Unlike ordinary sabers, Lu Feiyu’s was much thinner—not even one-third.

Such a saber naturally could not unleash any terrifying power, but it afforded its user speed.
It shot out like a bolt of lightning.
In the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Chu Yunfan’s face.

Chu Yunfan heard the mournful sound of air being torn apart.
It was clear how fast this saber was.

“Go to hell!” Lu Feiyu shouted.
A prideful smile appeared on his face.
The speed of his attack was extremely fast.
Many would not even have time to react before being defeated by this blade.

In the world of martial arts, speed has always been a cornerstone.
This was a truth that had been irrefutable since ancient times.

As soon as Lu Feiyu made his move, he displayed a strength that far exceeded that of the ordinary student council members.

The sixth level of the Acquired Stage!

This level of strength was even stronger than Jiang Pengfei whom Chu Yunfan had previously defeated.
And most of the student council members that Chu Yunfan had defeated earlier were at most at the third level of the Acquired Stage.
This difference in strength was a little too big.

As for Lu Feiyu, he was considered one of the best even among the sophomores.
He naturally had a high opinion of himself.
However, at the critical moment of impact, Chu Yunfan raised the Ju Que and blocked the incoming attack.

The large sword gave Chu Yunfan both offensive and defensive capabilities.


The saber and the sword collided fiercely.
Sparks flew and True Energy spread out in all directions.
For a moment, the air roiled like boiling water, shaking violently as True Energy surged through.

The violent power spread out along with the terrifying shockwaves.
The students and disciples of the various factions who were watching from afar covered their ears.
They felt that their eardrums were about to burst.

The surging waves of True Energy pushed them back.
They were unable to get close.
The strong winds created by True Energy whipped at their cheeks.
No one had expected Chu Yunfan and Lu Feiyu to attack so fiercely right from the start.
This was especially so for Lu Feiyu.
He held nothing back.
He was aiming to kill Chu Yunfan.

“I’ll kill you!”

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After an unsuccessful attempt, Lu Feiyu did not stop.
In the next moment, he disappeared from his spot.
When he reappeared, he was already on Chu Yunfan’s left.
Another slash came down.
His body emitted a bright and intense True Energy light.

Saber in hand, Lu Feiyun’s entire being radiated with killing intent.
In his hands, the word “fast” could be used to describe his martial skill, and this simple word contained a great deal of power.

“The victor is about to be decided!”

Many were unable to keep up with Lu Feiyu’s speed.
Only now did they truly realize that it was far from just his strikes being fast.
If it was just the speed of his attacks, although terrifying, it would not be impossible to deal with such a person.
The major factor was that Lu Feiyu’s movement speed was also very fast.
In the blink of an eye, he had already teleported to Chu Yunfan’s left.

One word—fast.

It looked like Chu Yunfan was unable to react in time as he was cut down by Lu Feiyu’s saber.

‘The winner has been decided!’

This thought emerged in everyone’s mind.
Even the students and instructors spectating from the battleship had the same thought.
Even if Chu Yunfan did not die, he would be seriously injured by the force of this attack.
At this point in the battle, there should be no suspense.


The slash came down directly on Chu Yunfan’s head, but it did not hit anything.
Then, everyone watched as the saber passed right through Chu Yunfan’s body.

‘It’s an afterimage!’ Lu Feiyu quickly realized.
The next second, he sensed an extremely great danger descending from the sky as his vision blurred.
He did not know when, but Chu Yunfan’s Ju Que slashed horizontally, aiming directly for his neck.

Since Lu Feiyu had made his move with the determination to kill Chu Yunfan, then Chu Yunfan did not have many scruples in doing the same.

Chu Yunfan made a fatal move.

u Feiyu’s body instinctively retreated.
He watched as the sword swept through where he was standing just seconds ago.


Lu Feiyu, who had barely dodged the sword, got a scratch on his face.
His skin was split open and blood spurted out.
He had been hit by Chu Yunfan’s great energy.
However, Lu Feiyu did not feel the wound.
He was still immersed in having survived a disaster.

‘How is he so fast?!’ Lu Feiyu was shocked by Chu Yunfan’s speed.
It was not inferior to his own.
No, it should be said that Chu Yunfan was even faster than him.

Chu Yunfan’s strength was already so great, yet his speed was not the slightest bit inferior.
It was extremely terrifying.

“How is Chu Yunfan possibly this fast? How is he so strong?!”

Even the instructors on the battleship were exclaiming in shock.
No matter what, Chu Yunfan’s current performance was absolutely stunning.

“Is this really so strange? He’s Chu Yunfan after all.”

Among everyone on the battleship, only Jeang Yuanbin was unsurprised.
His student had even defeated Jiang Pengfei, so there was nothing strange about him defeating Lu Feiyu.

The other instructors finally recalled Chu Yunfan’s astonishing battle record.
No one dared say it was outdated anymore.
Chu Yunfan had not stopped after defeating Jiang Pengfei.
Instead, he became even more terrifying.

And the instant Lu Feiyu hesitated, the tide of the battle tipped in Chu Yunfan’s favor.

Chu Yunfan slashed down with his sword.
Fast, accurate, and ruthless.
He had all three attributes.

“World Overlord, Earth Sword!”

This sword attack surged with True Energy.
It was as if the entire world was about to split apart.
The attack was incomparably violent.

Lu Feiyu barely had time to react.
This was because Chu Yunfan was far too quick.
He could only raise his long saber to resist.


Chu Yunfan’s strength erupted.
Lu Feiyu was originally standing as firm as the roots of an old tree, his feet planted firmly onto the ground.
But after being slashed by the sword strike, he retreated frantically.
He was completely unable to block the attack.

Lu Feiyu’s face went completely red.
In the end, he could not hold it in anymore and spat out a mouthful of blood.

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