The attraction of the Divine Ability Stage monster’s inner core was too magnetic.
No one could ignore it, and everyone knew this very well.

At this moment, the news that Chu Yunfan had already obtained the last key spread throughout the island, and the mountain of corpses and sea of blood that was connected to it.

“Chu Yunfan killed ?”

In a mountain forest, after stabbing a monster to death with his spear, Mei Haiyun narrowed his eyes.
Behind him were many students from Federation University.
There was no doubt that Mei Haiyun was the candidate that the university strongly supported.

“Now that this rule has been broken, we have to start killing each other.” Mei Haiyun sighed.
However, he did not lament for long before he was immediately engaged in a massacre with the other students from Federation University.

At the same time, under a tall waterfall, water was crashing down on Dong Fanghao’s body.
The terrifying water flow that could break mountain rocks struck the surface of his body, but it did not pose much of a threat.
He was wrapped in a layer of endless True Energy which protected his body.
He too saw all kinds of news through his personal terminal.

“Chu Yunfan?” Dong Fanghao recalled that name.
This was someone he had to take seriously.
But it was just one more person in their group.
It did not affect him much.

Dang Fanghao then closed his eyes and continued to endure the impact of the waterfall.

At the same time, Lu Feiyu, who was frantically earning points with a group of students from the student council, also received the news that Chu Yunfan had killed Huang You.
He felt a chill run down his spine.
He had been beaten up by Chu Yunfan not long ago until he coughed up blood and was forced to flee.
That feeling of being unable to fight back was still fresh in his mind.

Lu Feiyu felt that he had been lucky to have escaped that time.
Previously, he had thought more about his ruined reputation, but now, he thought, ‘F*ck.
Having survived was also a stroke of luck.’

This was the first time such a thought had crossed Lu Feiyu’s mind.
Would Chu Yunfan really be able to challenge the president in the future?

Different from everyone else, when Jiang Pengfei caught wind of what had happened, his face was filled with malevolence and anger.

“Chu Yunfan, just you wait.
Sooner or later, you will die by my hands!” Jiang Pengfei roared.
He then regained his composure and led the Jiangs who were following him to kill more monsters for points.

The matter of Chu Yunfan’s killing, in the hearts of the ordinary students and disciples, was like a stone being thrown into a calm lake, causing massive ripples across the surface.

There were differences between the thousands of elite students.
The Huangs were one of the Great Eight.
And now that Huang You who represented the Huangs had been killed by Chu Yunfan, to the ordinary students, it was basically a clap of thunder on flat ground.

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However, they were not stupid.
On the contrary, they were all smart people.
They knew that with the five keys now having owners, the next step would be an even more bloody fight.

And sure enough, in the next few days, various fights broke out all over Star Myriad Island.
Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao, Situ Ziying, Han Bing, and Chu Yunfan.
These five people encountered all sorts of challenges.
Their opponent wanted to wrest the keys from their grasp.

The battles of the first four were conducted in a relatively peaceful manner because they had many followers by their side.
However, the ambushes against Chu Yunfan were much more bloody and cruel.

All sorts of ambushes came one after another.
Many people rushed over from all corners of Star Myriad Island and charged toward Chu Yunfan.
The layers of ambushes made many feel terrified, but in the end, they all proved to be moths to a flame.

Many experts who were ranked at the top of the leaderboard wanted to snatch away Chu Yunfan’s key.
And because Chu Yunfan was operating alone, he seemed easier to bully.
They all thought he would be at least easier to deal with than Mei Haiyun and the others who were often surrounded by dozens of people.

However, reality proved that this was wrong.
Although the news of Chu Yunfan’s killing had spread wide, it was only about Chu Yunfan killing Huang You.
The fact that he had killed a whole group of Huang descendants had gone mostly unnoticed.

It was because they were nothing compared to Huang You.
Many people were not even interested to know about it.
And now, they paid a sufficient price for their previous disregard.

Facing those who ambushed him, Chu Yunfan displayed unimaginable methods.
Chu Yunfan killed all those who dared to ambush him.
Only a handful of them noticed that there was something horribly wrong and turned tail to flee.
That was how they were not killed by him.

Even so, more than 300 people died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
A total of more than 10,000 people had come to participate in the Dao Conference.
Now, more than 300 people have died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
Among those killed was no lack of people who were ranked high on the leaderboard.

For a time, Chu Yunfan became a famous fierce star.
Everyone had noticed Chu Yunfan, and the news of his crazy killing had begun to spread.
At first, many came too quickly and did not receive word in time.
And those who had heard no longer dared to approach him.
It would just be suicide.

Chu Yunfan had always been ruthless because he knew that having no foundation behind him was his biggest weakness.
If he had the support of dozens, would the others dare to chase after him like this?

They definitely would not dare.
As a result, Chu Yunfan could only deter them with intense killing.
And the facts proved that his idea was right.
The effect was very outstanding.
These people were indeed scared off.
After all, no matter how good things were, they had to be alive to enjoy them.
Moreover, this matter did not have much to do with ordinary people.
They too were unwilling to die for other people’s things.

Although many were frightened, the competition for the keys did not stop.
Another few days of intense competition took place.
Various battles took place one after another.
The few who had obtained keys had to use many different methods to hold on to their key.

But for many, it was not the time to give up because there was still one last chance.
In ten days, the castle at the center of Star Myriad Island would open.
At that time, all those who had a key would appear.
Those who coveted the keys would still have one more chance to kill the key holders.

After all, as long as the inner core had yet to be obtained, they still had a chance.

After thinking this through, everyone’s attention turned to that day.

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