of this stab was like a cannon opening fire.

Li Xuan barely had time to raise his halberd to block the incoming attack.
The moment he touched the sword, both of his hands immediately exploded.
A terrifying power raged through both of his hands.

Li Xuan could no longer hold on.
He was instantly sent flying backward, coughing up blood as he was forced to retreat.

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