“The Green Cloths? Isn’t that one of the three great assassin organizations?” Chu Yunfan’s expression became solemn.

In the Encyclopedia of Cultivation, there was a mention of The Green Cloths, one of the three great assassin organizations.
Ordinary people had naturally never heard of The Green Cloths, but there were some records of them in the encyclopedia.
Although it was only some basic information, it was already terrifying enough.

There were many assassin organizations within the Federation.
It was not an exaggeration to say that there were as many as there were weeds in a field.
There were even quite several financial companies that secretly nurtured assassin organizations.

But among these assassin organizations, The Green Cloths, The Heaven and Earth Killers, and The Dark Blood Pool were the three major players.
These three major assassin organizations had each attempted to assassinate the president of the Federation and had succeeded.

This was the most terrifying record of these three major assassin organizations.
They had become famous through this one assassination.
The Federation president was one of the most powerful people in the Federation.
Not to mention his formidable strength, just the guards around him displayed great power.
Even if a super powerhouse at the Divine Abilities Stage wanted to assassinate the president, they would find it an extremely difficult task.

And these three organizations had successfully assassinated the president during the darkest era of the Federation and became legends.

Of course, following that, they suffered the cruel revenge of the entire Federation.
Thousands of core assassins from the three major assassin organizations, as well as those related to them, were captured and brutally executed.
The strength of the three organizations was greatly damaged.

However, the reputation of the three organizations rose greatly after that.
Once they recovered their strength, they became infamous.

Within The Green Cloths, other than ordinary assassins, there were also some elites known as young masters.
These people were all extremely terrifying, and Chu Yunfan had heard of their graduation tests.
They were those who had killed the strongest within their age group.

Rumors of such happenings cropped up every year.
However, their targets were from the best of the countless elites of the Federation and would naturally not be killed so easily.
Even so, there were still people who were killed every year, and the most glorious battle record of these young masters of the three great assassin organizations was killing the top scorer and becoming the strongest person of that year.

Therefore, even though not all the assassinations were successful, no one dared to underestimate the young masters of The Green Cloths.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan finally understood why Xu Baiwan had so solemnly told him of this matter.
If this matter involved The Green Cloths, even the important figures of the Federation would have a headache.
In a head-on battle, the young master might not be unstoppable.
But if they were to escape into the darkness, it would certainly be a cause for concern.

Because these sorts of things were impossible to guard against, no one knew when the young master would appear.
Although The Green Cloths were not invited to the Dao Conference, with their power, Chu Yunfan did not doubt that they would definitely be able to sneak in.

“No worries,” Chu Yunfan calmly replied.
The greatest trump card of The Green Cloths was the sudden appearance of a fatal blow.
To ordinary people, it would be extremely threatening, but to Chu Yunfan who had cultivated the Imperial Physique, the danger level was much lower.
As long as he was careful, there would not be too much of a problem.

“I also wish to know how much the bounty of a young master of The Green Cloth is worth.” Chu Yunfan smiled.
“It’s fine if he doesn’t appear.
But if he does, I will behead him.”

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Chu Yunfan smiled, but his eyes were filled with a cold steely gaze.

Xu Baiwan knew that Chu Yunfan had been sufficiently warned and so did not say anything more.
Xu Baiwan disliked shallow conversations.
On top of that, if Chu Yunfan was someone who could not resist the assassination of the young masters, he would simply not have the qualifications to be friends with Xu Baiwan.

No matter how powerful one’s talent was, it would be useless if one could not grow up.

“Then I shall wait for your good news,” Xu Baiwan said with a smile.

“Oh, right.
Do you have any spirit stones for sale here?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“There are quite a few.
If you want a large quantity, I can have them shipped from the Federation overnight.
It won’t take long,” Xu Baiwan said.

“I want a thousand low-grade spirit stones,” Chu Yunfan said, “Are 100 million Federation University points enough?”

“Not a problem.
We have a way to convert them.
Considering that 100 million Federation University points are more valuable than 100 million federal coins, I’ll get you 1,100 low-grade spirit stones.” Xu Baiwan nodded.
To him, this was a profitable trade.

Xu Baiwan was quite surprised.
Chu Yunfan had only been at Federation University for a little over half a year and already managed to accumulate 100 million points.

99% of the students could not earn that many points even after four years at Federation University.
Federation University points were different from the money used within normal society.
They needed to complete various missions to accumulate them.

Of course, Xu Baiwan did not know that Chu Yunfan’s points were given to him by his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin.
Otherwise, even if he worked hard on missions, it would be difficult for him to earn all those points.
Even if he was an Innate level expert, it would not be easy to earn that many points in such a short period.

“All right.
I shall take my leave now.
I have things to attend to, so I won’t stay and chat.
Let’s talk again next time,” Chu Yunfan said as he stood up.

“Sure, no problem.
I’ll have someone send the spirit stones you requested to your place shortly,” Xu Baiwan said.

Chu Yunfan nodded.
After getting acquainted with Xu Baiwan, many things would be much easier from now on.

After leaving the private clubhouse, Chu Yunfan looked up at the sky.
Tomorrow’s Dao Conference would definitely not be peaceful.
The Jiangs, along with the Huangs, as well as The Green Cloths, there were probably many others who wanted his head.

Chu Yunfan and Jiang Pengfei had fought in a fit of rage.
It was nothing major.
The real problem lay with Shanhe Alchemy.
After applying for the patent, there were probably countless people who wanted Chu Yunfan’s life.
Although he had the protection of Federation University and many did not dare to act openly, assassin organizations like The Green Cloth did not have such concerns.

Human life could be said to be precious, but it could also be said to be cheap.

Although Chu Yunfan was not afraid, he still had to be fully prepared.
With the low-grade spirit stones, he would be able to activate the Demon Descends Illustration within a short period.
Even if The Green Cloths sent an Innate expert, he would not be afraid.

Tomorrow, Chu Yunfan would kill all the monsters that dared to show themselves.

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