In the face of the two geniuses’ aggressive attitudes, Mei Haiyun put away his long spear and said, “There are plenty of opportunities to fight, but I don’t have the time to do so right now.
The most important thing is to find the keys.”

Mei Haiyun was not afraid.
He would surely be not afraid If it was just one of them, but if it was two of them, then things would be difficult.
The most important thing was that he did not want to waste time on this.

Mei Haiyun did not know what the reward for being the champion of this conference would be, but he thought that it would surely be no match for the inner core of a Divine Ability Stage monster.

With a Divine Ability Stage inner core, Mei Haiyun was confident that he could catch up to Jiang Lingxiao within two years.
He could even surpass Jiang Lingxiao in the future.

Situ Ziying and Li Xuan were a little hesitant as they did not want to fight Mei Haiyun to the death in the presence of others.
Moreover, what Mei Haiyun said was indeed something they were concerned about.

No one disregards an inner core from a Divine Ability Stage monster.
Although the castle would only open in a month, these people were the cream of the crop among the universities, sects, and aristocratic families.
No one was used to placing their hopes on others.
Only by obtaining a key could they feel at ease.

In the end, the three of them ceased fighting.
These people were not stupid and naturally understood that if they fought now, they would only be benefitting others in the end.

However, the collision still made many of the leaders in the battleship break out in cold sweat.
Especially the leaders of Qinghua University, Federation University, and the Paragon Palace.

These three carried the hopes of the three greatest factions.

However, this collision was far from just among the three of them.
All over the island, similar collisions were taking place.
Those who were famous at Federation University were also being targeted.

In any case, there was still a month’s time.
Many people were not in a hurry, and settling their grudges was more important.

Chu Yunfan fought the entire way.
Star Myriad Island was enormous.
If it was an ordinary person, it would be impossible for them to reach the huge mountain peak at the center of the island.
It was already difficult enough to reach there in a month’s time, not to mention that there were all kinds of monsters obstructing him along the way.

After an entire day, Chu Yunfan finally arrived at the first location that might have a key hidden marked on his terminal.
At last, he was not the first to arrive.
Before him, more than a hundred people had already gotten there.

The scene was already a mess.
It was an open space in a forest and monster carcasses could be seen everywhere.
Blood flowed like a river, and this area had been excavated.
In the middle of the open space, there was an incomparably huge metal box.

A group of more than a hundred people faced each other from afar.
They were divided into different factions, eyeing each other like tigers eyeing their prey.
Everyone wanted to obtain that metal box.
However, everyone was being cautious.

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com ,Please!

It was obvious that they had already fought once, but the victor had yet to be decided.

Among these people, there were about twenty or so who were students from Federation University.
The remaining dozens were students from various major factions.

Just in terms of numbers, Federation University students made up the majority.
After all, in terms of quality, the students of Federation University were much stronger.
The other nine universities of the top ten universities might not necessarily be inferior to Federation University in terms of top-notch experts.
They might also be able to send out a few experts that could compete with Mei Haiyun and the others.
But in terms of overall strength, they were miles apart.

Chu Yunfan’s arrival caused the people on both sides to frown.
The disciples of the other universities and sects naturally became so because of Chu Yunfan’s reputation.
Another student from Federation University had arrived and it was not a good thing for them.

The students from Federation University were not happy either.
This was because they were all members of the student council who had a grudge against Chu Yunfan.

Although the one who had a grudge against Chu Yunfan was Jiang Lingxiao.
And since it was their president who held a grudge against Chu Yunfan, they naturally did not look kindly at him.

Chu Yunfan took a look at the two sides that were confronting each other.
In terms of quality, the student council members had the absolute advantage.
They consisted of more than twenty people and all of them were Acquired Stage experts.

In comparison, the strength of the disciples of the other major sects was uneven.
The strong ones were also Acquired Stage experts, but the weaker ones were only at the seventh or eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
At most, they were at the same level as Chu Yunfan when he took the college entrance exam half a year ago.

However, they had the numbers, so the two sides were still evenly matched.
It came down to the forces with different scores.
They each had their own ulterior motives and could not work together.
Otherwise, it would be difficult for two fists to fight against four hands.
As long as they went all out, the student council members had no chance of winning against an opponent several times their own.

As everyone was confronting each other, Chu Yunfan walked straight up to the iron box.


The two groups who were originally confronting each other started becoming anxious.
Especially the student council members.
When they saw that Chu Yunfan was planning to take advantage of the situation, they started to worry.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t even think about it!”

This group of more than twenty people stood directly in front of Chu Yunfan.

At this moment, the people from the other universities and sects finally realized that Chu Yunfan was not on the same side as the Federation University students.
The conflict was so great that even in front of outsiders, they were not willing to cooperate even a little.

The people from the various universities and sects were not necessarily companions.
They were just a temporary group.

“You’re trying to stop me?” Chu Yunfan sneered as he looked at the student council members.
He did not have a good impression of the student council.
He was very clear about who had added fuel to the fire behind the scenes.

“Just you lot?”

The student council members suddenly became nervous.
The others might not know about Chu Yunfan’s infamous reputation, but they had been staring at Chu Yunfan’s matter all day long.
They naturally knew how fierce this guy was.

The matter of one person challenging the Soaring Rocs a while ago was still fresh in their memories.
Jiang Pengfei was in the top three of this year and he got beaten up.

Although they were all Acquired Stage experts, they might not be a match for Chu Yunfan even if they all went up together.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t be too arrogant.
The student council’s number one expert this year, Lu Feiyu, has also received words and will be here soon!” a student council member said loudly.

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