Chapter 48: Iron Feathered Eagle

After everyone had finished the assessment, the results of the assessment were quickly released.
In this modern age, the speed of marking papers was very fast.

Chu Yunfan also received his exam results very quickly.
On a piece of paper, it was written that he had achieved excellent results in the liberal arts and full marks in the martial arts.

He was placed into the focus classes of the martial arts stream according to the automatic ranking of the computer.
However, there were two focus classes in No.
13 High School.
As for which focus class, that would depend on the final division from the school.

However, that was just the difference between the final classes.
This time, the liberal arts and martial arts class assessment had finally come to an end.

According to their respective strengths, they were divided into the liberal arts stream and the martial arts stream.

Among them, only about one-third had entered the martial arts stream, while the remaining two-thirds entered the liberal arts stream.
This did not mean that there was no hope for those in the liberal arts stream.
On the contrary, those who were divided in the liberal arts stream would be able to achieve success and fame in the end.

Human society valued both liberal arts and martial arts.
This did not mean that only martial artists had the opportunity to stand out.
The great scientists of human society were respected wherever they went.
Their contributions to human society were no less than those of powerful martial artists.

For human society, only by placing equal emphasis on liberal and martial arts, and by developing science and martial arts together, could cultivation be developed healthily.

Besides Chu Yunfan of Class 11, eight other people were admitted to the focus class of the martial arts stream.
This result was neither explosive nor bad.
It was just an ordinary result.

Gao Hongzhi, Tang Siyu, and Feng Deying, the original Big Three, were naturally admitted into the martial arts stream easily

After receiving their report cards, they were given a holiday.
This time, they were given a five-day holiday.
The school would also take advantage of this period to properly arrange the students into their classes.

Chu Yunfan returned home.
At this time, his sister, Chu Qingxuan, was doing her streaming in her room.
Meanwhile, his parents were still at work and had yet to return.

Chu Yunfan turned on the television.
In the last month, he had devoted all of his attention to cultivation.
It had been a long time since he had watched television.

The television of the Kunlun Era no longer had a large screen.
Instead, it projected a 3D projection through the top of a box.
It felt like he was there in person.
It was much more vivid than before.

As soon as he turned on the TV, he landed on the news channel.

Immediately, a huge vicious bird appeared in the projection.
Although it was only a projection and its size was only as tall as a real person’s, its fierce aura seemed to penetrate through the screen.

“An Iron Feathered Eagle!”

Chu Yunfan recognized the vicious bird in the projection.
He had learned about it in biology class.
It was a beast native to Earth and was a very powerful and vicious bird.

It looked like an eagle, but its body was much bigger than an eagle’s.
It had a wingspan of more than 50 meters and it was covered in feathers that looked like gold and iron.
Hundreds of years ago, it posed a great threat to mankind.

Hundreds of years ago, the situation of mankind was far less stable than it is now.
Not only were they fighting on the battlefields of Kunlun, but they had also lost the only colony they had.
On Earth’s own land, the native ferocious beasts that had grown up on Earth led countless beast hordes to continuously encroach upon human territory.

Among those king-level ferocious beasts, there was this Iron Feathered Eagle.
Bullets could not penetrate the protection of its feathers.
Even the most advanced fighter jet’s missiles at that time could not hurt it, in the end, they had to use tactical nuclear bombs to finally heavily injure the Iron Feathered Eagle and force it to retreat.

The situation at that time was already extremely dangerous.
Under the leadership of this Iron Feathered Eagle, countless fierce beasts almost broke through the defense line of a city.

“This afternoon, an Iron Feathered Eagle suddenly appeared 50,000 meters above our city.
Fortunately, it was repelled by the federal army stationed in our city.
Next, let us interview the officers and soldiers of The 15th Regiment who had driven away the Iron Feathered Eagle with their mecha!”

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In the news projection, the reporter said.

Hundreds of years ago, the human air force only had expensive fighter jets.
But now, the human race had conquered the sky, and the main armored force of the human race had long been replaced with mecha.

In the past, the Iron Feathered Eagle could only be repelled with tactical nuclear bombs.
But now, an officer of a flight unit could drive it away with a mecha.
It was clear how much the strength of the human race had improved over the last few hundred years.

At this moment, the door opened and Chu Qingxuan came out in her wheelchair.

“Big Brother, you’re back.
Did you pass the test today?” Chu Qingxuan asked with a concerned and expectant look on her face.

“Of course.
Aren’t I your big brother?”

As he spoke, Chu Yunfan handed the report card to Chu Qingxuan.

“Haha, you’re amazing.
I told you that you’re amazing and you would definitely pass!” Chu Qingxuan said with a smile.

In fact, after Chu Yunfan had revealed his Qi Nourishment Stage cultivation, there was not much suspense left.
However, until she saw the report card, she still did not feel at ease.

At this moment, the door of the room opened and two figures walked in one after another.
They were his father, Chu Wencheng, and his mother, Yang Yayun.

“Dad, Mom, you’re back!” Chu Qingxuan said excitedly as she raised her head.

What are you so happy about?” Chu Wencheng could not help but ask.

“Mom, Dad, Big Brother have passed the exam.
He got an excellent score in liberal arts and full marks in martial arts.
He got into the focus class of the martial arts stream!” Chu Qingxuan said quickly.

“Let me see, let me see!” Yang Yayun took the report card and read it again and again as if she could not get enough of it.

“I told you my son could do it!”

Yang Yayun’s face was full of joy.
She held the report card tightly and refused to let it go.

Beside her, Chu Wencheng’s face was also full of joy and pride.
However, he was a father, so he was not as direct as Yang Yayun, who was a mother.

“I think the old man and the old lady will have nothing to say.
Even if they don’t like it, my son will be entering the martial arts stream.
And it’s an important class!” Yang Yayun’s expression was both happy and proud.

“All right, go get ready.
We’re going to Yuntian’s birthday party later.
Let’s go change!” Chu Wencheng said at this moment.

“Let’s go and change!” Yang Yayun originally had not wanted to attend this party that was disguised as Chu Yuntian’s birthday party.
It was just a way for her brother and sister-in-law to show off their children.

But now that Chu Yunfan showed promise and had gotten into the martial arts stream—the focus class on top of that—she was naturally in a much better mood.
She also wanted to let others see that her son was not useless.

Chu Yunfan went back to his room and changed into a set of clothes.
It was not particularly grand.
He just changed his martial arts suit into his regular clothes.
He wore a white t-shirt on top, a pair of jeans, and a pair of canvas shoes.
He looked like a bright boy.

In his mind, it was just a birthday dinner..
What was the need to dress up?

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