Chu Yunfan entered the forest.
Not long after, he received information regarding where the keys might be hidden.

Chu Yunfan immediately flew toward one of the locations.
Since he did not know which location was the real one, he might as well choose one randomly.

As for killing monsters, he was not in a hurry.
That could wait until he found one of the keys.
As long as he had one of the keys, he would have a place in the castle when it opened.
As he flew deeper into the forest, he killed all of the monsters he came across.

At this moment, at a place about a thousand miles away from Star Myriad Island, a huge battleship was floating above the waves.
Inside the battleship, the top instructors of various universities, as well as the elders of various sects and families, were gathered together.
Through satellite images, they could see some of what was happening on the island.

The conference had just started, but the intense battle had already begun.
Those young men and women who had entered the depths of Star Myriad Island had almost immediately encountered groups of monsters residing on the island.

Star Myriad Island had yet to be developed, so there were still many monsters lurking about.
Although powerful monsters such as those at the Innate level had long been eliminated, a lot of monsters remained and they were quite difficult to deal with.

Faced with these monsters, many of the participants suffered great loss.
Some were even torn into pieces by the monsters.
However, the expressions of these people did not change.
Since they had agreed to this model, they had long known what they might go through.

Which one of these people had not experienced countless life and death situations to achieve their current achievements? Although this was cruel, to these students, this was a path that they had to take.

Soon, the students who realized that they were alone began to call for their friends.
They began to form groups according to the different universities, sects, and aristocratic families.

In particular, the disciples of the Huangs, the Chus, the Tangs, and the other aristocratic families quickly began to gather together.
Although they came from different sects and universities and were all descendants of different families, at this moment, they needed to place their trust in one another.

“Some fellows are going to clash so soon?”

Someone noticed that in the depths of Star Myriad Island, some high-profile participants were starting to cross paths.

A handsome youth with shoulder-length hair and a well-built figure held a halberd in his hand.
He carved out a bloody path and arrived in front of another youth.

“Mei Haiyun! I’ve finally found you! Hahaha, I heard that you’re cultivating a water-type cultivation technique.
Coincidentally, I’ve also achieved small success in my Shocking Blue Waves Technique.
You’re the strongest in Federation University, so I’ll start with you!”

Although the satellite images only showed images and no sound, everyone could read lips.
It was not difficult to tell what he was saying from the movement of his mouth.

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Many of the instructors from Federation University had solemn expressions on their faces.
Mei Haiyun was currently the strongest student among the freshmen of Federation University.
Most people would tackle the easy tasks before getting to the hardest.
Yet this person wanted to start with Mei Haiyun.
His confidence was simply overflowing.

However, there was no doubt about his strength.
This could be clearly seen from the ease he chopped down those Acquired Stage monsters like he was chopping melons and vegetables.
And there was certainly no lack of strong monsters on this undeveloped desolate island.
The strength of the monsters was terrifying.

“Who is this person?” someone asked.

“That’s the current successor of the remote Paragon Palace, Li Xuan!”

“The Remote Paragon Palace.
I’ve heard of them.
It’s a small sect, but its strength is not to be underestimated.
Every year, there are only three to five successors, and the outstanding ones even stand a chance of becoming the conference champion.”

“Hehe, these geniuses.
They really can’t wait to bump into each other.”

Standing opposite Mei Haiyun who was the top scorer this year, Li Xuan looked calm and unhurried.
He wore an azure long robe that was embroidered with white clouds, looking quite elegant and otherworldly.

Mei Haiyun brandished the long spear in his hand and said indifferently, “Paragon Palace’s Li Xuan, you’re quite the character.
You’re worthy of being one of the fallen souls of my spear.”

Li Xuan of the Paragon Palace could be considered arrogant, but Mei Haiyun was even more so.

“I will be this year’s conference champion.
Those who get in my way will die.”

“Hahaha, that’s a good one.
‘Those who get in my way will die.’ They say that you’re strong, but I don’t believe it.”

Li Xuan laughed with a domineering smile on his face.
The True Energy in his body began to burn.
With a raise of his hand, he looked like the supreme being of the world.
In the blink of an eye, he had already pounced on Mei Haiyun.


The halberd and the spear collided in midair.
The True Energy within the weapons turned into a terrifying squall and burst out in all directions.
The ground under the feet of both parties instantly crumbled under each other’s power.

“What great strength.”

Many of the leaders on the battleship were shocked.
It was not because of their strength, but because they were stronger than expected.
Recalling that these two had already reached such a level at only eighteen or nineteen, it would surely be difficult for them to find a worthy opponent among their peers.

However, this exchange determined who was stronger.
Mei Haiyun steadily held onto the spear in his hand while Li Xuan swayed ever so slightly.
There was a gap between them.

“Hahaha! Looks like someone beat me to it.
Mei Haiyun, I also want to challenge you.”

Suddenly, another long whistle sounded.
A youth dressed in a white robe appeared.
His face was not very handsome but it was delicate and there was a heroic air about him.

“Mei Haiyun, I lost to you in our last battle.
But this time, I won’t lose.”

“It’s Situ Ziying of Qinghua University.
He ranked fourth just below Jiang Pengfei.
The conference just began, but there’s already a battle at this level.
Could the victor of this conference be decided within a day?”

Some instructors recognized this person.
Situ Ziying was the pride of Qinghua University—ranked the fourth best university student.

The instructors of Qinghua University began to show worried expressions.
This was just the beginning.
Situ Ziying was the hope of their school—the talent that they had put in all their effort to nurture.
If he fought Mei Haiyun and the others to the point where both sides suffered heavy losses, then there would be a big problem.

More than two or three true experts were participating in this year’s conference.

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