“Did you see the looks on their faces?!”

As Chu Yunfan’s family walked through their neighborhood, Yang Yayun asked as she beamed.

She had never been so proud in her life.
After they had eaten they fill and went home, she was still a little excited.

“Okay, we’ve been talking all night!” Chu Wencheng could not help but remind her, but he was also happy.
He was happier than anyone that Chu Yunfan was so successful.

Today, his son had made him proud.
But he was even happier that his son’s future was not ruined because of his neglect.
His son’s performance was better than he had imagined.

“Mom, this is nothing.
In the future, I’ll be admitted to Federal University.
When that time comes, I’ll make them even more speechless!” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

He pushed his sister’s electric wheelchair forward.

“I believe that you’ll definitely be admitted, Big Brother!” Chu Qingxuan said as she raised her small head.

Chu Yunfan pat Chu Qingxuan on the head.
In his heart, he was thinking that he had just taken the first step.
He still had to get admitted to Federal University, stand out, and cure his sister’s illness.

Ever since Liu Weiguo approached them at the dinner party tonight, his family’s attitude toward him had obviously changed.
He was someone that even the leader of his uncle had to curry favor with.
And the man had treated him kindly.

In addition, he had surprised everyone by getting into the focus class of the martial arts stream, which made him even more mysterious in the eyes of others.

During the dinner party, whether it was his aunt or his uncle, they had all asked him without batting an eyelid what relationship he had with Liu Weiguo.
Chu Wenshu was no fool and did not want to drag Liu Weiguo into this.
He only vaguely said that he had met the man while working.
He did not say anything else.
In the eyes of others though, this had become a cover-up.
From the looks of it, they could not just be acquaintances.

On the other hand, the attitude of his grandfather and grandmother had improved towardChu Yunfan’s family, which made his parents much happier.
He did not mind.
He had long gotten used to being ignored, so he did not think too much about it.

But his parents were obviously very happy!

Soon, his family arrived home.
After washing up, they returned to their respective rooms.
Chu Yunfan turned on his computer and started surfing the Internet.

In modern society, the internet was roughly divided into two types.
The first type was similar to the Common Era.
However, it was no longer the same as before.
Instead of being presented in the form of a web page, it was projected directly in front of one’s face in the form of a 3D projection.
Usually, when handling official business, watching videos, and communicating on the internet, they would use this type of mode.
The second type was the virtual network.
It allowed one to immerse oneself into the scene!

In two days, there would be an examination for an alchemy trainee.
It was unlike the previous examinations where the alchemy apprentices would take the examination on the virtual network.
An alchemy trainee had to do the exam with real items.

After all, although he was just an alchemy apprentice, he could be considered a real alchemist.

In the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, during the Ancient Zenith Civilization, an alchemy trainee was considered to be officially independent.
They were not like alchemy apprentices, who could only act as assistants to an official alchemist, assisting in picking herbs, doing odd jobs, adding fire to the furnace, and so on.

However, one had to register for the examination in advance.
On top of that, there was a registration fee of 10,000 yuan.
Only then could the entire registration process be completed.

He had been busy with the division examination previously and had not had the time to register.
Now, he took advantage of the last bit of time to register.

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After registering, Chu Yunfan turned off his computer and began to meditate and rest.
There were still two more days before the alchemy trainee test.
Taking advantage of this time, he planned to go to the Alchemist Association to check out some information.
Although he had the memories of the Alchemy Emperor in his head, he did not know much about the current development of alchemists.

Especially during the alchemy trainee test, he had to confirm the formulas of the different recipes because he knew that the refining methods in his mind might not be on the same standards that had been set by the Alchemist Association.

Even during the Ancient Zenith Civilization, there were many different kinds of refining methods and many different medicines.
If just one of the medicinal ingredients was changed, the medicinal efficacy of the end product and the refining process might be very different.

In modern society, Body Refining Pills alone had many different refining methods.
But in the end, the Body Refining Pills that were popular in this day and age had become the standard refining model.
There was no other reason than because the Body Refining Pills refined with this kind of formula had the highest value-for-money ratio.

This also met the requirements of the modern cultivation era’s industrialized way of refining pills.
Of course, some rich people could also hire specialized alchemists to refine some Body Refining Pills that were expensive but had better medicinal effects.
For example, the improved Body Refining Pill that Chu Yunfan had taken before had been this kind of pill.

He had the memories of the Alchemy Emperor.
As long as he knew the correct formula that the Alchemist Association had prescribed, it would not be difficult for him to memorize it.
All the pill refining processes and techniques were the accumulation of basic skills.
And for Chu Yunfan, who had been infused with the memories of the Alchemy Emperor and integrated these basic skills into his bone marrow, it was not difficult at all.

Apart from that, he also wanted to understand the current level of development of alchemy.
Some of the information could be found on the internet, and some could only be found in the Alchemist Association’s library.
Therefore, he had to make a trip to the Alchemist Association.

Early the next morning, Chu Yunfan bade farewell to his family and headed to the Alchemist Association in the City Center.
Just like the last time he came to the Alchemist Association, there were no changes at all.
The place was bustling with traffic and filled with a sea of people.

Even though it was early in the morning, there were already a lot of people at the association.
Some were here to concoct pills, some were here to employ others, and some were here to purchase pills.
At the same time, this was a very lively market related to pills.

The Alchemist Association’s library was not open to the public.
At the very least, one had to be an alchemy apprentice to be able to enter the library.
Even so, there was a fee—100 yuan an hour.
Fortunately, to the current Chu Yunfan, this fee was nothing.

In modern society, cultivation, land, politics, and wealth were needed everywhere.

Although it was now a technological era, the library was still built in the antique style.
The rows and rows of books were made of special paper and would not rot for hundreds, or even thousands of years.

To be able to build such a large library in the center of Calm Ocean City, where every inch of land was expensive, showed how rich the Alchemist Association was.

Chu Yunfan entered the library and began to search for the information he was looking for.

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