Chu Yunfan’s crazed killing also infuriated the instructors and elders of the various factions on the battleship outside Star Myriad Island.
However, they had no way to deal with him.

After all, Chu Yunfan had the powerful Federation University backing him.
There was no doubting this.
Killing a student of Federation University would certainly become a big issue.

If they were to intercept and kill Chu Yunfan, the consequences would be unimaginable.
And hoping that Federation University would punish Chu Yunfan over this was certainly asking for too much.

Chu Yunfan ruthlessly killed the other participants, rendering the sects and universities unable to compete in Star Myriad Island.
Though only a few dozen people from each faction had been killed, they could be considered to have been wiped out.
Not all of the factions were like Federation University which could casually send out a few thousand participants.

Chu Yunfan’s name finally resounded throughout the entire human world.
Although he was among the younger generation, this in itself was already an extremely difficult feat.

The corpses of several hundred people had established Chu Yunfan’s supreme reputation.
Of course, there would definitely be many who would want to get rid of him after this matter was over.

Jeang Yuanbin knew what would come, but he was unfettered.
In his opinion, it was all training for Chu Yunfan.
If he could not endure such circumstances, how would he become the most powerful existence in the world?

What outsiders did not know was that after Chu Yunfan had dealt with the last batch of students who had come to kill him, he had entered the space within the Mountain River Diagram.


Since Chu Yunfan could not defeat them in points, then he had to obtain this inner core.

There were another ten days before the castle opened, so Chu Yunfan still had enough time to make a breakthrough.
When he stepped into the sixth level of the Acquired Stage, ordinary eighth-level Acquired experts would be no match for him.
His battle prowess would soar to another level.
He would then be not afraid of any inescapable net they prepared for him.
No matter what traps they had, they would all be crushed.

‘Cultivation is a matter of fighting bravely for the lead.
If you don’t advance, you will retreat!’ After Chu Yunfan made up his mind, he began the process of secluded cultivation in the Mountain River Illustration.

After mobilizing all the True Energy in his body, Chu Yunfan began to charge toward the sixth level.
However, the barrier stood firm.

Chu Yunfan fished out the third Blood Origin Pill and swallowed it.
Now, he had two pills left.
These pills would certainly be sold for at least ten million yuan each.
It might fetch even more at auctions.

Although it was very expensive, there were many rich people in this world.
In order to break through, in order to let one’s own disciple break through, the price paid was worth it no matter how much it costs.
All the financial groups and companies provided sufficient resources for cultivation.

After swallowing the pill, the power in Chu Yunfan’s body began to surge.
The medicinal efficacy was converted into pure energy that charged at the barrier.

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The barrier of the sixth level of the Acquired Stage, which was originally held fast, finally turned into nothingness under this endless charge.


The True Energy in Chu Yunfan’s body quickly spread out.
He had finally stepped into the sixth level of the Acquired Stage.
It was as if he had taken advantage of the situation and stepped into a brand new level from the peak of the fifth level.

The cultivation strength in Chu Yunfan’s body continued to grow, quickly filling up the new gap and quickly helping him to step into the sixth level of the Acquired Stage.

Three days had passed.

After the initial breakthrough, Chu Yunfan did not show the slightest bit of emotion.
Instead, he continued to close his eyes and consolidate his cultivation.

And thus, ten days passed in this manner.

And finally, the day arrived!

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