Everyone was stunned.
They could not understand what had happened.

At first, they thought that with his strength, it would not be difficult for Jiang Pengfei to take care of Chu Yunfan.
Who knew that the result would be completely reversed.
It was Jiang Pengfei who was beaten up by Chu Yunfan.

After that, Jiang Pengfei suddenly broke through right then and there.
Many thought that Jiang Pengfei was finally going to make a comeback.
In the Acquired Stage, every breakthrough in a minor stage would result in a considerable increase in strength.

However, even after breaking through, Jiang Pengfei, whose strength had increased quite a bit, was still beaten up by Chu Yunfan.
Before he could unleash his true strength, he had already suffered a crushing defeat.

Chu Yunfan stared at Jiang Pengfei with a steely look.
Thankfully, he had just broken through to the fourth level of the Acquired Stage.
In terms of combat strength, ordinary sixth-level Acquired Stage warriors were no match for him.
Otherwise, he was afraid that Jiang Pengfei might have turned the tables on him.

Although Chu Yunfan’s true opponent was Jiang Lingxiao, Jiang Pengfei was not weak by any standards.
In terms of potential, Jiang Pengfei might not necessarily be inferior to Jiang Lingxiao who had been nurtured by the Jiangs.

Many had the same amount of talent.
The difference lay in the number of resources they received.
This caused every person’s development to be very far apart.

That was the benefit of a large clan.
The number of resources that ordinary people could not compare.
At the very least, they would be considered elite figures in the eyes of ordinary people.

‘He defeated the entire Soaring Roc within ten minutes by himself.
Captain Chu is absolutely terrifying!’ Sha Peng thought as he gulped.
He felt that the Chu Yunfan in front of him was way too terrifying.

The crowd was completely dumbfounded.
Then, it was as if a pot had exploded.

“Something is going to happen.
Something big is going to happen!”

“This year’s freshmen rankings are going to be rearranged again.
Chu Yunfan can be ranked in the top three!”

“My god, how dare he!”

Just as everyone was discussing, they realized that Chu Yunfan had yet to stop.
He carried the staff and walked up to Jiang Pengfei.

“Is he going to break Jiang Pengfei’s legs?”

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At this moment, some of those in the crowd recalled that Jiang Pengfei had broken Gao Hongzhi’s legs.
Chu Yunfan clearly wanted to return an eye for an eye.
What did Jiang Pengfei do back then, Chu Yunfan wanted to do to Jiang Pengfei as well.

There was nothing wrong with this, but compared to Jiang Pengfei, Gao Hongzhi was not on the same level.
It could even be said that the difference was as far as the gap between Heaven and Earth.

Nobody felt that what Jiang Pengfei did to Gao Hongzhi was wrong.
But when Chu Yunfan wanted to do everything that Jiang Pengfei did, many had a problem with it.

This was simply subverting their inherent beliefs.

Jiang Pengfei instantly understood Chu Yunfan’s intention.
However, he was in extreme pain and did not know how many of his bones had been shattered by Chu Yunfan’s strike.
He could not muster the strength to resist.

“You dare?!”

Jiang Pengfei was furious.
It was not because his legs were about to be broken.
This would not be as severe as the earlier strike, but if his legs were broken in front of everyone, then it had nothing to do with defeat.
It would be a form of humiliation.

Jiang Pengfei had used this method back then.
The one who was humiliated was not Gao Hongzhi, but Chu Yunfan.
Now, Chu Yunfan was about to use a simple and straightforward method to return the humiliation to him.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Do you think you’re a god? When you broke my best friend’s legs, you should have expected this day to come,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer, “You people think you’re noble, but in my eyes, you’re no different from us.
If my best friend can endure it, so can you.”

As Chu Yunfan spoke, he looked at the crowd and said, “I don’t know how many of you are waiting to see me suffer, but I’m a fair person.
Whoever dares to provoke me, I will definitely take revenge a hundred times over.
Everyone does things that raise the mighty and trample the lowly, but you have to think about whether you really have the ability to pull off such a thing.”

Everyone understood that Chu Yunfan was warning them.
Jiang Pengfei, the dignified third runner-up of the top university student and the third highest ranking among the freshmen, had become the chicken that got killed to warn the monkeys.
This was something that countless people had never even dreamt of.

A portion of the crowd had indifferent expressions because they had never thought of trashing Chu Yunfan to curry favor with the Jiangs.
However, some of them had angry expressions on their faces because they had indeed had such thoughts, Chu Yunfan’s words were like vicious slaps to their faces.

As Chu Yunfan spoke, he raised his staff high up in the air and dropped it down.


Suddenly, an explosive shout came from afar.
One could see a powerful aura rapidly approaching at lightning speed.



Chu Yunfan tilted his head slightly, but the staff in his hand still fiercely fell down and broke Jiang Pengfei’s legs.

Jiang Pengfei let out a blood-curdling scream as his legs were broken.

When the surrounding crowd saw this scene, they sucked in a breath of cold air.
Chu Yunfan had acted as he said he would without the slightest bit of hesitation.
Even in the face of a colossus like Jiang Pengfei and the Jiang family, Chu Yunfan showed not the slightest bit of fear.
On the contrary, he had even made a vicious move.
He was definitely a vicious person.
If it were them, their ending would probably be even worse.

“It’s over.
Something big is about to happen.”

“Not necessarily.
This matter looks big, but when Gao Hongzhi’s legs were broken, nothing serious happened in the end.”

“The Jiangs are a huge force.
They certainly won’t let this go.”

“Chu Yunfan isn’t simple either.
I heard that he’s a descendant of the Chus.
Moreover, his instructor isn’t someone to be trifled with.
This matter might not blow up the sky.”

The crowd instantly exploded.
Then, they saw a figure rushing to the scene at lightning speed.
He carried an incomparably powerful aura as he slammed his palm directly at Chu Yunfan with a force that seemed like it could split the sky.

The surrounding True Energy condensed.
It could be easily seen with the naked eye.
This dense True Energy distorted the light, causing the surrounding air to explode as well.

As quick as lightning, the palm arrived and was headed toward Chu Yunfan’s head.

Chu Yunfan’s reaction was not slow either.
The staff in his hand instantly blocked the incoming attack.


A loud sound, which sounded like the clashing of metal and True Energy, burst out.

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