This was an especially difficult pill to swallow for those who claimed to be proud chosen ones.
Federation University was simply too large.
It was because of this that it was divided into many small groups.
Many competed for first place at Federation University—Dong Fanghao, Mei Haiyun, Chu Yunfan, Chu Yunfei, Lu Feiyu, and many others who could be recognized by their name.

In comparison, the Stellaris Sect was not that powerful and could not find so many top-notch characters within their numbers.
However, it was exactly because of this that all of their strength had been placed on Han Bing.

The combined strength of the Stellaris Sect was much more powerful than any of the small teams of Federation University.
It could be said that Federation University was successful because it was powerful and that it was also defeated because it was powerful.

At this moment, everyone became nervous.

“Mei Haiyun, what should we do?” Everyone’s gaze turned toward Mei Haiyun, wanting him to make a decision.

“There’s one day left.
If we go and earn points now, will we be able to catch up to Han Bing?”

“Han Bing is obviously prepared.
He won’t let go of this opportunity so easily.
He certainly won’t leave us any chances to catch up,” Mei Haiyun clenched his teeth as he spoke.
Asking him to admit defeat was no simple matter.

However, Mei Haiyun was an outstanding person and naturally understood the path of trade-offs.
At this moment, he had been thoroughly schemed against.
Regardless of whether he was willing or not, there was no chance for him to turn this defeat into victory.

“In that case, let’s do our best to seize the inner core.
As for the questioning from the university, I’ll bear them,” Mei Haiyun said decisively.
If he could take care of both, he would have certainly been willing to.
But since it was already too late, he no longer pressed the matter.

In comparison, the inner core was far more precious.
However, Mei Haiyun knew that this defeat would definitely be met with criticism from both within and outside the university.
He did not represent just Federation University, but also the Federation in the competition between the native and overseas sects and aristocratic families.
He had too many things riding on him.

Mei Haiyun could not lose.
If he lost, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Han Bing from the Stellaris Sect could lose because the Stellaris Sect had never really won before, but Mei Haiyun could not.
He already imagined the pressure he would later face inside and outside the university.

Mei Haiyun had heard of what the top scorer went through after losing last year.
It became a matter of public criticism.
However, since he had already made a decision, he could not turn back now.

“Han Bing, you’ve won this time.
I will get back at you for this later!” Mei Haiyun’s expression turned chillingly cold as he said these words.

When the other participants saw the changes in the scores, they were all stunned.
This was especially so for Dong Fanghao who was ranked second.
He saw that Han Bing had surpassed him.
Although he was not ranked first, if the first place was snatched away by the Stellaris Sect, the pressure he would face would not be small either.

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Although the person Han Bing was scheming against this time was not him, there was no doubt that he had been ensnared into the net as well.
He felt as if he had been played for a fool.

Although Dong Fanghao and Mei Haiyun were the most direct competitors, if they failed, then not only would Mei Haiyun be humiliated.
All of Federation University’s students would not be able to escape.

“We were too careless.
Previously, we had been talking about how last year’s freshmen had performed.
I didn’t expect that we would follow in their footsteps.” Dong Fanghao grinned, but the corners of his mouth curled into an increasingly cold smile.

“Nice one, Stellaris Sect.
Nice one, Han Bing.
I’d like to see how you deal with Mei Haiyun’s fury later,” Dong Fanghao said coldly.
This time, he had been schemed against.
Based on his understanding, Mei Haiyun was definitely not someone who would give up easily.
He would definitely be accompanied by violent revenge.

It was not just Mei Haiyun.
Dong Fanghao and almost all the people on the leaderboard who vied to be the champion were staring at changes on the leaderboard with their mouths agape.
They exclaimed in their hearts that the Stellaris Sect’s scheme was too cunning.

The Stellaris Sect had probably planned this double-kill.
However, more people wanted to know how Han Bing would deal with the collective anger of Federation University.

Among the forces participating in this year’s conference, the biggest was naturally the students of Federation University.
Out of the five keys, three were in the hands of Federation University.
From this, it could be seen that although they had lost the championship title, Federation University was still well-deserving of its colossal status.

As everyone was paying attention to the shocking changes on the leaderboard, the first battle for the keys suddenly erupted.
And the person who was attacked was Situ Ziying.

Situ Ziying, who had been watching the show, was suddenly attacked.
Several experts who were ranked at the top of the leaderboard launched a surprise attack.

A bloody battle for the key in Situ Ziying’s hand broke out.
Unlike the previous battles, this one was much more bloody and brutal because everyone knew very well that this was their last chance.
If they lost now, they would have no chance of getting the inner core.

On top of that, a piece of news had spread among the students.
The black market had already made an offer for the Divine Ability Stage monster’s inner core—30 billion Federation Coins.
And this price was not the final one.
It could even possibly reach 50 billion with the passage of time.

Even if the one who obtained the core did not sell it, this was still an astronomical sum.
Many Innate experts would not be able to earn that much in their lifetime.
Of course, the prerequisite was to first obtain the inner core.

Therefore, the competition this time was exceptionally cruel.
In just a short period, over 100 people were killed or injured.
The ambushers lost over 100 people.
After leaving behind a pile of corpses, they left in a sorry state.

However, the students of Qinghua University who supported Situ Ziying also suffered heavy losses.
Even Situ Ziying himself was heavily injured after being besieged by a few great experts.

For a time, Star Myriad Island was shrouded in a bloody storm.

After Situ Ziying, Dong Fanghao, Mei Haiyun, and Han Bing, who were outside earning points, were all ambushed by a large number of experts.
Countless experts were fighting against each other.
This was a dangerous battle that had never happened before.

A storm had been brewing, and now it was now the time for the real storm to appear.

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