Such conferences were the most direct way for the various large factions to display their strength—apart from starting a fight.

“Aside from these regular rewards, the Stellaris Sect will also be presenting an inner core of a monster that had been bred to the Divine Ability Stage.”

The moment this middle-aged man’s words fell out of his mouth, it instantly caused a huge uproar.
The dozens of people present, including Chu Yunfan, were shocked.

What was a monster at the Divine Ability Stage? Its value was simply immeasurable.

The value of the inner core of the huge snake that Chu Yunfan had obtained previously, which was at the peak of the Innate Stage and was just a little bit away from stepping into the Divine Ability Stage, was already ridiculously high.
But compared to the inner core of a monster that was at the Divine Ability Stage, it was simply insignificant.
It was not even worth mentioning.

For an alchemy genius like Chu Yunfan who had inherited the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, he would certainly be able to bring the value of such an inner core to more than ten times its original value.

Everyone was shocked by the Stellaris Sect’s super spending.
Normally speaking, even if the Stellaris Sect were to offer up an Innate level monster’s inner core, it would already be considered generous.
After all, Federation University’s spending was only so-so.
Whether it was the previous champion, Jiang Lingxiao, or the champion before that, Feng Tianyuan, they were able to quickly step into the Innate Stage because of the reward they had got from taking first place.

This was the fundamental reason why Chu Yunfan had to become champion this year.
Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to step into the Innate Stage.

However, the Stellaris Sect sect’s plan was even bigger than Chu Yunfan had imagined.
Other than the usual first-place reward, they had also presented this inner core which surely caused a shock.

A glint flashed through Chu Yunfan’s eyes.
He was going to become this year’s champion.
He was going to obtain this Divine Ability Stage monster’s inner core.

However, a trace of suspicion crossed Chu Yunfan’s heart.
This was surely no small matter.
In the past, the rewards of every year’s conference had been generous.
All those times, Federation University was certain that the person who would win in the end would surely be a student of Federation University.
Although the rewards seemed like they were offered at the Dao Conference, the reward would be given to Federation University’s students in the end.
It was all just for show.

Last year was an exception.
Furthermore, even though Federation University had unexpectedly failed last year, they were still the favorites to win this year.
This was especially so for the top students of Federation University, Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao, and a few others.
They were all the hot favorites for becoming this year’s champion.

The other sects and aristocratic families had also heard of these outstanding characters.
But at the end of the day, none of them were a match for Mei Haiyun or Dong Fanghao.

So why did the Stellaris Sect think that it would definitely be a disciple of their sect who would receive the greatest reward?

Chu Yunfan did not believe that the Stellaris Sect would be so kind-hearted as to give them such a precious item.
How terrifying was a monster at the Divine Ability Stage? For example, if there had been a monster of that level participating in the Battle of Verdant City, that monster would have been able to hold out until the arrival of the Federation Army.
The entire city would have been conquered and turned into ashes.
No one would be able to stop it.

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To kill such a monster would mean a heavy price.
And now, did the Stellaris Sect really think that it was fair and just to use it as a reward?

Thinking it over, Chu Yunfan knew that it was impossible.
Then there was only one possibility.
The Stellaris Sect was confident that the inner core would fall into the hands of their own people in the end.

What kind of genius disciple could guarantee the final victory? Or would they use some other methods?

‘No matter what schemes they come up with, I will get my hands on this inner core,’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

It did not matter what schemes the Stellaris Sect had set up.
Since they had set the rules, they had to act accordingly.
In the end, they had to obey absolute strength.

“May I know how we obtain this inner core?” a student asked.

The middle-aged instructor glanced at the participants who were both excited and shocked.
Then, he opened his mouth and said, “You will disembark at different locations around Star Myriad Island.
On the island, other than the countless number of monsters, there’s a huge mountain at its center.
There stands a castle that was built by the Stellaris Sect a long time ago.
Within the castle is a Divine Ability Stage monster.

“A month from now, the castle will open.
But to gain access to the castle, you must find one of the five keys scattered all over Star Myriad Island.
Only after securing one of these keys can you possibly open the castle gates.
Therefore, for the next one month, do your best to find the five keys,” the middle-aged instructor explained as he looked at the participants.
“When you arrive at Star Myriad Island, you will receive the location of these keys on your terminals.
Some of these locations will be true and some will be false.
It’s up to you to locate them.

“This conference will go on for four weeks.
After a month, we will come and pick you up.
I wish you all good luck.”

Chu Yunfan instantly understood.
He felt that a storm of blood would be stirred up when that time came.
Even Innate experts would be moved, much less Acquired experts, to compete for such an item.
This year’s conference would be even bloodier and crueler than any of the previous ones.

Although they did not know what the Stellaris Sect was plotting, it was not important.
The next month would be the month that would truly decide the outcome.

Shortly after, the transport plane stopped on an incomparably huge island.
Looking at the island, it was a vast and boundless continent that was covered in an endless forest.

Chu Yunfan and the others were dropped off at the beach.
Then, the transport plane left Star Myriad Island.
Everyone looked at each other.
Now that they were on the island, they had officially become competitors.
In particular, most of their gazes were trained on Chu Yunfan.
They knew that Chu Yunfan was their greatest enemy.

In just a moment, everyone left the scene.
They clench their fists and dove into the forest.
Only Chu Yunfan remained on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.
From afar, one could spot a huge mountain peak at the end of the endless forest.
Its stature was majestic, like a treasured sword, piercing straight into the sky.

In the distant forest, the endless roars of the monsters rose and fell, echoing with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

This was a savage land that had yet to be developed by humans.

Chu Yunfan stopped dawdling.
With a few leaps, he disappeared into the forest as well.

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