At this moment, Chu Yunfan did not know that he was being watched by the entire class.
He had even become the hope of the entire class.

Especially for Coach Qin Wu, it was even more so!

The passing rate of the last level in the past few years has been very low.
Not many of even those in the martial arts stream had passed.
When they were completely annihilated, the entire scene would be quite ugly.

At this time, Chu Yunfan was facing the indiscriminate bombardment of three virtual martial artists at the peak of the first level of the Qi Sea State.
Each of them used different sets of martial arts, and surprisingly, they were not the same as one another.
They attacked together from three different angles.
Regardless of whether it was speed or strength, none of the previous virtual martial artists could compare to these three at the first level of the Qi Sea Stage.

Although he was confident that he could handle any one of them, when the three of them attacked at the same time, he could not help but feel a little flustered.

This time, he did not hold back anymore.
He used his perfected Devilish Tiger Punches to block the three of them.
He was unaware that his performance was already quite shocking to many of the invigilators.
He was able to block the three opponents in a one-on-three without being defeated.

In terms of being in the same state, it was indeed very shocking!

However, Chu Yunfan felt that it was not enough.
Just blocking three people was not enough.
The True Energy in his body was almost endless and was much denser than that of an ordinary person’s.
Then, he completely unleashed it.

Under this kind of situation, Chu Yunfan displayed the perfected Devilish Tiger Punches.
It was as if he had transformed into an unrivaled demonic tiger and his ferocious might soared toward the sky.



He threw out two consecutive punches and forced two of the virtual martial artists who were pressing forward to retreat.
Immediately after, all the muscles in his body tensed up.
He gathered his True Qi into one spot and threw out another punch.

“King of the Jungle!”

Chu Yunfan shouted.
One of the virtual martial artists took a direct hit.
His entire body was instantly sent flying, and with a flash of light, he disappeared.

This scene shocked the invigilators who were watching the monitor screen.

“Damn, what did I just see? King of the Jungle? He actually used the King of the Jungle and suffered no backlash.
How strong is his physical body?”

One invigilator exclaimed in surprise.

The last move in the Devilish Tiger Punches, the King of the Jungle, was only used by those in the Qi Sea Stage.
When a martial artist in the Qi Sea Stage used it, it would not be like a martial artist in the Physical Stage whose bones would be broken by God knows how many times over.

However, it still could not be used so simply.
The Qi Sea Stage was just the minimum standard to use the King of the Jungle.

“Also, did you notice that his Devilish Tiger Punches has already broken away from the restrictions and has a concept? It has clearly stepped into the realm of perfection.
Are students nowadays so powerful? Not even all of us teachers have perfected the Devilish Tiger Punches, right?”

Some invigilators exclaimed.

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As they discussed this, Chu Yunfan had already begun his next move.
Previously, when Chu Yunfan had used the King of the Jungle, he had broken his ribs.
However, now, he only felt his chest stiffen and he instantly recovered.
His current physical body was much stronger than before.
But Chu Yunfan still did not relax in the slightest.
He threw out another killing move.

“King of the Jungle!”

This move struck one of the two remaining virtual martial artists.
After throwing out one King of the Jungle, another followed with almost no pause in between.

This was an extremely great burden on the body.
However, when Chu Yunfan executed it, he did not struggle at all.
A fist flew forward.


A second virtual martial artist was instantly killed and turned into nothingness without any suspense.

Chu Yunfan had cultivated “The Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.” The condition of his body was already much stronger than many others.
In addition to his Devilish Tiger Punches, which had achieved perfection, it could bring out his powerful cultivation base to the maximum.
Even though he and his opponent were both at the first level of the Qi Sea Stage, the difference in their cultivation bases were miles apart.

Chu Yunfan was fast.
At this time, the last virtual martial artist left had just stabilized himself.
He pounced mercilessly but how could he block Chu Yunfan who was already at full power?!

His formidable strength, coupled with the perfect Devilish Tiger Punches, made the current Chu Yunfan a super god of killing who blocked and destroyed people.




In less than three moves, Chu Yunfan broke through all the defenses of the last virtual martial artist and pushed him into a corner.

Then, Chu Yunfan shouted, “King of the Jungle!”

He mobilized all the strength and True Energy in his body and rained punches onto the body of this virtual martial artist whose defenses had been broken through and could not defend himself at all.


The virtual martial artist let out a muffled groan and his entire body burst into a ray of light.
He disappeared from the examination hall.

At this time, the True Energy in Chu Yunfan’s body was just barely exhausted.
He had far surpassed an ordinary martial artist at the first level of the Qi Sea State.

At this moment, only a few of the invigilators who were staring at the monitor screen had reacted.
Chu Yunfan’s attacks had only lasted for a short span of ten breaths and his outburst instantly killed three Qi Sea Stage virtual martial artists in succession.
The situation, which looked like they were evenly matched, was instantly reversed and rewritten.

Seeing this scene, some of the invigilators could only mutter, “This child’s talent is immeasurable!”

The sound of passing the test echoed in Chu Yunfan’s ears.
He opened his eyes.
Everywhere he looked, everyone was staring at him wide-eyed.

To be more precise, they were staring at him and Tang Siyu, who was not far away from him.

At this moment, everyone’s test had already ended.
Only he and Tang Siyu were left.

At this moment, Qin Wu, who was not far away, walked over and said, “How was it? Did you pass the last level?”

Everyone was looking at Chu Yunfan with concern.
Chu Yunfan did not hide anything and said openly, “I passed!”

The results would be out soon anyway.

“Good job!”

Qin Wu only said two words, but the smile on his face was obvious.


Gao Hongzhi gave Chun Yunfan a thumbs up.
He had also fought with those three virtual martial artists so he knew how difficult it was to deal with them.
It was difficult to even defeat one of them.
Chu Yunfan had defeated three of them and passed the test.

In the distance, the expression on Feng Deying’s face became even darker.

Everyone’s gaze turned to look at the last student—Tang Siyu.

Not long after Chu Yunfan withdrew from the assessment, Tang Siyu also withdrew.

To everyone’s surprise, Tang Siyu, who had always been on par with Gao Hongzhi and Feng Deying, actually passed the last level.
In an instant, she had surpassed Gao Hongzhi and Feng Deying and was on par with Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan clenched his fists slightly.
The division assessment was finally over.
Although the results had not been announced yet, there was no doubt that he was in the focus class of the martial arts stream.

His efforts over the past month had not been in vain!

However, he knew that this was only the beginning for him..
This was just one step forward on his path to seeking Dao.

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