After killing Li Ruofeng, Chu Yunfan let out a sigh of relief.
After confirming that everyone on the ground and the giant snake were dead, he finally let down his guard.

Chu Yunfan still vividly remembered the power of the giant snake.
If it was not for the nuclear bomb, the Warwinds would have been no match for it.
In just a short while, they would have been completely devoured.

The gigantic snake had already reached the border of transforming into a Flood Dragon.
Chu Yunfan could feel a faint sense of deterrence from it.
If the creature had not died here today, there would be another powerful one among the monsters—a monster king!

To humans, that would be bad news.
It was good that the giant snake was not dead.

And now, it belonged to Chu Yunfan.
However, just as Chu Yunfan was marveling at his immense luck, he saw the Thunder Winged Beast tear apart the corpse of the giant snake and pull out its inner core.
There was no doubt that the monster’s inner core was the most precious of its being.
Especially when it was one step away from gaining divine abilities.

Chu Yunfan saw the Thunder Winged Beast look at him with palpable anticipation in its eyes.
The two of them were telepathically connected.
Chu Yunfan immediately understood Thunder Winged Beast.

“Are you saying you want to consume this inner core?” Chu Yunfan asked as he looked at the Thunder Winged Beast.
The beast nodded its huge head and its eyes revealed a look of joy.

Chu Yunfan thought for a moment.
From the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, he knew that after one monster defeated another, the victor would swallow the defeated’s inner core to strengthen itself.
This was the natural order.

This giant snake had been about to transform into a Flood Dragon.
In terms of purity and nobility of its bloodline, it was a level higher than the Thunder Winged Beast.
In other words, by consuming the inner core and the physical body of the entire snake, the Thunder Winged Beast would evolve.

Right now, the Thunder Winged Beast had just entered its growth stage.
It had yet to fully mature to the Innate Stage.
And the giant snake was only one step away from gaining divine abilities.
For the Thunder Winged Beast, gaining supernatural powers was only possible under the most extreme circumstances.

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The giant snake was very important to Chu Yunfan, but he still decided to let the Thunder Winged Beast devour the inner core.
He wanted to see what level the beast would reach.

The structure of monsters was different from humans.
By devouring an inner core, a monster could obtain great power and even use it to break through.

This giant snake could be sold for tens of billions, or even more.
Chu Yunfan would earn that amount sooner or later, but that did not mean that he would be able to buy such a peerless ferocious beast like this giant snake with that money.
These were two completely different concepts.

And now, the only one that Chu Yunfan could truly believe with all his heart and soul that would never betray him was the Thunder Winged Beast.
The stronger the Thunder Winged Beast was, the more useful it would be.

Chu Yunfan’s enemy, Jiang Lingxiao, was powerful.
Jiang Lingxiao was an Innate level expert.
If the Thunder Winged Beast could break through to the Innate Stage after devouring this huge snake, even if its level could not reach the level of this huge snake when it was alive, it would be a good helper for Chu Yunfan.

The battle that was to take place a year from was very stressful for Chu Yunfan.
He had to strengthen himself by any means possible.

After obtaining Chu Yunfan’s permission, the Thunder Winged Beast swallowed the inner core of the giant snake.
Chu Yunfan saw the Thunder Winged Beast instantly balloon as if there was a huge power boiling in its body but could not release it.

Seeing the Thunder Winged Beast become round like a big ball, Chu Yunfan could not help but laugh.
The beast was so round that it could not even walk.

Chu Yunfan almost ran out of breath from laughing.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan remembered that the Thunder Winged Beast was only in its growth period.
According to its lifespan, it was equivalent to a seven or eight-year-old human child.

Chu Yunfan saw the Thunder Winged Beast look at him helplessly.
Its strong and long legs could not even reach the ground.
The beast had become a ball.
Until it could completely absorb the energy from the inner core, it would remain in this ball-like state for a long time.

When Chu Yunfan was done laughing, he pushed the Thunder Winged Beast back into the Mountain River Diagram.
Fortunately, the beast could slowly absorb the inner core’s energy here.
After that, Chu Yunfan moved the 1000-foot-long snake into the space bit by bit.

“All right.
Time to leave.”

Chu Yunfan raised his head and looked at the sky.
Taking advantage of the cover of night, he rushed down the mountain range.
Along the way, he saw many monsters that had smelled the blood come in droves.
Whenever he crossed paths with these monsters, he would duck into the Mountain River Diagram and hide away.

After a whole night, Chu Yunfan exited the mountain range.
News of the Warwinds’ annihilation had yet to reach the small town.
After all, their last member had been silenced by Chu Yunfan.

And Tian Miaomiao from the Medicine King Sect had not reappeared in the small town.
Clearly, she had not returned.

‘Time to head back to the Metropolis.
I have to prepare for the Dao Conference,’ Chu Yunfan concluded in his mind.

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However, Chu Yunfan was not in a hurry.
At this moment, the Arctic Desert was still in chaos.
The Federation’s revenge against the Monster Cult was not over yet.
All sorts of killings were still going on, and the Monster Cult was no pushover.
From time to time, one could see the cult retaliating.
They were as equally powerful and terrifying as the Federation.
The elites of both sides engaged in intense battles all across the Arctic Desert.

Chu Yunfan plodded along during the day.
At night when monsters started to roam, he would enter the Mountain River Diagram and concentrate on concocting the Blood Origin Pill.
After locating the Sky Gathering Grass, it was easy to gather the other herbs and start refining the pill.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten days had passed.
Chu Yunfan finally stepped back onto Federation territory from the Arctic Desert.
The Blood Origin Fruits in his hands had been refined into Blood Origin Pills.
Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level had also risen to the limit.

Chu Yunfan would take one more day to arrive at Federation University.
He decided that before that, he would first raise his strength before returning and going into secluded cultivation to break through to the fourth level of the Acquired Stage.


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