This was because relying on just oneself to accumulate points was too slow of a process.
No matter how fast a person was, there was no way they could speed things up.
Hence, many formed teams who worked together to accumulate points.

Although these people were geniuses, many of them belonged to different factions.
They could not completely ignore the wishes of the factions behind them.

Take Huang You for example.
Behind him stood the Huang family—one of the eight great aristocratic families.
The number of people in the Huang family was uncountable.
They were also members of the Huangs among the various major factions overseas.

Therefore, every year at the Dao Conference, the Huangs made up a huge faction.
Every year, a core member of the Huang family would stand out and receive the family’s support.
However, it was not always the same who would receive support every year.

In the past, it was the direct descendants of the Huangs within the Federation who received more support.
But this year, the most outstanding disciple of the Huang family appeared overseas, and that was Huang You.

Naturally, Huang You had received the greatest amount of training from the Huangs.
All the descendants of the Huangs, as well as the forces related to them, were helping Huang You to stand out.
This was the benefit of being a large family.
As long as they were of the same heart and mind, it would not be difficult for them to support one or two people.

Chu Yunfan knew this very well.
This was because the person the Chus was supporting this year was none other than his cousin, Chu Yunfei.
Of course, the Chus thought highly of Chu Yunfan, but he had no intention of having any deep connection to the Chus because he did not need it.

Therefore, the Chus naturally took the second best option and nurtured Chu Yunfei instead.
Needless to say, Chu Yunfei’s talent was undeniable.
In the past, he had fought alone and was able to enter Federation University and even suppress the geniuses of the Chu family in the same age group.

But now, after being groomed by the entire Chu family, it was as if a volcano had erupted.
All of a sudden, Chu Yunfei’s name was on the leaderboard and was ranked 15th.
Although he had yet to enter the top 10, his achievement was still shocking nonetheless.

After being groomed and supported by the Chus for a few more years, Chu Yunfei might be able to catch up to Jiang Pengfei and the others in the future.

“Not a chance,” Chu Yunfan said faintly.

“I’ve heard of you.
I heard that you’re very arrogant.
Now that I’ve seen you, you’re even more arrogant than the rumors say.
If you had the support of the Chus, I’d forget about it.
But now, even the Chus have given up on you.
What qualifications do you have to compete with us?” Huang You said faintly with a lofty expression.
He did not take Chu Yunfan to heart at all.
He did not even acknowledge Chu Yunfan.

“Hahahaha!” Chu Yunfan laughed uproariously.

“What are you laughing at?” Huang You frowned.

“I’m laughing at you for being pitiful.
Without the skin of the Huang family, are you nothing?” Chu Yunfan replied, “How could a low life such as yourself understand the ambitions of a person like me? If you want the key, then come and get it.”

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“It’s so lively here.
Was I mistaken? Is the key in your hand, Chu Yunfan?”

Suddenly, another group of people appeared.
This group was dressed in black and each of them carried a long sword on their back.
They were dressed like swordsmen.

“The Royal Swords?” When Huang You saw these people, his frown deepened.
These people were dressed in uniform.
They were none other than the disciples of the overseas sect, The Royal Swords.

Over the years, the power of The Royal Swords had developed quickly.
Although, it could not be compared to the Huang family.
In fact, there was no comparing the two.
However, when one was faced with the members of The Royal Swords, most would not have much of an advantage.

“Here comes another one.
But I’m sorry, you’re too late.
This key belongs to me.” Chu Yunfan did not hide the fact that he had obtained a key.
There was no need to.
If he did not even have this bit of confidence, how would be able to compete with all the heroes of the world?

“Hahaha, looks like you’ve yet to successfully snatch away the key, Huang You.
In that case, it belongs to me,” a black-clothed youth with a long sword in his hand said as he stepped forward.

Chu Yunfan recognized this person as well.
His name was Yufeng of The Royal Swords.
He was currently ranked 20th on the leaderboard.

Regardless of whether it was Huang You or Yufeng, both of them were troublesome characters.
If any one of them appeared, even Mei Haiyun would have to be on high alert.
The others would be on even higher alert as if they were facing a great enemy.
If the two of them were to join forces, they would be an extremely powerful and terrifying existence.

“Yufeng, how about we join forces and take down Chu Yunfan first? After we defeat him, we’ll determine the victor between us,” Huang You suggested.

Among the three parties present, Chu Yunfan was the weakest.
However, they did not dare to underestimate this person who had previously defeated Jiang Pengfei, let alone that Chu Yunfan had beaten Lu Feiyu until he coughed up blood and fled half a month ago within just a few moves.
News of that had quickly spread along with the departure of those people.

Huang You also did not want Chu Yunfan to end up benefiting after both sides suffered heavy losses.
That was without a doubt, the worst-case scenario.

“That’s not a bad idea.
Chu Yunfan, do you want to back down or do you want us to take action?” Yufeng said calmly.

A chill descended upon the scene.

At the same time, on the huge battleship not far from Star Myriad Island, most of the instructors were watching this scene.

Star Myriad Island was huge, so the satellite images could not monitor the whole place in real-time.
Only some key areas with treasure chests or some key students and disciples would have special satellite images following them.

And now, everyone saw that Chu Yunfan was being targeted by the Huangs and The Royal Swords at the same time.
No matter which side it was, Chu Yunfan could not compare to them in a one-on-one fight.

Everyone’s gaze turned to Jeang Yuanbin.
He was Chu Yunfan’s instructor, so he was naturally the person in charge.

However, Jeang Yuanbin remained calm.
When he saw everyone’s gazes turn to him, he smiled faintly and said, “This is nothing special.
If Chu Yunfan can’t deal with this, I’d be disappointed.”

Before coming to the Dao Conference, Jeang Yuanbin had given Chu Yunfan special training.
He was very clear on Chu Yunfan’s strength and knew where his limit was.
Although the other party consisted of many and was very strong, Jeang Yuanbin still had absolute confidence in Chu Yunfan.

When they heard this, the faces of the instructors related to the Huang family and The Royal Swords instantly turned ugly.
However, Jeang Yuanbin’s fierce might was limited to only within Federation University.
He also had a great reputation overseas.

In the end, they did not dare say anything.
They merely sneered and said, “When Chu Yunfan is defeated, we’ll see if you two, the master and the disciple, still dare to be so arrogant!”

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