“Get out of my way!” a loud voice rang out, almost causing the two sentries to instinctively retreat.

Chu Yunfan, who had been amiable just a moment ago, finally exploded.
The so-called amiability from before was just an illusion.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.” One of the sentries was furious.
There were many students present watching them and many more watching the broadcasts online.
If he retreated, he would become the laughingstock of the entire school.

“Get out of my way,” Chu Yunfan repeated himself as he walked toward the Soaring Roc’s headquarters.

“Take him down.”

The two sentries looked at each other, and one flew toward Chu Yunfan from the left and the other from the right.
One used his fist, and the other used his claws.
They were extremely fast and precise.
They were definitely experts among experts—both of them being around the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Although they were not at the Acquired Stage, they were definitely outstanding among the freshmen.

Much of the spectating crowd could not follow what had happened.
The only thing they saw was the two sentries flying toward Chu Yunfan.

“They’re fast.
As expected of the elites of the Soaring Roc.
With such strength, even some of the student council members won’t be able to enter their headquarters.”

The crowd piped up when they saw this scene, but before they could react, they saw the two sentries flying backward at a faster speed than when they had arrived.



Two crisp sounds of collision rang out.
The two sentries fell to the side and rolled to the ground, unable to get up.

Chu Yunfan did not even spare them a second glance.
With his backpack on his shoulder, he walked into the Soaring Roc with Sha Peng behind him.

“D*mn! That was too quick.
I didn’t even catch what happened and it was already over.”

“Who has a recording? Play it in slow motion.”

“I can finally believe it now.
Chu Yunfan really has the ability to become the champion of the instructor competition.
Even if he can’t compare to Jiang Lingxiao and Jiang Pengfei, he should have no problem dealing with ordinary students.”

“This Chu Yunfan has a fiery temper.
He didn’t even mention any reconciliation, nor did he complain.
He just went straight up to their door.”

“This is going to be a good show.
However, the student council will be here very soon.
At most, there will only be ten minutes of excitement for us to watch.”

Many followed Chu Yunfan into the Soaring Roc.

Inside the Soaring Roc’s headquarters, Jiang Pengfei was sitting cross-legged on a praying mat, cultivating.
Beside him was a youth of medium build.

The medium-built youth was receiving the news at this moment.
He then turned to look at Jiang Pengfei and said, “Chief Jiang, Chu Yunfan is here.
He even attacked us.”

“Someone doesn’t know their own strength.” Jiang Pengfei sneered and opened his eyes.
He did not take Chu Yunfan seriously.

To Jiang Pengfei, Chu Yunfan was just a bug—nothing more than an annoyance.
It was not that Jiang Pengfei had not thought of making a move before this, but he just could not find a good opportunity until very recently.

And now, Chu Yunfan had dared to come knocking on his door.
To Jiang Pengfei, Chu Yunfan was truly courting death.
Chu Yunfan did not know he was a dead man walking.
He really thought that he was someone important.

“You won’t have to lift a finger, Chief.
Cu Feiyan has already gone downstairs to stop him.
It shouldn’t be long before he’s dealt with,” the medium-build youth said confidently.
He was one of the vice chiefs of the Soaring Roc, Zhang Xiao, while Cu Feiyan was the other.

Zhang Xiao and Cu Feiyan had submitted to Jiang Pengfei after he defeated them.
However, both of them were not dissatisfied.
Jiang Pengfei came from a wealthy family, the Jiangs.
He was also ranked third in this year’s top university students—second to only Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao.

Although the two vice-presidents were no match for Jiang Pengfei, they too had fought for the top student spot.
Chu Yunfan was someone who did not have such qualifications, so they naturally had a sense of superiority over him.

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“He’s just a worm,” Jiang Pengfei said with a cold smile, “Keep an eye on him.
In the future, if anyone joins that ridiculous Imperial Palace of his, deal with them.
I want everyone to know that Chu Yun is an enemy of the Jiangs.
Whoever helps him is going against the Jiangs and me, Jiang Pengfei.

“And I will make sure that anyone who goes against me will not have a good life.”

Zhang Xiao nodded and said, “Yes, Chief.
As long as we’re around, the Imperial Palace will never get off the ground.

“Though, I don’t think there’s any need to pay too much attention to him,” Zhang Xiao said.

“He’s just a small fry.
Of course, there’s nothing to pay attention to.
What’s important is that the Soaring Roc is a newly established organization.
If we want to rise to power in the shortest time possible, stepping on him is the best way.
Many within the Jiangs hate him.
If I step on him, naturally, many people will support me,” Jiang Pengfei said, “On top of that, everyone in the family is currently focused on grooming Jiang Lingxiao as the next clan leader.
I’m not inferior to him, so why shouldn’t I get the chance? Jiang Lingxiao is the president of the student council.
If I don’t put in more effort, how can I possibly catch up to him?”

Zhang Xiao nodded.
Jiang Pengfei was a one-in-a-million talent.
It was a pity that his opponent was so strong.
It was not an exaggeration to say that Jiang Lingxiao was the number one person in the university at the moment.

“My main focus now is to prepare for the Dao Conference.
I lost to Dong Fanghao in the top university student competition, but that was only a momentary victory.
I will not let it decide the rest of my life.
At the Dao Conference, I must become the champion.
That title will be even more valuable than the title of the top university student.
When that title is min, I will be able to stand on equal footing with Jiang Lingxiao.

“When the time comes, I will make those old geezers look at me in a new light.
The Jiangs don’t have just Jiang Lingxiao.
I, Jiang Pengfei, am also very strong.
Plus, I’m two years younger than him.
I’ll have many more opportunities in the future.”

While Jiang Pengfei was explaining his ambitions, Chu Yunfan arrived in the hall of the Soaring Roc.
At this moment, there were dozens of Soaring Roc members standing within the hall that was hundreds of square meters wide.
They surrounded Chu Yunfan.
These members were all wearing armor and were waiting with solemn looks on their faces.
It was clear that they treated Chu Yunfan as a great enemy.

All of these members were at the seventh, eighth, or ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Even an ordinary Acquired Stage expert would feel their scalp go numb when they saw dozens of such students gathered in one place.

The leader of this group was a youth around the age of twenty.
He looked slightly older than the other students, and he was also the strongest.
He had already stepped into the Acquired Stage.

Sha Peng, who stood behind Chu Yunfan, felt his scalp go numb.

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