There were many young men and women standing at different points atop the black plate.
As time passed, their faces slowly turned red.

After a while, they could not take it anymore and heaved out a breath.
Then, they retreated a few steps.
Some of them even stepped off the black plate.

“Seems like no one can get past the gravity plate.”

The crowd discussed animatedly.
At first, many of them were eager to try, but after seeing the performance of the others, they hesitated.

From the discussion surrounding him, Chu Yunfan got to know that the black plate was a gravity plate.
The further one went on the plate, the greater the gravity would be.

According to the difference in strength, the distance one could walk was also different.
On a 600 feet long gravity plate, an Acquired Stage expert would reach their limit after walking a few dozen feet.
Only an Innate Stage expert could traverse the entire gravity plate.

The further one walked, the greater the restriction on the body.

Chu Yunfan instantly knew that this was the same principle as the weighted suits.

“This is a test organized by Wuwei.
Anyone who passes the gravity plate will obtain a cash reward of over a million yuan.”

“Over a million?” Many students sucked in a breath of cold air.
“Wuwei is indeed worthy of being one of the three great financial groups of the Federation.
This financial strength is indeed impressive.”

“This would be a huge sum of money to us, but to a behemoth like Wuwei, it’s nothing.”

Chu Yunfan recalled the introduction of the Wuwei Chamber of Commerce in the Encyclopedia of Cultivation.
The name “Wuwei” was taken from the meaning of doing nothing.
As the saying goes, a man does not fight for the sake of fighting.
This was the foundation of the company.
It never did business in an overbearing manner.
On the contrary, it had connections all throughout society.
Although the company did not fight hard, no one dared to look down on Wuwei.

There were many financial groups within this modern society, but most of them established their foundations through martial arts or something related to it.
For example, Bai Hong had the Bai Finances under his name and had established it and himself through alchemy.
But Bai Hong was an expert who had advanced to the peak of the Innate Stage.

There was also the Chu family who had their own financial group.
All the other big families were the same.
Unlike these companies, the Wuwei Chamber of Commerce did not operate under the rule of a family.
It was instead a colossus formed by many families and influences.

In terms of control in the Federation, it was even more influential than the Chu family, the Jiang family, or even the Tang family.
Its financial strength was ranked first among the many financial groups.

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Wuwei was unlike the financial groups of the aristocratic families.
To put it simply, these family-type financial groups were just a means to earn money to support the family descendants in their cultivation.
They had a precise purpose.

On the flip side, Wuwei was purely a financial group.
It only did business to earn money.
There was quite a gap between the two.

However, it was said that Wuwei loved to rope geniuses into their ranks.
This was especially so for these young geniuses.
Because they were still young, they did not have much money.
Wuwei only needed to fork over a small sum to befriend these young geniuses.

It was said that many important figures in the Federation had once received benefits from Wuwei when they were younger.
This was part of Wuwei’s brilliance.
Although they had cast a wide net, only one out of a hundred of these people would achieve amazing results in the end.
However, this alone was enough to cover all the expenses.

Only in the youth stage would it be possible to affect these young geniuses with millions of yuan.
If it was someone like Jeang Yuanbin who had already become famous, he would not even spare a glance at millions of yuan.

Thinking of the sum, even Chu Yunfan became a little interested.
Although a million yuan was not a lot to him, he was not about to give it up.
A year ago, a million yuan was an astronomical amount of wealth to him.
Most importantly, he wanted to see if he could pass the gravity plate.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan stopped hesitating and walked onto the gravity plate.

“Hey, be careful.
This isn’t just fun and games,” a young man who had just gone up to challenge the plate said.
He was about twenty years old and was red in the face.
The challenge had clearly affected him quite a bit.

“No worries, I just want to try it out,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

Seeing Chu Yunfan’s carefree look, the young man did not say anything.
He was still a little angry that Chu Yunfan did not know what was good for him.
He also felt that he might as well let Chu Yunfan suffer a little, let him know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

“It’s another challenger.
Haha, this fellow looks so young.
I think he’s just a freshman.”

“Looks like there’s about to be a good show.
I bet he can’t even make 100 feet.
Many of the previous challengers were sophomores, juniors, and senior disciples of the various sects and families.
None of them could pass.”

“If they could pass so easily, all of us would’ve passed long ago.”

“These freshmen probably haven’t seen Wuwei’s methods.
Although they’re famous for making good connections, not everyone has the qualifications to know them.”

However, the voices of discussion quickly disappeared.
Chu Yunfan had easily walked over 100 feet.
It was not as some people had guessed, where he would not make it.

On the contrary, Chu Yunfan moved extremely quickly and his expression remained natural.

“100 feet… 200 feet.
My God, he won’t make it past 300 feet, right? That’s the benchmark.
Only those in the Acquired Stage have managed to pass that mark.”

Some of the crowd gaped and said in shock.

The Acquired Stage was like a myth to them.
Not every school was like Federation University where experts came in waves and monsters ran rampant.

The quality of the other nine universities behind the Federation’s top ten universities could not even begin to compare to Federation University, let alone those ordinary focus universities.
For an Acquired expert to appear among the freshmen was an impressive feat.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan passed the 300-foot mark with a relaxed expression.
At this moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Chu Yunfan, watching to see how far he could go and whether he would get past the 600-foot-long gravity plate.

As Chu Yunfan walked, he felt the changes in gravity.
The previous changes were like a breeze and barely affected him.
But upon passing the 300-foot mark, the gravity suddenly increased to double.
This was a level that only Acquired Stage experts could withstand.

The more Chu Yunfan walked, the more he could feel the subtle changes in the gravity.
Unlike the weighted suit on his body which changed instantly, this gravity plate’s changes were gradual.

The difficulty of the remaining 300 feet was not the same as before.
Previously, most had been defeated by this 300-feet hurdle, but Chu Yunfan still looked relaxed.

Chu Yunfan walked across the 600-foot-long gravity plate as if he was strolling through a garden.

Everyone was in an uproar.

“Oh my god, he really did it!”

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