“That’s right.
He’s just a freshman.
How powerful can he be?” a youth said as he nodded in agreement.

These people had their pride.
It was impossible for them to admit that they were inferior to a freshman.

“You shouldn’t underestimate him.
I heard Chu Yunfan was the champion of this year’s Federation University instructor competition.
No matter what, the champion of Federation University’s instructor competition has value.”

At this moment, an ordinary-looking young lady with an extraordinary aura spoke up.
Her gaze was calm.

“Yan Feilin, that’s just flattery.
Federation University’s instructor competition is mere child’s play.
Who would participate in such a competition if they were truly powerful?” Jiang Yunfei said as he shook his head.

“Huang Weiqing, you would be able to easily take down that brat who doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth,” Jiang Yunfei said as he looked at one of the tall youths.
This youth was dressed in yellow and looked imposing.

Huang Weiqing said offhandedly, “He’s just a freshman.
What’s there to compare? So what if this Chu Yunfan has some fame? This year, our family’s Huang You will be participating in this year’s Dao Conference.
Chu Yunfan would be lucky not to cross paths with him.
Otherwise, he’ll see exactly the type of trash he is.”

“Huang You? I’ve heard of this name before.
The Huangs have produced many outstanding descendants in the past.
But this year, it seems that the overseas descendant, Huang You of the Saint Sky Sect, is the strongest.”

When the young girl, Yan Feilin, heard this name, her eyes lit up.
Even Jiang Yunfei, who was very confident in Jiang Pengfei, could not help but reveal a solemn expression when he heard this name.

Chu Yunfan stood to the side and listened to all this.
It was another young master of an aristocratic family.
Currently, there were quite a number of aristocratic families within the Federation.
The Chus, the Tangs, the Jiangs, the Huangs, the Wangs, the Huangfus, the Lis, and the Lius were the eight leading aristocratic families and were known as The Great Eight.

The Great Eight held great influence throughout the Federation and was not limited to just that.
According to the usual practice of these aristocratic families, they surely would not place all their eggs in one basket.
For example, the Chus.
Other than the main family in the Federation, there were also many Chu descendants overseas.
The larger overseas sects had disciples from the Chus and many of them even held high positions.

This was the fundamental reason why the overseas sects had the ability to compete with the Federation in the Dao Conference.
It was because their sects were filled with the descendants of the various aristocratic families and financial groups.

But generally speaking, the main branch of the various aristocratic families was nestled within the Federation, and their most outstanding descendants would often enter Federation University.
Every year, Federation University would be able to steadily suppress the overseas disciples of the same age.

After a long period, the Federation would ultimately come out on top.
But the past two years seemed to have been slightly different.
The various aristocratic families had produced many experts overseas.
The original situation where the Federation dominated the scene had quietly changed.
It was like the various aristocratic families had collectively decided to increase their investments overseas and increase their resources for their overseas clansmen.

There was something strange about this.
However, Chu Yunfan did not really care.
Instead, he was more interested in Huang You.

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Jiang Yunfei had been so confident in Jiang Pengfei earlier.
But upon hearing Huang You’s name, he turned extremely solemn.
He was definitely not an ordinary person.

“We’ve lived overseas for a long time and were never valued by the main family.
Now, it’s time to change the rules.
Last year, an overseas sect became the champion.
This year will be the same,” Huang Weiqing said, “Jiang Yunfei, I’ve also heard of Jiang Pengfei from your family.
He seems pretty strong, but since he was defeated by a nobody like Chu Yunfan, I think his reputation is not all that it seems.”

“I’ve already said.
That was just an accident,” Jiang Yunfei said hurriedly, “Chu Yunfan is just a clown.
If you look down on Jiang Pengfei, you’ll regret it.”

“It doesn’t matter.
If Huang You comes, this year’s Dao Conference will be very lively.
Federation University has produced many powerful people this year, and the other top ten universities are not to be discounted either.”

“Yeah, Huang You is indeed stunning.
I’ve long heard of him.”

“We’ve never seen how powerful Jiang Pengfei is.
After all, we’re located overseas.
But as for Huang You, I feel that he would be able to easily suppress Chu Yunfan.”

Some people definitely supported this notion.
After all, Huang You was famous and many were afraid of him.

However, not everyone had the same idea.
For example, that young girl, Yan Feilin.
She merely smiled and did not say anything.
Huang You was famous, but she did not believe that Chu Yunfan, who could stand out in a place like Federation University, would be any ordinary person.

“Isn’t it more interesting the more powerful one is?” Yan Feilin said, “I don’t believe it’s just a coincidence.
A person who managed to become the champion of the instructor competition and defeat Jiang Pengfei.
I don’t believe in luck.”

Some nodded, agreeing with Yan Feilin.

“Yan Feilin, some things are just rumors.
Too bad he isn’t in front of me right now.
Otherwise, I’d suppress him and you could witness it for yourself,” Jiang Yunfei said unhappily.
He felt that Yan Feilin was always going against him.
If it were not for her reputation and strength, he would have turned hostile long ago.

Yan Feilin was questioning the honor of the Jiangs.

“Don’t the Jiangs have any other abilities other than bragging?” a clear and cold voice sounded.

Jiang Yunfei’s anger flared.
When he heard Chu Yunfan’s sarcastic words, he was furious.

“Who do you think you are?! What do you have to do with this?!” Jiang Yunfei shouted.

“Jiang Yunfei, you really don’t know the difference between gold and jade.
Didn’t you just say that you were going to suppress him? The real person is here now.” Yan Feilin smiled.
She had recognized Chu Yunfan instantly.
She had clearly looked up Chu Yunfan’s information.

An awkwardness instantly fell over the entire scene.
Jiang Yunfei had said that he wanted to suppress Chu Yunfan, but in the end, he had not recognized the real person in front of him.

Everyone looked at Jiang Yunfei.
Did he say he was going to suppress Chu Yunfan?

Jiang Yunfei’s anger also surged.
He directly shouted, “You don’t know your own weight.
In that case, then don’t blame me.
Wind-Thunder Explosion!”

Jiang Yunfei shouted and aimed his palm toward Chu Yunfan.
The sound of wind and thunder faintly reverberated throughout the spacious hall.

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