Chu Yunfan had angered Huang You.
In a single breath, he had already massacred more than a dozen members of the Huang family.
Compared to Huang You, these members of the Huangs were far inferior, but no family could rely on just one person to support itself.

Other than Huang You who was destined to become the most powerful person within the family in the future, there were many others who made up the backbone of the family.
These people were the same age as him.
Although they were his competitors, he believed that they would definitely be one of his most loyal supporters.

And now, his people were being massacred.
One could only imagine the fury in Huang You’s heart.

At this moment, Yufeng could no longer sit still.
Compared to the Huang descendants who came from different factions, the disciples of The Royal Swords were much more orderly.
They formed a sword circle and charged toward Chu Yunfan.

For a moment, the entire scene was filled with chaos.

And at this moment, Huang You had finally arrived in front of Chu Yunfan.
He lashed out with the spear in his hand and exploded with powerful killing intent.

“Go to hell, Chu Yunfan! God and Devil Slayer Spear!”

The spear in Huang You’s hand shot out like a heavy cannon, piercing through the air.
This spear shot toward Chu Yunfan at lightning speed.

It was just one spear, and it ignited the air around Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan instantly felt the air around him shatter through a terrifying blast of air.
The terrifying wind blew, causing his clothes to flutter.

This spear strike had unimaginable power.
It really had the power to slaughter gods and devils.

This spear strike was as fast as lightning.
If a person was hit, even if they were wearing light armor, they would be heavily injured.

True Energy swept out a boundless power.

Chu Yunfan immediately counterattacked.
The Ju Que in his hand followed up with a slash.


A huge explosion went off.
The God and Devil Slayer and the World Overlord collided, instantly setting off a terrifying shockwave.
The few Huang descendants who wanted to attack Chu Yunfan were blown back by this wave of air.
They were unable to move forward.

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Although Chu Yunfan had just been dealt a heavy attack, he still stood as steadfast as Mount Everest.
It was as if no attack could shake him.

On the other side, Huang You who had charged at Chu Yunfan with an imposing aura was forced to take two steps back.

Before Chu Yunfan had the chance to catch his breath, he saw a group of more than twenty people from the Royal Sword charging at him all at the same time.
After forming a sword circle, their power was much more terrifying.

This sword circle that increased the strength of everyone within it by several folds instantly swallowed Chu Yunfan.
Yufeng, who was in the center of the circle, heavily relied on the power of the sword circle to increase his strength.

The power inside Yufeng erupted.

“Sky Destroyer!”

Yufeng’s attack was not very fast, but it gave off a feeling that it was impossible to block.
The sword aura that rushed out was terrifying.
Once its momentum reached a certain level, anyone who wanted to block it would be like a paper wall trying to stop a bulldozer.
It was simply impossible.

Facing such an almost unsolvable attack, Chu Yunfan showed not the slightest bit of fear.

“Since you want to throw your life away, then come at me.
I’ll start with you.”

Chu Yunfan let out a long howl, and the restriction of the weighted suit on his body was lifted.
Immediately after, everyone saw the True Energy in Chu Yunfan’s body explode out, and his aura crazily swept out.
He had become far stronger than he was before

“World Overlord, Earth Sword!”

Yufeng’s sword swept out with lightning-fast momentum, but Chu Yunfan did not dodge.
Instead, he collided head-on with Yufeng.


The two swords fiercely collided.
In mid-air, a shockwave exploded out wantonly.

At first, Yufeng thought that this sword would pierce through everything and that Chu Yunfan was no match for him.
But when he truly clashed with Chu Yunfan, he felt a terrifying power.

“This power… How is this possible?!”

“The sixth level of the Acquired Stage.
No, it’s the seventh level!”

Yufeng gritted his teeth.
He felt as though his teeth were about to shatter.
At this moment, he finally understood why Huang You’s terrifying attack had failed and was forced to retreat.
Chu Yunfan’s strength had truly reached an inconceivable level.

Originally, when Yufeng saw that Chu Yunfan’s ranking was lower than his, he thought that Chu Yunfan was not that impressive.
After all, although everyone had some people helping to accumulate points, the ranking of the points still spoke volumes.

However, Chu Yunfan had used reality to tell Yufeng how wrong his previous thoughts were.
It was simply a delusion.

What was even more unbelievable was how Chu Yunfan could be so strong.
Yufeng’s cultivation had already stepped into the peak of the sixth level of the Acquired Stage.
With the support of the sword circle, he could even display the strength of the seventh level.

Yufeng knew that the few people at the top of the current leaderboard were only at this level of cultivation.
He was confident that he could fight them.
This was also the reason why he was not afraid of Huang You despite having fewer people.
Huang You had many people, but they were not united.
To him, they were just a motley crew.

However, the people Yufeng had brought were different.
They were a group of people who grew up together.
Although there was competition, they were familiar with one another.
Their minds were connected, and the power of their combination was endless.

Even so, they still could not hold the advantage.
And at the moment that Yunfeng was in a daze, his attack was completely blocked by Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan’s huge sword was both offensive and defensive, but at this moment, Chu Yunfan was using offense to defend—using offense to counter-attack.

After blocking Yufeng with one strike, Chu Yunfan did not hesitate.
He slashed at Yufeng once again.


When Chu Yunfan slashed down, it was as if a cannon had been blasted down.
Yufeng was shocked, but he had no other choice.
He could only use all of his True Energy and fight Chu Yunfan head-on.


A loud metal clanking sound rang out.
When Chu Yunfan’s sword landed, Yufeng immediately felt as if both of his hands had been struck by a huge hammer.

Yufeng felt like both his arms were about to be crippled.
He had relied on the power of the sword circle to increase his aura.
It was a type of profound martial art principle.
When dealing with ordinary experts, even if they were seventh-level Acquired experts, he would always be successful.

However, Yufeng was now faced with Chu Yunfan’s unreasonable and violent fighting style.

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