Chu Yunfan needed a medicinal catalyst called Sky Gathering Grass.
It was a rare ingredient.
Every time it appeared, it would only be a flash in the pan before someone bought it.

The Sky Gathering Grass was hard to come by, let alone being cultivated on a large scale.
In addition, most people did not know that the Sky Gathering Grass could be used as a medicinal catalyst, so it had never been cultivated on a large scale.

Even though it would be something very easy for modern society to do, there were some things that could not be helped.
If it was back in the Ancient Zenith Civilization, it would take a lot of time to collect these ingredients.

Chu Yunfan had no other way to go around this.
While he asked Lu Qingxuan to keep an eye out, he also sent a message to Bai Hong, asking him to help keep an eye out as well.

Chu Yunfan also posted an ad on the Internet, saying that he was willing to pay a high price to purchase the Sky Gathering Grass.
Anyone that could provide him with information about the grass would also be given a generous reward.

The Sky Gathering Grass was rare but it was only a secondary ingredient.
It was not a main ingredient like the Blood Origin Fruits.
Chu Yunfan could afford it even if he paid a high price.

Chu Yunfan did not feel any heartache spending this amount.
If he did not spend it, it would only be a string of numbers.
The most important thing now was to increase his strength.

If Chu Yunfan died at the hands of Jiang Lingxiao a year from now, then no matter how much money he had now, it would all go to waste.
However, if he killed Jiang Lingxiao, then he would be able to earn back that money.

After making up his mind, Chu Yunfan waited for news.
However, he did not plan to waste the time just by sitting idly.
Instead, he began to cultivate crazily in the Arctic Desert.

Although there was still some time before the life-and-death battle with Jiang Lingxiao, there were only a few months left before the Dao Conference.
When that time came, he would have to fight against peerless geniuses from all over the world.
Since he had already reached this step, he naturally did not wish to fail.

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The environment of the Arctic Desert was extremely harsh, forcing Chu Yunfan to activate his True Energy at all times to resist the cold.
This was equivalent to forcing him to cultivate at all times.
This kind of improvement did not seem very eye-catching, but when done over a period of time, it was very impressive.

The environment of the Arctic Desert was not only harsh but there were also many powerful monsters lurking about.
Among them were some Innate level or even more terrifying monsters.

In addition, there were all sorts who ran amok in the Arctic Desert.
The weakest were Energy Refinement Stage experts, and there were many Acquired Stage experts among them.

In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed.
It had undoubtedly been a very difficult time for Chu Yunfan.
He was tormented almost every minute and every second of the day.
Even though he cultivated a top-grade cultivation technique like the Emperor Method, he still encountered situations where he had narrowly escaped.

Over the past month, Chu Yunfan hunted down all kinds of experts in the Arctic Desert.
Not only were they experts from the Monster Cult, but there were also many other experts who ran amok in the Arctic Desert.
Many of them had fled here after having committed a crime.

Chu Yunfan targeted these people and slowly, Chu Yunfan made a name for himself in the Arctic Desert through his crazed killing.
Every single one of these people was a lawless madman.
How could they be willing to suffer such a huge loss just like that?

Thus, they organized a few counterattacks.
Chu Yunfan had been ambushed several times.
And every time, he was in a situation where there was no chance of survival.
If he did not possess the Mountain River Diagram, he might have been able to escape at all.

But it was because of the Mountain River Diagram that Chu Yunfan was not afraid of this kind of encirclement.
To him, these were the best methods to train himself.
His true opponent was Jiang Lingxiao.

Jiang Lingxiao had started cultivating a few years earlier than Chu Yunfan and was a world-renowned genius.
If Chu Yunfan did not use extraordinary methods, how would he catch up to or even surpass Jiang Lingxiao?

In a month or so, Chu Yunfan had encountered at least five or six fatal situations.
Once his injuries had healed, he began to hunt again.

Due to this crazy cultivation method Chu Yunfan used, in just a short month, not only had he completely stabilized the energy he had absorbed from the demon and broken through, but he had also reached the peak of the third level of the Acquired Stage.
His battle prowess had increased by leaps and bounds.
Even if he encountered a level-six Acquired Stage expert, he could still protect himself.

An ordinary level-five Acquired Stage expert would not be able to block even a few moves from Chu Yunfan.
His battle prowess had increased by more than double.

At the edge of the Arctic Desert, in a small town at the foot of a huge mountain range, stood a black-robed youth who looked to be about eighteen or nineteen.
On the youth’s back was a huge sword.
With this great sword strapped to his back, the youth strolled through the lively small town.

This person was none other than Chu Yunfan who had been painstakingly cultivating for a month.
Compared to a month ago, his temperament had changed quite a bit, becoming more stable.
His many near-death experiences had not only brought him an increase in strength, but also a change in temperament.

This mountain range was called Flying Dragon Mountains.
It was rumored that hundreds of years ago, a dragon had flown out of these mountains, hence its name.

And this mountain range was Chu Yunfan’s destination.
After a whole month of continuous training, he had finally received news of the Sky Gathering Grass.
Someone had sent him a message, saying that he had seen the grass in the depths of the Flying Dragon Mountains and even gave a rough location.

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After receiving the news, Chu Yunfan rushed over as quickly as he could.
And this small town was the only settlement in the immediate area of the Flying Dragon Mountains.
The town was born because of the mountain range.
In this land far away from the Federation, there were quite a number of mercenary groups and pioneers that roamed this place, hunting the unique monsters to exchange for money.

The youth’s arrival attracted the attention of many.
To dare venture into such a dangerous place at such a young age proved a lot of things.

The disciples of the Medicine King Sect have gone to Flying Dragon Mountains to recruit guards.
Until all the positions have been filled, those who are interested can come and apply.
Only warriors above the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage will be accepted.
The reward is generous until all spots have been filled.”

As soon as Chu Yunfan entered the small town, he heard the recruitment announcement.
It instantly attracted his attention.

At the same time, many of the martial artists in the town too had heard the announcement and were eager to make a move.
They all rushed to the source of the sound.

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