Chu Yunfan walked step by step toward the castle at the peak of the mountain.
The closer he got to the peak, the more students he saw.
Everyone had gathered here in groups, clearly wanting to see the final result.
Moreover, it was also more convenient for the Stellaris Sect to transport them away in this manner.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan had clearly become the focus of everyone’s attention.
Especially since he had arrived so late that everyone almost thought that he had wasted a whole month’s work.
This feeling made many people look at Chu Yunfan with mixed feelings.

However, no one dared to rebuke Chu Yunfan directly because the fierce aura of him killing hundreds of people in a row was still vivid in their minds.
Those that were killed were no ordinary people.
They had been no different from them.
In fact, they were even stronger than these people standing here.
Yet, they had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands just like that.
How could they possibly not fear Chu Yunfan?

On the forest path up the mountain, Chu Yunfan carried the Ju Que on his back and continued to walk upwards.
He could spot the castle on the mountain peak.
On the forest path, there were also some remains of monsters.
They were the monsters that the participants had gained points from.

“Chu Yunfan, you sure are brave.
I really admire you.
You clearly know that there’s an inescapable net waiting for you, yet you still dare to walk upwards.”

Unknowingly, a majestic figure had appeared behind Chu Yunfan.
This person held a halberd in his hand and blocked Chu Yunfan’s path of retreat.
It was as if he was afraid that Chu Yunfan would try to escape.

This person was none other than Li Xuan from Paragon Palace.

“An inescapable net? I don’t think so.
Come with as many people as you have.
I’m in a hurry,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re still as arrogant as ever!” Immediately after, a cold voice was heard.
This person was none other than an old acquaintance of Chu Yunfan.
It was Jiang Pengfei whom Chu Yunfan had beaten up previously.

Jiang Pengfei held a saber in his hand and approached Chu Yunfan with a cold look on his face.
His strength was clearly stronger than when he had fought with Chu Yunfan back then.
In the previous battle with Chu Yunfan, he had unexpectedly stepped into the sith level of the Acquired Stage.

Now, almost three months had passed since then, and Jiang Pengfei’s strength had also improved.
He had stepped into the seventh level of the Acquired Stage.

However, Chu Yunfan was not surprised.
After all, Jiang Pengfei was ranked third in the university.
Even though Chu Yunfan had beaten him up, it would be strange if he did not have this kind of performance.

“Attack together? In a hurry? Hahahaha! Chu Yunfan, you’re very special and very arrogant.” Accompanied by this wild laughter, a figure walked out from the forest.

This figure was of medium build but had an imposing aura.
The fellow held a heavy sword that was similar to Chu Yunfan’s Ju Que.
This was the descendant of the Slaying Dragon Mountain, Lu Xiuxian, who was ranked ninth on the leaderboard.

“I originally didn’t want to bully the weak with numbers, but now that things have come to this, I’m not willing to give up just like that.
Chu Yunfan, hand over the key, and everything will be fine.
Otherwise, don’t blame us for bullying the weak with numbers.” Following that, a young girl appeared on the other side, sealing off all of Chu Yunfan’s escape routes.

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This young girl was tall and slender.
Although she was not very beautiful, she was delicate and pretty.
Coupled with her powerful strength, she had a unique charm.

Chu Yunfan immediately recognized her.
There was only one girl in the top ten of the conference leaderboard—the number one expert of Peking University, Le Yuzhu.

“Just the four of you? Where are your followers?” Chu Yunfan asked nonchalantly.

“Chu Yunfan, our followers can’t do anything against you.
Even if they forcefully attacked, they probably wouldn’t be able to take your attacks.
Why should we let them die?” Li Xuan from Paragon Palace spoke the truth.

They had heard about Chu Yunfan slaughtering hundreds of participants.
Those people thought that if they had the numbers, they would be able to pose a threat to Chu Yunfan.
But in reality, only those who had truly reached their level would understand.
When the gap between them reached a certain point, the rule of two fists being unable to fight against four hands would no longer be effective.

The prerequisite of two fists being unable to fight against four hands was that their strength was about the same.

The four of them were some of the most outstanding people at this conference.
Unless the owners of the other four keys appeared at the same time, no other lineup would surpass this one.

However, those people already had a key in their hands.
It was unlikely that they would deliberately kill Chu Yunfan for the last key because it was not the time for the final battle yet.

Moreover, even if these people wanted their followers and supporters to surround and kill Chu Yunfan, their followers would certainly be unwilling to do so.
No one was willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others, and not many had such big hearts.

If these four could not take down Chu Yunfan even after joining forces, then there was no need for the others to attack.

At this moment, on another mountain peak, The Royal Swords were watching this scene from afar.

“Yufeng, why didn’t you join the attack? With so many people attacking at the same time, even if Chu Yunfan had wings, it would be difficult for him to escape,” a youth walked over from afar and asked Yu Feng.

Yufeng glanced at this youth, then shook his head and said, “You don’t understand.
You did not fight Chu Yunfan.
You wouldn’t understand the fear.
Last time, I barely escaped him.
I don’t want to experience that feeling of being beaten up again.”

Speaking up to this point, Yufeng recalled the feeling when Chu Yunfan had pierced through his entire sword formation alone.
That feeling of powerlessness rose again.

Although Yufeng was only at the sixth level of the Acquired Stage, he was able to unleash the strength of a seventh-level Acquired with the help of the sword formation.
He was not afraid of facing any of these people.

However, Chu Yunfan had made him feel a sense of powerlessness from the bottom of his heart.
There was also a fear that he did not want to admit to himself.
He was truly afraid of being killed because he knew that Chu Yunfan dared to kill people.
Chu Yunfan had killed Huang You just like that.
And it was because Huang You had wanted to kill him.

Yufeng wanted to kill Chu Yunfan as well, but he did not say it out loud.
That was why he had opted out of this fight.
He did not dare to try again.
Moreover, he had thought it through.
So what if he obtained the fifth key? It was not like he would get a share of the spoils.
The five keyholders would have to ultimately wage a great battle with each other.

Yufeng’s chances of winning were too slim.
In that case, there was no need for Yufeng to send himself to his death.

Yufeng would surely die!

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