This battle quickly spread through the Internet as videos were uploaded.
This battle solidified Chu Yunfan’s fierce reputation.

For many, Chu Yunfan’s overwhelming defeat of Shangguan Tianyou and the others was undoubtedly an extremely shocking matter.
Although Chu Yunfan had not responded to the many rumors from before, this action of his was like the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves.
He used his actions to counter the rumors.

No one dared to continue claiming that he did not dare to fight.
After all, the facts were right in front of them.
Those who wanted to challenge Chu Yunfan to reshuffle the school’s ranking had also given up.
After just one battle, they knew who was stronger and who was weaker.

And what Dong Fanghao had said previously—that Chu Yunfan was still no match for him—had also been heard by many and was spread out.

This sentence was like a final conclusion.
It had once again determined the rankings of the experts in the hearts of Federation University’s freshmen.
Chu Yunfan had defeated Jiang Pengfei and was naturally ranked third, but there should still be a gap between him and the top two, Dong Fanghao and Mei Haiyun.

This time, many knew that there was a reason for the previous rankings.
It was not easy to surpass them.
This was because while one was improving, others were also improving.

For a time, these matters continued to ferment.
However, everyone’s attention was soon attracted to another matter.
Without a doubt, the upcoming Dao Conference would take half a month.
And this conference was related to the glory of Federation University.
Last year’s freshmen, which were now the sophomores, had lost to the disciples of the Stellaris Sect during last year’s Dao Conference.

Although this was not the first time such a thing had happened, there were not many precedents of such an event.
Without a doubt, for Federation University which had the largest amount of resources in all of the Federation, this was a great humiliation and a merciless slap in the face.

The Federation University’s students were elites that had been selected from the entire Federation.
Coupled with the Federation’s resources, they should have firmly occupied the first place.

It was because of their previous failure that this year’s freshmen had been entrusted with a greater and more important mission.
In an attempt to obtain better results in this Dao Conference, the students who were at the top began to enter the final preparatory stage.
The many rumors and news regarding Chu Yunfan finally died down.

Chu Yunfan did not know about the changes taking place outside his villa.
To him, the most urgent matter now was breaking through to the fifth level of the Acquired Stage.

Chu Yunfan was already at the peak of the fourth level of the Acquired Stage.
He had stepped into this level only a little while ago.
The gains he got from the last month were overwhelming.

Many would require a month just to push the boat along with the current and break through to the fifth level of the Acquired Stage.
However, Chu Yunfan did not have much time.
Therefore, he determined that the best method to move forward was to consume the Blood Origin Pills.

Chu Yunfan originally had five Blood Origin Pills.
Now, he still had four left.
It was just enough.

The Blood Origin Pills were not omnipotent, and no one could make a breakthrough with them out of thin air.
If Chu Yunfan forcefully swallowed the pills to make a breakthrough, then it would be no different from the path that the Alchemy Emperor had previously taken.

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To the current Chu Yunfan, he had painstakingly carved out every bit of his cultivation.
The pills were just a tool to help him make a breakthrough.

Chu Yunfan sat cross-legged on a futon in the cultivation room of his villa.
He guided his strength to circulate.
As the number of cycles increased, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation strength also surged and he began to break through to the fifth level of the Acquired Stage.

But no matter how Chu Yunfan tried to break through, the stage barrier stood firm.
After cultivating the Imperial Physique, every time he broke through, he was stronger than ordinary people.
This ultimately made it more difficult for him to break through.
Especially when the meridians in his body were constantly being further solidified.

Chu Yunfan had no choice but to use the power of the Blood Origin Pills to expand his meridians.
Otherwise, it would be too difficult to break through.

Finally, after an unknown amount of time had passed, the True Energy in Chu Yunfan’s body began to reach its limit.
A stable cyclone started to form around his body and began to rotate continuously.

‘It’s time,’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.
At the same time, he took out a Blood Origin Pill from the Mountain River Diagram and swallowed it.

The cyclone of True Energy around Chu Yunfan’s body instantly grew even larger.
It quickly turned into a storm.
However, this storm was centered around Chu Yunfan and did not move even an inch.
He had perfect control over his True Energy.

This was what Chu Yunfan had gained in the past month or so.
He had full control over every bit of his strength.

True Energy continued to circulate through Chu Yunfan’s meridians.
Soon, it formed a wild tide.
And this wild tide began to attack the fifth level of the Acquired Stage.

As time passed, Chu Yunfan began to attack the barrier of the fifth level of the Acquired Stage step by step.
One by one, his meridians began to open up bit by bit.
As more meridians in his body were opened up, his strength began to increase.

After three whole days, Chu Yunfan finally broke through the barrier.
An even more violent surge of True Energy radiated out from Chu Yunfan’s body, turning into a terrifying wild tide and forming a storm that instantly erupted.

When this wild tide finally withdrew, all of it returned to Chu Yunfan’s body.

‘I’ve finally broken through to the fifth level of the Acquired Stage.
In that case, I have another ten days left to consolidate my cultivation,’ Chu Yunfan pondered.
His accumulation was too deep.
Coupled with the effects of the Blood Origin Pill, even though he had just broken through, he had already completely stabilized his cultivation.
His combat strength was now comparable to a seventh-level Acquired.

The remaining ten days were enough for Chu Yunfan to completely absorb the medicinal effects of the Blood Origin Pill.
His cultivation strength would advance even further then.

Chu Yunfan was going to be the champion of this year’s Dao Conference.
Otherwise, he would run into a lot of trouble.
The biggest problem would be the first vice chancellor coming out of seclusion.
If he wanted to kill Jiang Lingxiao in the life-and-death duel six months from now, then becoming one of the greatest Federation University students was indispensable.

Identity at this level was the greatest protection.

As this thought crossed his mind, Chu Yunfan did not hesitate and began to cultivate again.

Time flew by and ten days passed.
The Dao Conference was finally about to begin.

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