After three days, the team had entered the depths of the Flying Dragon Mountains.
Their situation was no longer as easy as it had been at the beginning.

In the beginning, the team could easily dispatch the monsters that attacked them, but as they entered the depths of the mountain range, the monsters that appeared became more and more powerful.

When groups of monsters appeared, the casualties within the team climbed.
By the end of three days, dozens had been killed.
They all died where they stood and their bodies would be transported out of the Flying Dragon Mountains using helicopters rented by the Warwinds.

No one was in the mood to chat.
They just quietly did their own tasks.
They either killed monsters or gathered herbs.
However, the deeper they went into the Flying Dragon Mountains, the more precious the herbs they encountered became.

Many of them were well worth over 100,000 yuan.
It was not without reason that the prices of herbs in the outside world were high.
However, according to the initial agreement, the herbs belonged to the Medicine King Sect and the carcasses of the monsters belonged to the Warwinds.

Retail investors like Chu Yunfan did not have a share in these spoils.
Those who relied on them could choose some of the herbs, but they had to wait for the Medicine King Sect’s disciples to pick them.
After all, they were just people who relied on the disciples.

However, Chu Yunfan did not care about any of this.
The only thing he really cared about was the Sky Gathering Grass.

That night, Chu Yunfan started to search for the grass in the surrounding forest.
They were already very close to the address he had obtained from the Internet.

As Chu Yunfan searched, and just when he thought that there was not as much harvest as a few days ago, he suddenly spotted a dark green medicinal herb growing under a big tree.
Chu Yunfan’s eyes instantly lit up.

“I’ve finally found it!”

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The dark green medicinal herb was the Sky Gathering Grass.

Chu Yunfan was ecstatic.
He quickly plucked the dark green herb and stored it in the Mountain River Diagram.
He had finally achieved his goal for this trip.
He would be able to leave early the next morning.
He did not care about the payment for the guards.

Chu Yunfan quietly returned to the team.
Over the past few days, everyone had gotten used to Chu Yunfan appearing in the middle of the night.
Everyone had secrets.
As long as Chu Yunfan completed his task as a guard, no one questioned him.

Chu Yunfan closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, waiting for the sun to rise before he left.
Suddenly, a sweet fragrance drifted through the air.
Chu Yunfan instantly opened his eyes.

‘This is poison,’ Chu Yunfan thought as he remained calm.
This level of poison could not do anything to him who had cultivated to the first stage of the Imperial Physique.
The poison that he inhaled would be instantly expelled through his skin.

Not long after, the group also realized that something was wrong.
However, they were no longer able to move.
It was as though all of their physical strength had been drained.

“W-Who poisoned us?!”

Everyone felt as though all of their strength had been drained.
Upon suffering such a sneak attack, they began to curse.

The members of the Warwinds stood up one after another.
They were unaffected by the poison.
At this moment, everyone finally understood that the ones who had poisoned them were actually the Warwinds.

Everyone looked at the Warwinds in confusion, not understanding why they were doing this.

“Li Ruofeng, if you do this, you can just wait for our sect to take revenge,” one of the Medicine King Sect disciples said weakly as he clutched his chest.

Li Ruofeng was the young leader of the Warwinds.

“We’ll talk about that if you can get out alive,” Li Ruofeng said, “Men, carry them over.
We have to hurry.
The full moon is the last chance for that beast to transform.
If we can’t lure him out before then, we will never get another chance.”

The Warwinds began to move everyone.
Chu Yunfan remained silent, allowing the Warwinds to move them.
Soon, the group was moved to a huge lake.
This lake was at least 30 miles across.
Under the moonlight, the surface gave off a shimmering light.
The beautiful scenery gave off an eerie feeling.
Everyone felt cold sweat trickle down their backs.

“Kill them all.
Bleed them and lure that b*stard out,” Li Ruofeng ordered.

“D*mn you, Li Ruofeng.
You will die a horrible death!”

“You Warwinds will perish!”

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“F*ck your ancestors!”

When the Warwinds heard these words, they became furious.


Li Ruofeng took out his pistol and shot the person with the loudest mouth.


“Hurry up and take them out!” Li Ruofeng roared.
The Warwinds started to make their move.

At this moment, the Medicine King Sect disciples suddenly erupted and attacked.
In just a few moments, they killed a few Warwinds and began to flee toward the lake.

Kill them,” Li Ruofeng commanded.

The Warwinds drew their weapons.
As expected of a regular mercenary group, every single one of them carried a hot weapon on them.
The metallic rain of bullets swept toward the Medicine King Sect disciples like a storm.

At this moment, the rest of the Medicine King Sect disciples used their bodies to block the metallic rain of bullets, protecting Tian Miaomiao.
The clothes they were wearing were instantly torn to shreds and their metallic bodies were revealed.

“F*ck, they’re puppets,” Li Ruofeng roared as he finally realized that something was wrong, “After them!”

At this moment, several experts from among the Warwinds flew out and chased after them.

Chu Yunfan watched this scene from the side.
He finally understood why those Medicine King Sect disciples were so strange.
They were not humans, but robotic puppets.
Tian Miaomiao was no ordinary person.
She had disguised the puppets as her fellow disciples when in reality, she was the only one.

However, Chu Yunfan did not have time to think too much.
He pulled out the Ju Que and attacked.


A member of the Warwinds was about to make his move on Chu Yunfan when his head was sliced off by a sword.

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